The Long and Shorts of It

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This post is going to be short for two reasons: a) I’ve used all of my words and have no more for today (I have a limited vocabulary ok?) and b) I came up with the title of this post before I came up with the actual post. This is very dangerous timing, you see. As now I’m so focused on the title I can’t think of any more words. You just come here for the pictures anyway, right? 
Long story short, somedays it’s easier to get dressed than to write about it. It’s also easier to be naked than write. Just throwing that out there. 

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  1. Aleyta says:

    You are just too cute. Love your blog.

    07.11.11 · Reply
  2. Dawn says:

    Love it, Kendi! May I ask what lip color you're wearing here?

    07.12.11 · Reply