You know when I started this crazy thing, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. There was no scientific equation to the idea of 30 items. (For the last time, I am not a scientist!) It simply came from the idea that one month is about 30 days, so you would wear (give or take, of course) 30 outfits right? I liked the idea of a matching number, so 30 items into 30 outfits just stuck.
After braving this challenge five times now, I’ve come to realize that numbers do not matter when it comes to your closet. I have a lot of clothes because as it would turn out I just really liked getting dressed. To some, 30 pieces is a lot. To others, it’s a fraction of their closet. In my mind this idea of being a minimalist, perhaps the complete opposite of who I am, was who I thought I needed to be.  If I shop too much, then becoming opposite of that would help me, is what I thought.  I would peer into my friends’ closets and see half of what I owned and would be ashamed of the amount of items I had. So I decided to look at my closet in a different way and what I saw was not that I wanted less, but that I could do more. 
More than anything I’ve accepted who I am. My life doesn’t have to look like someone else’s to be right and vice versa. I will always be a shopper; a hunter of sales, bargains and discounted fine goods as I like to call myself. But it’s what I do with what I purchase or what I already have that matters. That’s what I’m starting to figure out. I now see my closet as a well-curated collection of infinite possibilities. The number could be 10 things, or 30, but I see now that whatever your number is or my number is — they don’t have to match. There is no wrong way or right way to find your style. It just has to make sense for you. Finding your style is an experiment anyways, we might as well have fun with it, right?
Enough talk right? More pictures. All 30 outfits in one post: 

{You can click each image and go to the full post, if you’d like.} 

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  1. I was going to pick a favorite outfit, but it’s so difficult! They’re all gorgeous. I love the blue skirt/yellow top outfit. I also love the 70s style one with the wide-legged jeans. I love every outfit with that blue blazer and of course the payless wedges!

  2. It’s funny how you end up doing more when you have less…rather than having your whole closet to choose from, you have 30 items and you end up making more combinations than you would have otherwise!

  3. I am the worst, i thought the post tittle was “dirty looks ”
    I admire your 30-30 determination, i could never pull it off.
    well maybe if i only had 30 items.

    1. I can’t tell you the amount of self-control it takes to not name the last 30for30 outfit “dirty thirty”. So the title confusion is totally acceptable.

  4. Can I someone get this woman a big ol’ AMEN?

    Fine, I’ll do it.


    Having a lot of clothes, hunting for new pieces to enhance your collection, loving the act of getting dressed in the morning, and finding new ways to wear however many pieces you own—it’s okay to make that a fun, introspective, challenging, playful part of the day.

    Again, Amen!

  5. This was your most fabulous 30 for 30 yet. Thank you for making me feel better about my love of shopping and reminding me that I don’t need to feel guilty about my love of fashion. Some people collect art, some people collect wine … I collect clothes. It seems freakish to those who don’t, but I’m glad you’ve put it out there that a well curated closet is a beautiful thing. Thanks, Kendi!

  6. Been following along on your challenge and you are one stylish chick Ken!  Love how easy and effortless you mix and match…all super wearable, and super affordable ensembles!  What’s next?? 90 days?!  Do it, do it! ;D  Congrats hun, such a feat!

    Peace. Love. LOL!
    Haute Khuuture Blog

  7. Gosh I love what you’ve said here! It’s so true – doesn’t matter how many clothes you have, as long as you wear them and love your style! You’ve got such great style and I think what I love most from watching you is that your style is done on a budget and doesn’t include huge ticket items that none of the rest of can afford. It’s great to see that you can dress yourself with such sartorial penchant – loved this 30 for 30!

  8. Kendi, you’re style is so HOT right now! You have so much style and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you revamp pieces of your clothing. I haven’t yet, but I’m down for the next challenge! You have really inspired me, and I claim the throne to minimalist but you’re a minimalist with fierceness!

  9. I love that all your outfits look so different. I’ve been so worried throughout that you can tell I’m wearing all the same items!! I’m really behind with my 30 for 30- I posted look 19 today- but it’s been a wonderful experience!! I will definitely be doing it again. You’re such an inspiration!!


  10. I’ve been following and this is amazing. Definitely inspired me to wear more colors and play around with outfits more. Which says a lot for a NYer usually stuck in black cotton dresses every other day all summer.

  11. beautiful beautiful. i especially love #2 and #8. i think it’s that crazy long pink flowy skirt that just gets to me. you pull of hippy chic so well. you actually pull of everything so well. you’re beautiful 🙂

  12. Wow you did a great job! Pity I was extremely busy and missed out more than half of them. Well thank you for posting all of them in one post 🙂 Love all the bright colours you included in this one.

