I kind of surprised myself when I put this outfit on. This is my kind of outfit. Kind of casual, but still kind of nice and definitely classy. It’s like the Olive Garden of outfits. I bet I have a $5 glass of wine somewhere in here. 
My legs were a little nervous about coming out all the way today. One of them pointed out to me that it felt so wrong with it still being February. I pointed out that they shouldn’t talk, because they are legs. Then the other one said I needed a tan. 
Let’s see, I feel like I’m forgetting something…did I mention my outfit? Olive Garden? hearing voices in my head and answering them? Yep, I guess that covers it. 

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  1. I’m in Ft. Worth and the weather has been fantastic! I, however, am not brave enough to bare my legs. You go!

    ~ TCC


  2. This outfit looks great. I feel like I could never pull something like this together, unless I was stuck to only 30 articles of clothing. I really think the remix makes your outfits more interesting.

  3. You know I had on that skirt and a blue top this morning but when I reached for tights my body just wasn’t having it. So I can relate to the whole speaking body parts of this post. And of course the outfit too seeing as I almost wore the same thing. Now, where’s my glass of wine?

  4. hahaha reading your posts always makes my day!! 😀 Also, this outfit is quite possibly my favorite from you. Ever. It’s amaaaaazing and you look gorgeous in it! 😀

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  5. Yay, hello legs…it’s nice to see you again! The weather has been beautiful here too and today I have on tights but tomorrow, bare legs it is…it’s supposed to be 70 degrees!

  6. Too cute today! I don’t think I would’ve ever thought these two items would go together in my mind but in person (or in a picture on a person) they look great together. I haven’t progressed past sweats today due to an illness in the house. :/ I miss being outside!! This week has been too gorgeous to be inside!

  7. Love this outfit, can’t wait for spring to wear stuff like this. Right now there is so much rain and grayness outside I can’t believe it! The windows are being pelted with rain.

    Any yay! You broke 5000 followers, congrats haha.

  8. Man I love Loft. Cute outfit! Definitely one that I would wear. I broke out the bare legs today too… supposed to hit the 70’s in St. Louis!

  9. Two things:
    1) That’s totally my kind of outfit as well. I adore it.

    2) What brand/style are your glasses? I’m looking around for a new pair & those are super cute.

    PS I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago & it’s quickly becoming my new favorite 🙂

  10. You know I had on that skirt and a blue top this morning but when I reached for tights my body just wasn’t having it. So I can relate to the whole speaking body parts of this post. And of course the outfit too seeing as I almost wore the same thing. Now, where’s my glass of wine?

  11. Kendi, you crack me up! I love how you just write what you’re thinking. So yeah, showing some leg today huh? Brave girl. 😉

  12. This is probably gonna sound corny, but your posts always make me smile.

    I like the fancy outfit! I almost wore my dress without tights today, but saw clouds overheard and pulled the tights on.

  13. Love it! I was considering not wearing tights tomorrow and I feel like my legs will be saying the same thing to me. But they should also know how rare it is that they get to parade around in February sans tights.

  14. This is the olive garden of outfits. Absolute perfection. Your necklace is the free bread rolls with butter. My favorite part! I looove that necklace. You always look so good. Seriously!

  15. I love those shoes. I have to ask- in your honest opinion, are they reasonably comfortable? Reasonably being your feet not covered in blisters after half the day.

    1. Yes, they are reasonably comfortable (by your definition of course). I wouldn’t want to walk a mile in them but wearing them around isn’t bad at all.

  16. Living in Germany and all I didn’t get the Olive Garden thing..never mind, I googled and wikipediaed it, so…got it now. 😉
    Your legs talk to you? Mine only talk to tights at this moment, but I’m getting there. Soon.

    P.S. Today’s combo is genius, really. 🙂

  17. This outfit looks really fancy and cute i love it and your legs are bare courageous woman!!!

  18. My legs would protest and I think detach. It’s still too cold *sigh*. I’m longing so bad for the spring. I love that cobalt shirt. I’m searching for burgundy tops. No where to be found. I can’t understand???? That color will combine magnificent with the tan/bronze trend for SS11.

  19. There’s no shopping links! However, I am being lazy and could go back and find them…..

    Love the whole outfit-especially the shoes.

  20. I really like this outfit. It seems a bit different for you. I’m still waiting to see your polka dot shirt you added, though!

  21. I love the outfit, but looking at your bare legs make me shiver, because it’s not nearly warm or sunny enough to think about bare legs yet. I love the lace/navy blue silk combo. 🙂

  22. Cute! Love this outfit! Probably because you get never-ending soup, salad and breadsticks when you wear it. 🙂

  23. I agree with some of the other commenters, I am in love with that skirt. I covet ittt. Unfortunately I have a limited selection in the clothes shopping department. Boo.

  24. love the skirt! I think i need to start making a lits of items my closet needs.

    1. Kendi’s lace skirt!
    2. wait for her next post.
    3. read #2.
    i enjoy your post girl! xo 😀

  25. Oh, I love that blouse. I feel like that blouse-y (ha! see what I did there?) shape is rather unique in your closet, no? (And maybe in admitting that I have a decent idea of what’s in your closet, I have revealed a little too much crazy.) In any case, that color and drapey cut are preposterously flattering on you, so maybe when you get back to shopping you should go back to LOFT and get her some friends.

