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14 years of outfits to inspire you.

In 2009 Kendi Skeen started a fashion blog sharing her everyday outfits on an unknown blog. Then everything changed. She created a 30 for 30 Remix  (think capsule wardrobe before that was an actual thing) and that took off to become an early viral sensation. Building her audience with each year of blogging, Kendi has shared her life through her diaristic blog posts and outfits going from small town 20 something newly wed to opening a retail boutique to new mom and a curated content creator. Kendi and her husband Bryan have perfected style influencing photography, with high quality editorial images, artfully capturing  beautiful moments in their everyday life. 

Kendi’s main goal is to inspire your closet with her own. Styling trends into a way that become approachable and giving you a decade of ideas to find your own personal style. 

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I’m so glad you are here. A great place to start is with Kendi’s Capsules and a few other favorite posts from over the years. 


Started the blog + the 30x30 remix
the 'shopgirl' era.

Maternity & Pregnancy
The Newborn years


brief History of Kendi Everyday

The Start of an Era

One thing is for sure around here: things are always changing. If you’ve followed along, you know that along with Kendi’s hair length everything else changes too. From small town to shop girl to the mom years, you can see how style changes with your life. 

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Kendi has successfully partnered with an incredible amount of national brands over the years and has learned what is best for her audience when it comes to advertising. Kendi has built an  audience of predominantly women in their 30s-50s who are most interested in accessible and approachable fashion, beauty and home items. You can connect directly with Kendi’s team below and let the collaborative process begin!

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