Yes, those are bare legs. No, I’m not crazy (welllll….) In fact I got weird looks for wearing boots today. It’s that warm and sunny outside. Of course I gave out my fair share of weird looks today too, but only because I thought it was wrong to mix a sports jersey with camo pants and stark white tennis shoes. It just seems so wrong to mix your hobbies, especially on a Wednesday. But who am I to judge? I’m standing in a random field, wearing a shirt underneath a dress in mid-70 degree weather having my picture taken.

Touche, hunting enthusiast/sports fan man, touche.

(I think I was inadvertently channeling my first 30 for 30 with this outfit. And crazy enough it was my 13th outfit as well. Check it. )

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  1. Was he wearing a NASCAR hat, too? If he was, I know that guy!
    I don't know how you manage to wear button up shirts under things like dresses and sweaters. How do you get the sleeves to go the right way? Mine always twist all around and give me armpit wedgies. (I'm sure it's totally taboo to mention armpit wedgies in a comment, so don't tell your mom or mine!)

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