  13. *thunderous applause* this challenge never ceases to amaze me.  Although I doubt I could ever go through with it.  But it does inspire me to purge the “fluff” from my closet and shop smarter the next time around.  Well done, Kendi you remixer, you.

  14. I think its safe to say that you have mastered the art of remixing. It’s fun to read everyone else’s posts (especially the ones who are doing it for the first time) because it’s exciting to watch the journey.

  15. I love this idea. I would love to do my own 30/30 but feel like I would need to plan out my outfits in advance just to make sure I will look presentable (if even just slightly put together).

    Love the idea though, and love all the outfits!!

    xo Natalie

  16. This was a great round, Kendi! Even if your challenge evolves or changes, I hope you don’t stop doing something like the 30 for 30 to keep inspiring us to approach our closets in new ways. PS, I think you knocked it outta the park with your first post in this series. I’ve been trying to find my own version in my closet, but haven’t found the right combo yet…

    1. Thank you, Bethany! Yeah I don’t know how it will evolve but I don’t think I’ll ever lose how I feel about the 30 for 30 and how it helped me find my closet/style. 

      If you ever need to borrow the ikat skirt, just let me know… 😉

  17. You are the master of this challenge, seriously. I love almost every single outfit and I had to look twice to see where you wore the same piece more than once. Nice job this round!

    1. Ah thank you! I had to do the same thing! Which is so funny because I felt like I repeated items so many times, but it doesn’t look like that when I look at them all together. Ah the magic of remixing.

  18. Kendi, you are such an inspiration. and not just to mix and match clothes. I know we only see the small glimpse of your life that you allow on your blog but you seem like such a genuine and sweet (and hilarious) person. Anyway, I look forward to reading your blog every day and it’s always one of the first ones I go to. Thanks for being a “friend”!

  19. I am still so amazed at the array of ensembles you have created from just a few items. Thank you for the inspiration to take on the juggernaut(for me anyway) of a fashion challenge! I love your blog, keep up the fun posts and sarcastic undertones 🙂


  20. You look so good in every post! Seriously jealous of how well you do this! I tried, I did and somedays it worked and somedays it didn’t! I will try again someday and it will be better! 

  21. The 30 for 30 is definitely on my list of things to try–I’ve been thinking about modifications to make to it to fit my work / life, and I appreciate your encouragement to make it your own.  I have to wear long pants and closed toe shoes to work, so I’m trying to remind myself that my closet is STILL plenty big enough to create variety with only pants and mostly flats with a few items mixed in for the weekend.

  22. i absolutely adore your style! i want that yellow tank from target so bad, and they’re sold out of it now.  i’m kicking myself for not buying it earlier.  

  23. you have no idea what a lifesaver you are! i’m not sure if you’ve ever thought about your challenge this way, but i’m about to embark on a (forced) 30×30 challenge when I spend almost a month in europe. I was dreading the thought of living out of a suitcase and being horribly unstylish compared to lots of chic european girls, but you’ve helped me realize that i can create an endless array of outfits with just a suitcase full clothes. thank you!! 

  24. I love your honesty.  I hesitated starting a fashion blog because I didn’t want people to think I was really superficial, but I realized fashion is something I love and I consider shopping one of my favorite hobbies, take it or leave it.  

  25. It is such a clever idea Kendi, I really warmed to it the moment I read your blog. I think you are talented and clever and I am glad you are such a role model to so many. I enjoy your blog every day, thanks for everything.

  26. i’ve only been reading your blog for a few weeks, but i’m seriously awed by the way you dress. even though i came to your blog just after you started your 30 for 30, it never felt like i was seeing you in the same clothing over and over. i’ve been feeling very uninspired by my clothing for a long time, so finding your blog and starting to read and see how you and many other style bloggers remix a limited number of clothing has been a great way to rejuvenate my inner fashionista. thank you so much for sharing your 30 for 30 idea with the rest of us!

  27. These 30 x 30 are always inspiring, and maybe a little bit guilt-inducing. Only because my closet could easily do a 300 x 30.

    But you make it look so stinkin’ effortless, every time.  And I’m curious, does the 30 x 30 do anything for your self-perception, body image, etc.? (Not that you needed help 🙂 …I just wonder if paring down clothing has a psychological aspect to it…)

  28. Well, you certainly are a mix master. Sadly, nothing gets me to stop shopping, at least a little. There are times I only buy a couple new things a month, and i feel especially proud of those months!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  29. What I took from the 30 for 30 challenge I did (fall), along with Jane’s capsule wardrobes (The Small Fabric of my Life) was the confidence to be without a full wardrobe. I’ve done more traveling this year than I probably have in my entire life, but probably packed (and needed) less than ever before! We will be moving at the end of the month, but I will be staying behind in our current city for a month with only the bare essentials. While I used to think about that prospect with absolute fear, I now know that 30 properly chosen items will be more than enough for me!