    (I’m also insanely jealous of your bare-leg-weather! No such luck in London.)
    the other emily

    1. We can be twins when I wear these glasses. In fact, let’s be twins together in oh about 3 weeks. People will be like “is that Erin? Is that Kendi? Is that Angelina Jolie with glasses on?”

  26. pretty lace details! I used to have a skirt like that in high school and I have NO IDEA what happened to it. very few things antagonize me like clothes inexplicably disappearing. Thanks for bringing it up.

    also, it blizzarded last night! so my legs are LIVING in sweater tights for a long while yet.


  27. You are da best. No typo, I definitely meant to say “da best” which is heads and tails above a simple the best.. and why? Because just today I was thinking to myself, “Man, it’s 67 degrees in February and I would really love to wear my lace skirt from Loft but I’m so tired of wearing it for winter and it’s too warm for tights but I just don’t know how to springerize this piece [yup, that word was “springerize”. use it.] but I really want to wear it and see if it’s still as flippy and feminine and pretty in the spring.. and gaaahhh… how can I dooooooo this?”

    This went on for maybe 2 or 3 minutes until I gave up and went with a plain old khaki pencil skirt from nanners repubbie and called it a day.

    So thanks… clearly I need a looser fitting, blousy sort of thing to combat the somewhat seriousness of the lace number underneath and some ladylike accessories to break it all up. Got it.

    Now everyone can relax.

  28. I love the glasses… makes me wish I hadn’t decided to make today a contacts day. Oh well, they work better with the rain.

    Is it weird that I’ve never really been to Olive Garden? Too fancy when I was a kid, not cool enough when I was a young married girl, and now I have a kid and only eat takeout.

    1. Girlfriend, you’ve never been to Olive Garden???? I’m kidding, you aren’t missing out that much. But they do give you unlimited breadsticks and that is bonus in my book.

  29. Your legs and my legs must have had an interstate-mental conversation with each other 🙂 They told me that they were too pale too, but I told them that they only get to live once and to take full advantage of a fluke spring day in February!

    Awesome low-high outfit – so cute!

  30. nominated for best comedic performance. You.

    Not your outfit of course, just the words (are funny, that is. The outfit isn’t ‘funny’, per se). What would we do without Kendi to brighten our days?

  31. I know you probably get this A LOT, but you look just like Lauren Graham! Like a younger twin or something. It’s crazy!

  32. I am in love with your necklace Kendi…everytime I see you style it I go, “That necklace is so hip and cute!” It looks like piles of pearls and normally I don’t even like pearls! Anyways, just loving the necklace and loving your blog!

  33. this is probably my favorite of your outfits so far this challenge and you’ve had some awesome ones. LOVE this. so effortless yet chic

  34. You’ve been looking very much like Jenna Lyons recently! I think the glasses really do it. Such a cute outfit!

    1. Did you just give me the greatest compliment ever?? I’ll take any Jenna Lyons reference any day of the week, thank you!

  35. I love this outfit! You’re right, it’s as fancy as Olive Garden is Italian. 😉 It would be even better if you were wearing shoes with wheels. (You know, b/c Olive Garden has chairs on wheels? Like Luby’s? Anywho…) Love it


  36. you definitely don’t need a tan! you look beautiful just the way you are. =)

  37. your style of writing just cracks me up! 🙂
    super cute outfit as always. i’m jealous that you are wearing a skirt. i’m currently wearing jeans, tank top, long sleeve shirt, and sweatshirt. i think it was supposed to be up to 60* today.
    did i mention that i live in southern california??

  38. i LOVE the olive garden!!! there used to be one in the city i grew up in, and then one day it just up and disappeared! i was super sad 🙁 i really want some!! let’s go!

  39. I try to shy away from internet acronyms like LOL. However, I seriously laugh out loud every time I read your blog. You’re just my absolute favorite!


    P.S. Can’t wait to be a total copycat over so many of your outfits once the Remix is over! 😉

  40. Haha you are hilarious! Cute outfit. I love the weather we’re having down here in Texas!

  41. Looks great! I have a few tops like that but they never seem to look as good on me. Or maybe I’m just more critical of myself.

    1. You probably are more critical of yourself, I bet it looks great. Also, I tend to buy tops like these in a size smaller because they are so blouse-y and loose. That might help?

  42. Gasp. I love this. The somewhat casual, office-appropriate shirt, with the fancy schmancy lace skirt, toned down with grey heels. Yummers!

  43. Kendi, do you know what I love about your blog? You shop like a normal person. Your clothes are from Loft and Gap and Target and your favorite boots are Steve Madden (Did I just give myself away as a daily lurker?) Thanks for reminding us that you can be cool, yet still practical.

    Also, I live in MN and am very very jealous of your Texas weather.

  44. You got those shoes from TARGET? I can’t even believe it– I’ve been looking for a good pair of pumps that aren’t black for years, and those are just divine. And the heel looks manageable, which is definitely important for a tall girl like me.

    More importantly, the shoes & the clothes look great against that background– your locations keep getting better and better.

  45. kendi! I love this. this may very well be my favorite outfit of yours. EVER.

  46. oh this makes me want spring to come here!! i can’t even pretend with a skirt right now, freezing temps and snow…stupid winter. ;D i love the lace skirt and the delicate cascade of pearls, super cute!

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