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I spoke too soon. It’s a little chilly today, so I’m back in tights. It’s fine because I like these tights. But I’m warning you winter, stick around for any longer and you’ll be sorry. That’s a threat and a promise.
I love this shirt and this skirt so I had to ask myself “why haven’t you worn this outfit before??” But I’m glad I didn’t so that I could have another outfit for this remix. Look at that, my past self was just watching out for my future self. And I appreciate that….about myself. 
Enough rambling. Happy Friday.



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  1. You really crack me up. I thought I was funny until I found you! Great outfit.

  2. I know I was late to get on this bus, but I am so enjoying your blog. You are hilarious, Kendi (and, of course, stylish, but that’s a given!). I’m also loving being a part of the 30 for 30. I never knew my clothes could be so versatile!

  3. ah! you are just adorable, and your smiles always look so genuine. I love this idea of re-mixing your wardrobe, i bet it makes you appreciate the clothes you actually have rather than always wanting more clothes, as all of us women do! <3 <3 can't wait to see the rest of the outfits! check out my blog too!

    <3 steffy

  4. Love that outfit! Love that shade of purple. Wouldn’t have thought to put a purple skirt with purple tights…but it looks great!
    Just discovered your site today! Love it!!
    Great style inspiration! Now, all I need is more clothes!

  5. i love the pairing of the purple tights with the fuchsia skirt. and the statement necklace is unexpected but very pretty. i love the whole look and it’s another one of my faves of yours!

    cute and little

  6. Um, I’m going to copy this look. Except I have a red-orange skirt instead of a crazy-mondo-pink-purple skirt. Yeah.

  7. I love! Love the way the color pops. The skirt, is it the same color pink that’s on the J. Crew link you posted?

    1. No! Unfortunately that one sold out, it was called Bright Dahlia. But I’m sure that pink is pretty too — just not as purple-ish as this one.

  8. I am so in love with the multiple shades of purple here. It has been said many times in the comments already, but it must be said again. They are just so much fun!

  9. Kendi, you got an “ooh Kendi” from me just now. Out loud. Love this color combo. I’m working on trying these types of bright color combos. I’m not there yet, but I’ll get there! Love it too much not to!

    Wow. Love it.

  10. I do have a question for you though – do you have trouble getting skinny belts to stay in place over pencil skirts? I love the look, but the last time I did it, I was readjusting the belt all.day.long. Is it just me or is there a trick? Thanks!!

    1. I just make it super tight and pull my skirt up so that my belt actually holds it. This belt is from an old dress so it was made to sit on my natural waist, so I can make it go really tight. Not too attractive when I sit down (hello tummy roll) but it stays in place for the most part. I always have to readjust a little bit, but I make it a bit tighter than normal and it stays.

  11. I lovee the purple on purple! and i have a serious girl crush on you haha. you are HILARIOUS, i just read through so many posts and i was laughing at every single one!

  12. Right now, somewhere, Barney is scoffing and sucking in his big belly. Poor guy isn’t feeling so cool after you outdid him here, ha!

    πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

  13. Your outfit is so great! That skirt and those tights are just fabulous! You look so classic.

  14. I love the pairing of the two purples, and I think the lilacity (yup) of the skirt keeps it from looking too much like that certain dinosaur you mentioned.

  15. I love this combination. I am a huge fan of the skirt anyways, but with this shirt, tights and shoes – definitely is a winner!

  16. Past self looking to future self? So very Whitman of you (as in Crossing Brooklyn Ferry). Great look! xo

  17. Wow, why haven’t you worn that skirt & shirt together before? I’m glad you discovered the combination, it’s perfect! And the dash of aqua in the necklace really takes it to the next level. Love!

  18. I really enjoy your blog. You have a great outlook on fashion. I also appreciate your own sense of writing style. Is that nerdy to say? Regardless, its not just your photos I like, but I also enjoy reading what you have to say!

  19. I have those exact same tights! I love the color they bring to otherwise colorless outfits, which yours definitely is not. And oddly enough, I’m wearing them today. How bizarre.

    North Meets South

  20. I have no words to describe how much I like this outfit!!!
    You look really beautiful in it, classy with a bright pink twist. Love it!

  21. I have that shirt too, I got it thrifting at Goodwil and it is so comfy and the sleeves/cut is perfect!! Its a great shirt! Now I want your skirt….grrr…you drive my wallet crazy!!

  22. There is this store in Seattle called “The Purple Store!” They literally only sell purple things, purple camo, purple octopus ornaments, purple fans, purple shoe laces. They’re so excited about their purple that they even put an exclamation point after the very helpful “Purple Store” sign. All of this to say that “The Purple Store!” and your outfit made me smile today.

  23. So i’m currently in melbourne, australia and ventured off to their Target….. while they have suuuuuper cute stuff… its like 3 times the price of our target. $50 pencil skirts should not be allowed at any Target!! maybe i’ll blog about that experience, lol. stay tuned, there are more target stories.

  24. I really like your new addition of “remixed” at the bottom of these posts…so smart! I also think posing in front of a camera is an art form you are mastering…after 18 days of taking photos for this challenge I am realizing how awk. it can be to pose. I salute you.