  30. Congrats! You did it! This journey of yours has actually inspired me to do the same thing, but probably not until September! All of the looks are great, but my favorite has got to be 20, it’s more my style and something I would wear for sure! 


  31. You are amazing, your outfits are totally Kendilicious! My favorite is #25, and now I am desperate on the hunt for a blue pencil skirt, easy white tee, and that necklace! You definitely have inspired me, and I plan to do a 30 for 30 this fall/winter!

  32. I definately feel like I’m still finding my style. Or maybe there is no use defining it ??? Any way, yeah for another 30 for 30! I will finish mine in the next couple of days & instead of doing a photo recap, I’m going to do a graph showing which items were worn the most. I’m a nerd, thats how we roll …

    Kelly @ Elegantly Academic

  33. Another job well done, Kendi.  Whatever your reasons, you’ve definitely created a bit of a blogging movement.  One that I’m hoping to join in the next go around now that I finally started a blog of my own!  You should be proud of how many women you’ve inspired to look at their closets in a new way.

  34. To look at them all together is really quite inspiring and impressive. I haven’t had the guts to join in it  – I’m afraid of being able to cover both work and casual weekend fashion with just those 30 items, but I think it’s finally time! Can’t wait to join you in the next go-around!

  35. While I have no urge to join in (mostly because I think this is just how I live. Limited wardrobe bit, not the awesome looking bit), I LOVE reading these posts. Yours and other peoples and I have so much admiration for how fabulous you all look while completing the challenge! Looking forward to the next one 😉

  36. Kendi, I love all your outfits! Sometimes when picking out my own I go out on a limb because I've seen you pull off something similar! Thanks for the insiration!

  37. You are a pro. I always think, geez, I already posted an outfit in this skirt. My readers will know! (I’m kinda conceited like that I guess.) But looking at your outfits from this 30 for 30 I remember seeing each and every one of them, loving them, but never once did I say, “OMG! She already wore that!” Except for maybe the tank top with blocked stripes which I really, really love. But that’s the ONLY reason why I noticed you wore it again. Because I love it. 

  38. Very pretty. You make these outfits look good! 😀

  39. #7 was my favorite! I also *love* seeing how you match that mustard/white striped sweater with so many things in such a genius way. Congrats on finishing strong again! Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

  40. I can’t even pick my favourite! I love this idea- and your blog 🙂

  41. Wow! So many gorgeous outfits.  I love your sense of colour.  I wish I had the courage (and the wardrobe) to combine colour and pattern like you do.

  42. Congrats on finishing the challenge… AGAIN 🙂 I agree with everything you said in this post… The most important thing is to accept yourself just the way you are 🙂 Oh, and I will too always be a bargain hunter 🙂


  43. thanks dearie for the lovely posts..after i read your blog, I am finally addressing my love-hate relationship with shopping and you are absolutely don’t have to compare yourself  to anyone to love your wardrobe or feel bad about how much you have hoarded! 
     you have a very unique and amazing sense of style that is truly your own.

    1. Sometimes people say that on the blog, yes! And only one time in person did someone say that to me. I just about passed out, nicest compliment ever. 

  44. I love your sense of style…it’s clear you are finding yourself!  I would appreciate seeing a post of the items you used because it’s difficult to pick them out from your fabulous outfits as they all look different!  Thanks for the inspiration!

  45. You make think about my style and help me dress better everyday. Thank you for having such an amazing blog. All the outfits are ace.

  46. I feel like this time around – your outfits looked so unique every day – that I actually FORGOT you were doing a 30 for 30!  Nicely done! 🙂  I loved all of the bright colors and the great pairings!

  47. I love the whole idea of 30 for 30!  It’s so clever!  I may try to get my sister to do this with me because it looks like it could be a lot of fun!

  48. Your legs are amazing (and I don’t mean that in a weird stalker way, I just had to mention it) and I love the deep blue on you – along with everything else of course.

  49. this is truly awesome! just goes to show you how far 30 pieces goes 😀

  50. On other blogs, I can tell that the bloggers are re-using items during the 30 for 30. I can never tell on yours. In fact, I always forget you’re even  doing the 30 for 30. Which truly goes to show how awesome you are at it.

  51. This is definitely your best 30 for 30 yet. I love all of the bright colors and all of the outfits seems so different. Inspiring, girl!

