I’ve worn this outfit pretty much every weekend of the 30 for 30 but we just took photos of it this weekend. I don’t know why but I tend to repeat outfits more in the summer, I find a favorite and don’t want to take it off. I think it’s just the laid-back feeling of summer, or the fact that I hate doing laundry, but either way I like it. 
So this post brings you a new favorite outfit AND a new favorite wall to pose by. I mean this wall is a style bloggers dream — an upside down 8 ball and outfit complementing wall colors? I hit the jack pot on this one. Too bad I live about 400 miles away from this little gem. But if you think that’s going to stop me, well then you’re right. I can’t drive everyday to take photos by this wall. That would get in the way of my Pinterest time. 

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  1. My “30 for 30” could really be 4 for 4. It’s too hot to wear anything but sleeveless cotton dresses, ugh. Glad to know I’m not the only one who neglects creative adventures for Pinterest time. Wonder if I could trade in that degree I just got for a certificate naming me a Master Pinner. Hrrrm.

  2. before i even started reading, i noticed the fantastic wall (after your fab outfit of course!)

    I love the print of the shorts, it reminds me of art galleries & zipped pencil cases & seat covers on the london tube 🙂

    Katie/{Glass of Fashion}

  3. I love the pattern mixing and I love the way you tied up that tee! (P.S. The tee I’m wearing right now – and slept in – is the tee I also wear every single weekend, basically, but never photograph. Haha. You are not alone!)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  4. I want your legs.

    And I Love those shorts. I recently bought a couple patterned pairs and I love how you mixed patterns with the striped tee.

    And you aren’t really a committed style blogger unless you’re willing to drive 400 miles to take your daily photos. It’s all about sacrifice. 😉

  5. I would have never thought to mix those prints but it looks great! Thank you for the idea!


  6. I’m definitely a fan of this outfit.  I love the shirt, and you’ve inspired me to try tying my tshirts for a different look.  I’m going to try it out on one of my 30 for 30 outfits! 🙂

  7. I was going to ask how you could tell that the 8 ball is upside down, then I turned my computer over to take a look and noticed that you are totally right. 

  8. I have the same experience of repeating outfits in the summer! I can’t speak for everyone, but for me I think it has to do with the academic year; when I’m teaching I love a constant rotation and play a game of seeing how long I can go without repeats, but in the summer it’s too much effort given that I work from home a lot and go for days without seeing people.

  9. One mustn’t slack on Pinteresting… so addictive. This outfit/wall rocks.

    And I totally agree about summer outfits. I’m pretty much living in the same two pair of shorts.

  10. Ha, ha … I also love infront of brick walls. But this is mainly cause I am too scared to leave my yard & I have a brick house. Works for me though …

    Kelly @Elegantly Academic

  11. I have those shorts too, and they’re surprisingly versatile!  I’m actually wearing mine now.  Love the styling, as always.

  12. love the stripes with the pattern, definitely put together well, also looks great with this background

  13. whoa, you just inspired me. I’ve admired fashion bloggers’ pattern-on-pattern looks from afar before but been too timid to try it. I have never seen it this way though and me likey (and me owny the items needed), so why not? here goes nothing! Thanks Kendi!

  14. oh dear… the more you wear these shorts the more i regret not buying them myself 🙁 This is so cute hun! I can’t believe you made those two patterns work together – so impressed 🙂

  15. You crack me up every time. Keep the wit comin’, lady. Also, I love the patterns against each other in this look. It is still not QUITE warm enough here to really wear shorts. Boo, Oregon.

  16. holy patterns, batman! i love LOVE the mix of your patterned shorts and striped tee. oh, and your wit. kendi, you slay me. 


  17. I love this outfit!  Especially the print on the shorts.  No wonder you wear it every day, it looks so cute & comfortable.. If a maxi dress can be referred to as adult pajamas, then this can be another set of grown-up summery pj’s.

  18. Love the outfit! And the wall – that second photo should be on a billboard or in a magazine – whoa legs!

  19. Hmm… perhaps I should try knotting a tee just a bit offset, it works! The other day I knotted too far to the side and I had horrible flashbacks to the late 80’s-early 90’s when my hair was bigger than my body and I was wearing overalls… *shudders*

  20. Your pictures are always so fun to look at! Love the outfit, need to be more brave about mixing my textures.

  21. Dang, that t-shirt is awesome! Also, you’re making me feel so good knowing that you repeat outfits. i’m always challenging myself to come up with new combinations, but sometimes, i just want to wear the same thing i wore a week ago. i prefer to say that it’s comforting wearing the same outfit more than once rather than calling it laziness. 🙂

  22. Kendi, you should totally find an out of the way cinderblock/cement wall in your town and convince someone to let you or a visiting artist friend paint it periodically. Go for a minimalist color, paint retro or modern designs, splatterpaint, put a big heart or eight ball of your own there. Endless possiblities, just like your outfits.

    1. Ha — I think this is the only ‘sexy’ thing on me. Sometimes my knees just randomly give out and I fall. If only these pictures could show how awkward I am, then you’d really be jealous of these legs.

  23. I’ve been following both you and J (J’s Everyday Fashion) for a while now and I’ve never seen this happen before but, you both wore these same shorts this weekend! Check it out – http://www.jseverydayfashion.com/ – maybe it’s a sign that you two should do a clothing swap. I think it’d be fun to see!

  24. this summer’s repeat outfit has been denim cut offs and a mens v neck. (only after i get home from work after wearing my 30for30 outfit of the day of course.) i guess i like to moonlight as a hipster boy (and cheat on my 30for30).

    1. No way I can not wait to get my hands on my denim cut-offs. Jorts are my favorite summer time staple. Moonlighting as a hipster boy is totally acceptable.

  25. I’m so jealous because I’ve been trying to hunt down those shorts in  my size since they came out a few months ago. No luck. They are sold out everywhere 🙁


  26. I have a tendency to repeat outfits, as well. I’d like to blame it on summer and all the laidback fun that comes with it, but really I’m just lazy. 🙂

    I absolutely love the clash of prints here. Those shorts are amazing!

  27. I’m so lame for not doing the 30 for 30 this season! i LOVE this combo, and as for the wall, just cut and paste yourself on it everyday! Then pin it! yay!


  28. those shorts are absolutely amazing!!!  if i had them they would most definitely be a part of my favorite outfit too! that wall is pretty rad, but nothing can get in the way of pinterest time!!!

  29. Those shorts are fantastic!  They so remind me of some that I had when I was a kid – too bad I’m sure they are long gone and out grown.  🙂

  30. I love this pattern mixing… it doesn’t work so well that it works so well! Does that even make sense? Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is… well done! 🙂

    1. Hahaha I know EXACTLy what you mean! It’s funny I didn’t even think of it as pattern mixing until I say the photos. Thank goodness it works! 

  31. hey kendi, i’m new to your blog but good lord do i whole heartedly heart it.
    solid collection of lovely wall photos and very nice hair thus fulfilling all my blogging needs.
    keep up the awesome work.
    p.s did i mention the above outfit is lush? kudos. x


  32. Those shorts and that wall were meant to be together. That’s it Kendi, you have to move. 

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