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I did something kind of strange today. I started a Facebook page devoted to all things Kendi Everyday because someone suggested that I make one. (I do anything someone suggests. I’ve got an appointment at 3:30 to go jump off a bridge.) There isn’t any content on there yet, but don’t worry — the internet shrine will be built in no time. So Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I’m not really going for the whole ‘take-over the world’ feel for my page. So if you like people to bombard your status updates all the time, then ‘like’ (or whatever it’s called now if you are reading this in the future. Also, are we in space cars yet?) my Facebook page. I promise to post no less than 25 times a day. You want cell phone shots of what I ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND 4th meal? Done, facebook-style.

On a side note, I totally swiped this outfit right from under this girl’s feet. Sometimes stealing is necessary. Breaking and entering, not okay, but outfit theft is totally acceptable.

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