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I’m not a particularly loud person. But when I put this outfit on I immediately felt like this combo was yelling “Can you see me? I’m over here!! Pass the ball!” (Ok, not ‘pass the ball.’ Sorry that was left over from my past life as a 7th grade basketball star .) It’s cloudy out, which means it’s the perfect day to draw attention to myself. I was getting tired of constantly waving my arms at people so that they’d notice me; wearing bright colors works so much better. 
I don’t normally play favorites with my closet (that’s like picking your favorite kids, right?), but this might be a new favorite outfit of mine. Comfortable and yet slightly loud. Perfect.

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  1. Kendi!!! (Did you know we are on a first name basis now? Yep. Quite so.) Just have to give a big shout-out because I am SO loving your outfits lately. Seriously might Pinterest each and every. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

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