Happy Friday! Friday Night likes is back, which is just a round up of a few good things that have caught my eye this week!

Slow and Steady: Tortoise Shell Sneakers

How has this trend not happened yet to sneakers? Seeing these Nikes with that sexy tortoise shell swoosh gives me all of the feels. It even makes me want to wear my sneakers to the gym. To pick Bryan up. (I kid. I’m trying to be more fit this year, as well!) Find the sneakers here!

Ever…Train? Everlane Activewear Leggings

Did you see that Everlane launched their newest line of activewear leggings? I’ve put my order in and can’t wait to try them! I’m partial to this dark charcoal color but there are a few more hues, too! Find them here. 

Fort Madewell: The Silk Camp Shirt

Did you see that Madewell has new arrivals this week? I’m heading into the fitting room to try a few on and this top is at the top of my list! I’m hoping it fits as cute as it looks! Find this top here.

Right On Target: Monochrome Sweater Dress

If you didn’t know, you would NEVER guess that dress is from Target right? Those are my very favorite finds. I love that light tan color as well but it comes in a few other neutrals as well! Find it here. 

New Kim On the Block: Seamless Underwear

I’ve been wanting to try Kim Kardashian West’s line of seamless underwear but they are always waitlisted! I lucked out and found this pair in my size and I can’t wait to get them in. I’m always on the lookout for a perfect pair of seamless underwear, especially to wear under dresses like the one above or my yoga pants. Seamless underwear really does solve most of my issues in life. Find this pair here!

Bag of Tricks: Jerome Dreyfuss Crossbody

This is going to sound insane but whatever. If you don’t know me by now… SO I bought this exact bag a few years ago and…how do I put this kindly? I lost it. In my own home. But as I was perusing Amazon, I saw this purse and it looked so familiar that it got me thinking. I started looking around and I found it (!!!) this past weekend while cleaning out my closet for Poshmark! I am so glad because this bag is a classic but it has the right amount of edge you know? Find it here.

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  1. I love the items that you have in this post. They are all stylish, I look forward to purchasing some of the items! I have been dying to try SKIMS myself.

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