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I have wrongly mistaken overcast clouds today as being cooler. Normally I wouldn’t layer a shirt over a shirt in the summer, but it looked chilly outside and I’m an optimist. Turns out, the sun’s heat can actually burn through those sneaky, thin clouds. But this isn’t the first time I’ve thought “I should have listened in science class.”
I had a moment today. Well, my red heels and I, we had a moment. Two years ago I would have never worn this outfit. I would have never picked up these heels and paired it with these shirts. I would have never posed in a park at lunch with husband snapping photos. All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with gratitude and I wanted to say thank you. For the last year or so, you have visited my blog for one reason or another. And because of you, I have confidence to dress in the outfits that I do, to write what I write and to generally be a very happy person. You have become friends to me, even though we’ve never even met. And for no other reason than that, I am SO very grateful for you.

Before this gets cheesy and I start crying alone at my desk and have to turn to food for comfort, I will end this by saying thank you for the encouragement and the love. I hope you know that you are very loved. And yes all of that was brought on by red suede heels. The world works in mysterious ways.

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  1. Your blog rocks! I look forward to your posts each and everyday, and you've definitely changed the way I look at my closet!

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