7.12.11c{Shop: Dress, Wedges, NecklaceSimilar Belt, Watch(c/o Fossil)}
When I say I depend on accessories to make an outfit work, I’m not kidding. Take this scarf for example. I would have never paired this with my emerald green dress but lo and behold in the fabric is pink and green. This in my mind says that those two colors must go together. So here we are. Hot pink + green. Who knew? 
(Technically you could argue that nature presents this color combination as well.  Flowers are hot pink and green but I’m a style blogger not a botanist. Geez.)

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  1. I love this outfit on you, Kendi – it looks so summery and effortless.

    07.12.11 · Reply
  2. wildchild says:

    I like that color combo a lot, no matter how odd it may be

    07.12.11 · Reply
  3. This dress is so stunning! Love it!


    07.13.11 · Reply
  4. georgia x says:

    I like your shoes. check out my blog if you like thrifting!

    07.13.11 · Reply