Who is Veja?

If you are new to the brand, Veja, you’re not alone. I learned about them late last summer. And to be fair, there are a lot of trends that come and go, so if you aren’t 100% up to date on the latest sneaker — have no fear. Your girl Kendi is here. Here’s a quick overview of their brand via their website: “VEJA is a French born shoe company. VEJA has a vision that proposes cultural change and they pride themselves on making sneakers differently. VEJA offers a different vision which combines fair trade, ecology and links together economy, social initiatives and the environment. They use organic or recycled and fairly traded cotton for the canvas of the shoes and wild & fairly traded rubber for the soles. Recycled plastic bottles are also used to create technological fabrics. All products are made in a high standard factory in Brazil.” They are kind of like an Everlane or Reformation of sneakers. And right now they are some of the hottest sneakers that are $150 or under. I was never able to convince myself on Golden Goose sneakers but Veja’s are more in my range. And I’m happy to report — they are worth every penny. Full review below!

The Shoe

This is the Veja V-10 Sneaker. I have the Veja Esplar and this pair, the V-10. I’ve been waiting for months for this shoe to be restocked as it is a hot commodity. This is one of their most popular style so I was excited when Nordstrom fully stocked this style in this color way and more! I like this style because of the perforated leather on the top, the slightly wedged sole and I love the black and white color way. This sneaker feels a bit more structured than the Esplar and is truly versatile. You can find them from Nordstrom here. Or from other retailers via the slideshow below.

The Fit

Fit: The fit is about a tiny bit snug but for me I would not size up. They fit true for me; I am a size 10 or 41 EURO and these fit pretty true for me. I’ve read that a few people size up a half size but that hasn’t been the case for me. I say if in between sizes, go up a half size. If you’re always pretty true to one size, you’ll be fine in your typical European equivalent size.

The Price

At $150, they are definitely an investment piece. The quality matches the price and once broken in, the comfort level allows you to take them anywhere. They have insane versatility within style right now — from denim to leggings right now to dresses and skirts this spring. They are truly a great ‘everyday’ sneaker. A premium sneaker for sure, but one that will work for every season and for years to come.

The Break In

Yes the rumors are true: the tongue is stiff on this particular pair of shoes. It’s true: there is a stiff uncomfortableness of the tongue when you first put them on. To be fair, the whole shoe is made of a thick stiff leather which keeps it’s shape nicely as you wear it and it won’t bend or ‘age’ as quickly as with a softer leather. But it is stiff. I remember thinking ‘OH NO! I can’t wear these!’  when I tried them on but this inconvenience dissipated after a day of wear. I was very relieved because they are so cool looking but they are a no-go for me if they hurt. I gave them a full day  with not even that much wear — it’s not like I went hiking in them. Just my typical running around day; some desk work, typical house chores, running errands, etc. I also have heard that if you push the tongue to one side or the other of the center, it helps with the stiffness and breaks them in. I’ve not had to do this but thought this was helpful to pass along!

All in all, at first — yes they are stiff at first. But give them a chance of wear and they loosen and fit perfectly.

You can also use a moleskin pad if it starts to rub while you are breaking them in. Find them here. 


I wanna hear your thoughts! Do you have a pair of Veja’s — do you love them or did you take them back? Leave a comment below!

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  1. I have the esplar and I am sooo in love with them. I’ve always been a converse girl but these have me putting my chucks away. I did have an issue with not enough support but I just replaced the sole with a dr scholls insert. Feel like a cloud now. ❤

  2. I love my V-10 Vejas, but I would definitely size down!! I am a 6.5-7, got a 6 and still feel there is room left. I worked the tongue hard with my hands because it is not only stiff but comes up very high. Two-three days of wear though and now they are perfect. So glad I didn’t return them! I wear Invisisox footies with them, and they don’t show at all. These are my favorite!! I also had ordered the V-12 but returned them because I felt the V-10 were less “sporty” looking. The V-12 felt more like an indoor soccer shoe.

    1. Hi! I want to get the V-10 but I’m outside the US so can’t return them if they don’t fit. I’m also a 6.5-7, do you happen to know your insole length? That way I can compare sizing. My foot is 23 cms long. Thanks a lot!

  3. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

  4. I have the esplar and I am sooo in love with them. I’ve always been a converse girl but these have me putting my chucks away. I did have an issue with not enough support but I just replaced the sole with a dr scholls insert. Feel like a cloud now. ❤…

  5. This was very helpful! i just got these in and noticed the stiff tongue immediately. I was so excited about these shoes but will give them time like you suggested!

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