Sometimes when I dress in bright colors I actually forget that I’m wearing bright, attention-grabbing colors. Take today for instance, as I was walking up to the post office some girl in the reflection of the glass caught my eye. I thought “well that’s some serious yellow going on.” So I did a double take in the glass. Turns out, I was the girl. I’m not sure if that’s a good sign when you start talking crap behind your own back…to yourself. 
This is also probably a sign I need more friends. That don’t hang out at the post office. 

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  1. Ha, ha .. I've done that too, but I usually think "gee, she's short!" then realise it's me.
    Love this outfit. It looks so summery, fun & most of all comfty!

  2. I love this look and the colors. I bought an Anthropologie skirt similar to this recently and look forward to wearing it.
    How old is the necklace? It's very cute.
    Have a nice day,

  3. That dress looks so gorgeous on you! It makes me a tiny bit jealous that you can wear them, I wish I could more often because their so comfy and soft, the problem for me is that even though I’m in relatively good shape, and nowhere near overweight, I have a really soft butt so my panties dig in and put indentations across my rear that I worry accentuates my loose booty:( I could just wear a thong but without any support back THERE my buns are really jiggly when I walk, so I usually just wear my normal seamless panties. I need to find a solution for underwear under skirts Because I always feel insecure about my junk in my trunk when I wear my skirts:( I’ll be doing my makeup and hair and then turn around to see the back of my hair and then see my very noticeable underwear showing thru and sigh. I can TUck the seams under my cheeks but then the top band dips low enough on my hips to give me a muffin top so I usualy have to leave It HIGHER up. After I get out of the car I have to go to a restroom and run my fingers along the seams and adjust them down as best I can to a point where there not super noticable , or hold my skirt up so its not clinging to my BUm if someone is directly behind me. Do you know of any good underwear that has good jiggle support aswell as it doesn’t dig into the cheeks? Any suggestions i am greatfull for, and thank you for reading this whole thing too 🙂

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