Last week I swapped with good ol’ Jessica! We didn’t mean to swap outfits AND seasons, but turns out that’s exactly what we did. Her summer, my winter and vice versa. I’m thinking swapping might be my new shopping. 
I wonder if J.Crew wants to swap my old clothes for new ones. I’ll get back to you on that.

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  1. LOVE this idea! All look so gorgeous, and I love the unique elements each person brings to the outfits. Wonderful, inspirational, as always!

  2. I absolutely love these swaps…what an awesome idea! It’s so cool to see how you all mix the outfits differently and still look so good. Would love to see more of this!

    1. Yeah? Alright! I can do more of these most certainly! Maybe Jessica will just loan me her whole closet. (dream come true, right?)

  3. I stumbled across your blog from a friend of a friends blog who was talking about the 30 in 30 remix…. I cannot tell you HOW much I β™₯ your blog and your chic and classic style!!! AND your idea of 30 for 30, now I didn’t exactly do 30 pieces but I went through and really down sized my wardrobe. Now it is SO easy to see outfits in ways I have never seen before and get dressed in the morning ( I am a visualize my oufits as I fall asleep too and my husband teases me for it CONSTANTLY lol )
    Just wanted to pass that along to you…wonderful and I love seeing all your creative and beautiful outfits!

    1. Wow, Rachel! What a sweet comment. I love that you sized down your warddrobe. Don’t worry about only have 30 items, I have more than that. But I totally know what you mean — it is so much easier to see the outfits when you clean out some of the unworn clutter. Good for you.

      Thanks again, sweet girl!

  4. It’s good to see how summer/winter clothes can be perfectly used (and matched) for another season.
    I particularly love the last skirt… it’s beautiful !!

  5. i SO wish i had friends i could do this with!! πŸ™‚
    ps. I have friends….just none that could swap clothes with me. Hey…you’re great at shopping…can you recommend places that carry super small, super cute clothes? (I’m a 00. It is SO tough to shop)

  6. I really enjoyed this swap! The above post is definitely proof that you define a piece and make it you — not vice versa.

    Love the J.Crew idea. I expect the next swap to be between you and Jenna. πŸ˜‰

  7. Wow everything looks so different on all of you it gives a clear idea that you can style the same piece many different ways. I spend way too much money on new clothes and never re style them. Thank you.

  8. No offense to Jessica (and I know this is not a competition) but you win “who wore it best” – esp #3 & 4!! Love the clogs and the cognac+blue mix in 3 and love the flower+stripes mix w/ bf blazer in #4 – unexpected and fun! Swapping IS the new shopping. And how green and earth-friendly of you…

  9. you girls are simply the cutest!! i love seeing the same items on different bloggers and swapping sounds like so much fun! you’ve definitely inspired me to see about swapping some clothes with other bloggers that might be my size too. and oh how i would love if J. Crew would get in on the action. πŸ™‚

    cute and little

  10. This is so great I wish I had a swapping partner. My search will begin today. Thanks for always inspiring me.

  11. This was such a fun post! I love seeing how people style things differently…and I agree, J Crew should definitely do the swap thing. Might be the only way I can new stuff from them! ha πŸ™‚ Does it count that I totally thrifted the stuff I do have from there!!

  12. Natty and I swap clothes all the time! It’s a great way to add more to your wardrobe! We love it!
    I love how you’ve both put your own personality in to the outfits instead of a direct copy. Nice work ladies!

  13. This reminds me of my sisters and I… every year when we’re together (either during summer vacation or Christmas), we bring our most favorite pieces… not necessarily the best mix and match things, but the fun things. We’re all about the same size, so it helps. Then we spend our week or two together coming up with fabulous outfits out of our combined wardrobes. Inevitably one or two things gets permanently swapped and we have new to us clothing to take home! Unfortunately, we live 1,000s of miles apart… but we still try to swap. I’m actually mailing a dress to one of my sisters for her next semi-formal event.

  14. I love that you and Jessica swapped because you are two of my favorite stylistas! No surprise that you guys both had totally different takes and still looked totally fabulous.

    Plus I liked how it forced you to try a wrap dress even though you wouldn’t have originally bought it for yourself…because that encouraged ME to try on a wrap dress at BR that I LOVED and bought over the weekend. It’s the Circle of Life, er Fashion. Love it!

  15. Very nice! But now I want more than half those items. Can you give us the brands?

  16. Very cool! I never thought of swapping…what a great idea! Didn’t think anyone would be interested in that. Love the outfits!!


  17. That is some great swapping you ladies did! I sooo wish J Crew had a swap program, That would be the bomb and save me LOTS of cash.

  18. J Crew won’t, but Nordstrom will!

    And I don’t know why, but I definitely prefer your styling of these lovely pieces!

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of swapping! You both look so cute! Now I need to find someone to swap with, fo’ shizzle!

  20. love the swap idea!
    thanks for posting the pictures
    yea, if only J.Crew would swap, right!?

  21. I love swapping. I have a shop/swap page for my blog. There is a group on flickr for people who like to swap. It’s called Wardrobe Swap Shop. I wish more people swapped. I got a faux fur vest, pendant, and clutch.
    My Heart Blogged

  22. Oh, man. If we could indefinitely swap clothes with stores we'd be set for life! It would take some of the magic out of thrifting, though. Fabulous as always, Kendi.

  23. Um, I would happily play swap with Rachel Bilson. Or Reese Witherspoon. But it would be most fun with someone like Lady Gaga, and then I’d totally rock that crystalized crawdaddy hat like whoa.

  24. I need someone to swap with haha !!!! Anyone from Canada ? You look great, all 3 times. Love to see how 2 person can style the same piece so differently !

  25. I LOVE the skirt in the last picture! Where is it from? I may have to have it.

    1. It’s from Anthropologie! I currently have it on the way, bought second hand πŸ™‚ My first Anthro item, I’m so exciteddd.

  26. Oh MAN! These swaps are beautiful- the both of you are gorgeous and oh-so-stylish! Wow!

  27. So fun and lovely ensembles. Swapping parties are all the rage these days. Although I like your idea of jcrew swapping your old clothes for new ones.

  28. I want a swap buddy! But I don’t think I have anything that anyone wants to swap.

  29. Wow…I love seeing how differently you guys styled each piece/outfit! I hope you get to do more swaps! How does the swapping work for you? Did you set any rules? Such a great idea!

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