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This in fact is not a ‘how to’ post. I’m actually asking you guys how do I wear a skirt in the cold weather like this? I put two pairs of tights on and although that helped a little, as did the fact that I haven’t shaved my legs in months, I was still cold. But seriously, how do you get through cold winters while wearing skirts? I’m going to need to know this if I have any chance of getting out of this sweaty little town. That or develop a heavy pants obsession. (Er, make that heavy obsession of pants. Heavy pants are difficult to wear.)
Tonight I had to sacrifice my blogging duties to be a wife and actual human being i.e. I went to the grocery store for the first time in two weeks. B went on a strike when I told him that Cookie Crisps Sandwiches were on the menu tonight. So instead I went to the grocery store and bought real food. He can be so picky sometimes. 


(Speaking of tights, We Love Colors is giving K.E. readers a discount, just because you are special and they want to be your friend. So if your legs are cold like mine, use the discount code “kendieveryday11”and receive 20% off the Solid Color Microfiber Tights #1053 (muh fave), Plus Size Tights #1008 and footless styles #1025, #1037 & #1041 until the end of February. Problem solved.) 

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  1. Wool tights, leg warmers, two pairs of socks and boots. And I'm usually still cold! Let's just hope the frigid cold is gone soon…love the look even though you were probably freezing!! Did you grocery shop in this too!? 🙂

  2. I'm a skirt wearer! During the winter I don't wear the regular tights, I only wear sweater tights, Hue has good thick ones, but my favorites are from Gap, better quality and softer. Gap also has these amazing (but expensive) leggin warmers, they are worth the price, I only got 1 pair but I will make sure I buy more next year. On top of that I wear thick long socks overy the sweater tights and tall boots and I try to stay with wool bafrics (buy an anti-estatic slip!) Wear a longer coat and you'll be set. I actually keep warmer like this than wearing pants.

  3. Option A: Warm over-the-knee socks over sweater/woollen tights, under boots. I often moisturise my legs before I put on all the above, because it helps warm my skin up.

    Option B: Stay indoors and wear your skirt while you're curled up under a pile of blankets!

  4. Here in Michigan, I layer a pair of regular tights under my sweater tights and wear boots and a long coat on the walk into work. It's ok as long as the wind chill isn't bad, but a day like today I just give up and go for the jeans (but still with sweater tights on underneath!


  5. Greetings from Chicago!

    I actually wear far more skirts and dresses in the winter, simply because I can layer more.
    – several layers of tights
    – thin wool socks on my feet, under the tights if your shoes aren't sock-friendly
    – I have a pair of knitted merino-wool shorts my mom made, and… it…. helps. I put that on top of all the tights, under the skirt/dress.
    – wearing wool skirts or dresses really helps the heat-factor
    – and finally, the biggest thing: thermal tights. Yeah, my black ones are getting kind of pilly, but with boots that cover my ankle, they just look like tights, and they do wonders for keeping warm. On the really cold days I put them on top of whatever I'm wearing, and take them off once I get inside.

    Yey skirts in winter!

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