  25. i realllllly like this outfit! i’m glad your past self had your remix in mind… kendi, this is very confusing- how do you do it!? you’re a clever writer, for sure. you make me giggle every time!

  26. still kind of laughing about your twitter post, being one purple shirt away from barney. but i like the whole ensemble, myself. and i think you should change the perspective a bit and, next time, tweet something like, “barney, don your striped shirt so you can look like ME.”
    you look fab.

  27. Awesome outfit, Kendi! Your clothes continue to inspire me daily(:
    You’re halfway through the thirty for thirty remix, right?
    Good job!!


  28. I love this outfit!

    I am sitting here, in Northwestern Tasmania (at the bottom of Australia) wishing my summer looked like your winter. I am wearing 4 layers – including thermals! And it’s *allegedly* summer here!

  29. LOVE this! The purple on purple is too perfect.


  30. I love mixing purples!

    Are those tights comfortable? They have so, so many colors! (By “are they comfortable?” I suppose I really am asking about the toe-seam, which can really bother me on some tights. The best brand I know of is Hue.)

  31. i LOVE the bright colours of the tights and the skirt together – i would never think to do that – but it looks so amazing! must try asap

    xo danni

  32. Very nice color combo, Kendi! I never would have thought to pair the pinkish shirt with the purplish tights. They are so tonal… who’da thunk it? and I love the pop of greenish-blue with the necklace… LOVELY!

  33. this is super cute! love the stripes and the fuschia/purple combo ~ i believe jcrew dubs it "wisteria." those shoes are great ~ you must have a really kick ass target. mine's always out of the good stuff. πŸ˜‰ ~ susan

  34. I love the skirt with the tights – it seems like it should be so “wrong” but it looks so right! The whole outfit is adorable on you. And…still coveting those shoes. Cannot believe they were TARGET! Wow. I love that store for so many reasons.

  35. i’m still really sad i never got to get that skirt πŸ™ it’s stunning on you!

  36. Up until now, I've kinda been iffy on whether I liked this skirt color…but with the striped top and the purple tights–I really like it!! Two thumbs up for this outfit!!

  37. You have such an amazing eye for simple, stunning outfits. Despite the fact that I don’t comment very often, I read your blog everyday and it’s the first one I open up! Love your creativity – both in the way your dress and the way you write!

    Ronnie πŸ™‚

    p.s. Colours are awesome – I’ve been so wowed by the way you wear this pink pencil skirt!

  38. I have this shirt and love it….maybe i'll remix it today (yes I am still in my workout clothes, it's Friday!)

  39. I really wish I had your colour confidence! I tend to blame the fact that i’m short for my lack of willingness to try lots of colours. I’m all about excuses πŸ˜‰

    And i’ve been putting ‘remixed’ items at the bottom of my posts too! It’s been making me WANT to rewear items (unthinkable ;))
    Great minds think alike


  40. I’m so in love with this outfit that I just squealed! It’s a beautiful and squeal worthy outfit. Thank you so much for being such a great inspiration πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

  41. wow, last time u wore this skirt, Kileen @ Cute & Little did on the same day as well. Again today! So bizarre!!!!!

    I guess its just that popular. πŸ™‚

  42. TOTALLY just bought that exact skirt in bronzed ochre (only because it didnt come in that fantastic pink color in my size) because ive LOVED how many ways youve worn it lately. im hoping it will look at last half as lovely on me, as it does on you!

  43. Throwing that purple skirt into your remix options was such a good call! Before your blog, I never wouldve thought to cuz it's not 'basic.' But I'm learning! I really like your little thumbnails showing the other ways you remixed some of the pieces! That's SUCH a good idea!

  44. Seeing that skirt on you (and the different ways you style it) always makes me happy for some reason. I think every girl should own a fuchsia/purple skirt!!

  45. I love your outfit and I love your blog. I have been peaking in on it for a couple of weeks now, and I really like how your style is very refreshing, as well as the things you write. Thanks.

  46. You look amazing!! I feel the same way as you when it comes to winter. I’m ready for some warm weather. I feel like I always want to be in the season I’m not in.
    On another note, I really do think you color is definitely purple. I think we could be friends.


  47. I’m loving your use of color here!! The stripes also look so Parisian chic!

  48. i never thought of a striped shirt as a staple, but clearly it is! i loved all the way you have remixed this shirt and i adore the pop of color with the purple skirt and tights!

  49. Ooh I love this outfit! I’m a sucker for stripes and mix/matched colors πŸ™‚

  50. I think this is my favorite outfit so far! I just love it!!! I remember seeing this shirt in Target a while back but passed up on it… everytime i see you in it, I want to kick myself cause I see how much use you get out of it!

    I love it with these bright bold colors and the necklace!! ohhh the necklace just completes it! I love that sea green/blue with purples and pinks… it’s my fav color combo.

    love love.

  51. I love the way you paired the like color tights and skirt, I’ll have to give it a try too but, because I’m a chick it would probably be with a lame neutral color…

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