  52. This was my absolute favourite remix of yours! The colours are so vibrant, I love it.

    xo L.

  53. You really are amazing at creating outfits that look completely unrelated from each other. I also agree that we shouldn’t fight who we are – just figure out how to be the best possible version of who we are. Thanks for being such a style-inspiration. =)

  54. I think this was your best 30 for 30 yet, as you really did have a lot of different looks and I didn’t look at a piece you wore and think “oh, I remember that from last week” because you made them seem like new pieces!  

  55. KENDI you are the very best at this. Your 30 for 30 is so amazing! You’re so creative; it’s inspiring. 

  56. I just found your site through the Creature Comforts blog, and all I have to say is WOW! You are so inspiring! The 30 for 30 idea is great and you can hardly tell that you are reusing the same items. But most of all, the pieces are actually affordable! So many personal style blogs show great clothes, but most people cannot afford designer brands. Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

  57. Number 21 was def. my favorite of them all! I have to say, you have helped me look at my closet differently too. I was stuck in a major rut. I either just wore a v-neck t and black pants/jeans, or something I really didn’t love. I was also struggling with either dressing way too old for my age (which is 26) or way too young for my age. I started to take more time in thinking about an outfit, using the accessories I never used and accepting a new idea for an outfit. It really has been a challenge, but well worth it. I feel like I know myself a bit better now too, and hopefully I won’t find myself buying things because I saw someone else wearing it and thought I should too. Thanks Kendi! Keep the great inspiration coming!

  58. Congrats on finishing the challenge with so many fun and creative outfits!  I travel 3/4 of the year, so I feel like I’m constantly on a 30 for 30 challenge.  It’s inspiring to see that there’s so much potential for fashion within those parameters.  

  59. I think this is your best 30 for 30 yet! All of these outfits look amazing. I would never have known there were only 30 items. That is, if I hadn’t been reading your blog for forever.

  60. I just discovered your blog through WhatIWore and I must say I’m really  happy I did. I can regognize myself in your style. Seeing all of your outfits is really inspiring. And it’s great because it doesn’t make me feel like I need a whole new wardrobe to be stylish, but that I can create a lot of interesting looks with what I already have. My wallet loves you for that 😉

    I really like your style, and I feel like I’m finding the right think. I’m going to turn 26 and I want my style to represent me as a woman and not a young girl anymore. Yet I don’t want to look too formal and lose my personality. 
    You must be asked this question all the time but if you could suggest me three basic pieces of clothing that are a must to have in my closet, what would they be? 
    I’m also quite deficient in shoes, so what would you suggest I go for to begin?

  61. Beautiful! This makes me realize I need to be more consistent in editing my photos. When I finally finish my 30×30 my collage won’t be nearly as pretty.  And I LOVE all the inspiration I totally got / copied from you { tying shirts in knots again? The 80s child in me was way happy :)} Thanks for such a great challenge!

  62. I just found your blog and I love it!!! 30 for 30 is such a brilliant idea and I’m so excited to give it a try!  When is the next 30 for 30?  Do you challenge all your readers to attempt it at the same time together?  I suppose I could give it a try anytime but would love the support and encouragement of other bloggers!  So, will there be a Fall 30 for 30?  Let me know!!!

  63. Awesome job! I'd love to try the challenge but we have a dress code at work I have a hard enough time with that as it is lol.

  64. My 2013 resolution is no shopping for the whole year! I was so inspired by Caitlin (Greater Than Rubies)! She is one of my great (real life) friends and she, along with tons of others, kept telling me to find your 30×30 challenge! Since I am already not shopping for a year, remixing 30 items in my closet should be a breeze, hopefully 😉 Can’t wait to try this challenge later in the year!

    PS: Next time I am in your store I won’t hide, or act like a starstruck child. Caitlin warned me that you are amazing, so next time I see you, don’t be fooled by the overly-eager crazy girl wanting your autograph. 

  65. My 2013 resolution is no shopping for the whole year! I was so inspired by Caitlin (Greater Than Rubies)! She is one of my great (real life) friends and she, along with tons of others, kept telling me to find your 30×30 challenge! Since I am already not shopping for a year, remixing 30 items in my closet should be a breeze, hopefully 😉 Can't wait to try this challenge later in the year!

    PS: Next time I am in your store I won't hide, or act like a starstruck child. Caitlin warned me that you are amazing, so next time I see you, don't be fooled by the overly-eager crazy girl wanting your autograph. 

  66. I wish you’d revisit this series. 30 for 30 is what made me a fan – I miss posts like these.

  67. I wish you'd revisit this series. 30 for 30 is what made me a fan – I miss posts like these.

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