“Date night is the best night.” I would just like to go on record saying that. So that someday, somewhere, most likely on the internet, this truth will be attributed to my name.

Of course so will “It’s like the Olive Garden of outfits.” But I’m okay with that. I’m no Oscar Wilde, but I do know a few things about date night, olive garden and internet quote databases. That, my friends, is better than…nope. Oscar wins. I’ve got nothing but a good husband who takes me on dates.

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3 Responses

  1. That jacket/sweater/whatevs is adorable! Hope you had a grat date night!


  2. So cute, as always! I admire your ability to mix and match and make the poses in these posts look effortless (much harder than it looks after doing my first yesterday).

    I featured you in my blog post today! This is my first week blogging but would love for you to follow. I did the opposite you and recently moved from a small town to the Big Apple so I feel like we share similar perspectives.



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