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When my mom and I would shop together, she would talk about all of the styles that she used to wear that are now back in. We’d walk into Forever21 and I’d see a cute outfit and she’d say “that is so 80s” and then reminisce about giving herself a perm. I scoffed at her old age, until now. Until these jeans — I swear I had jeans like this in 8th grade. And now they are back in style. If only I would have saved those jeans and not hit puberty, I could have saved a couple of bucks. I wonder if 4-inch sole flip flops will come back in or denim bucket hats with fake sunflowers attached? One can only hope. 
I wore this outfit yesterday and forgot to post it. I also woke up at 2:30 am remembering that I did not write or post the last part of my Working Closet series and I never got around to posting this outfit or eating dinner. I also remember about 50 other things that were supposed to get done this week and have not. If my brain could talk, this is what it would say:

That’s silence because she’s asleep. This week has been bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. So thank you for sticking it out with me. I can’t promise that next week will be better but I’m at least hoping for an apples or oranges kind of week. And more outfit posts. See? Next week is already looking up. 
Also — side pony tails are still cool right? 

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    1. Hi, Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes here…I have a question about the 30 for 30…are we posting our outfits everyday? I seem to only be able to post my outfits on Saturday…but that can change if I prepare ahead of time. Just wondering. I love the outfit that you have on in these photos…so right for you. You look so tall but maybe you are tall…anyway have a relaxing weekend…!!!! drop in to see my Sassy Saturday if you get some free time…

      1. Hi Dawn! You can do whatever you want when it comes to the 30 for 30. I will try to post about 5-6 outfits a week, but it is almost impossible to blog an outfit every day for me. In other words — take it at your own pace, I know I will. If you want to post on Saturdays, go for it. It’s whatever the challenge looks like for you.

        I’m pretty tall — 5’9″ when I don’t slouch πŸ™‚ I’ll be sure to see your Sassy Saturday, leave a link!

  1. I’m constantly scolding my mom for not saving things she had when she was younger! That’s probably why I have such a hard time parting with “trendy” pieces.
    I love those trousers though… I definitely tried them on last wekend but they looked nothing like that on me! Damn your long legs!

    1. I know what you mean! I keep a few pieces around just for that reason πŸ™‚

      Okay so these trousers — I tried on three pairs (because I’m crazy) and they all fit differently I kid you not. Yet they were the exact same pair. So maybe try a different pair of the same and you’ll have better luck?

  2. Haha, I hope that damn sunflower craze doesn’t come back! So awful….

    However, these jeans are more than welcome to come back – I think they’re very flattering on all kinds of body types, which is never a bad thing.

    1. Our mission is clear: keep the sunflower trend from coming back. As much as it pains me, I’m burning my denim bucket hat with the sunflower as we speak.

      These jeans are SO flattering on every one, so I was really excited to see them in stores!

  3. Um side pony tails better still be in style, because I am rocking on at right this very moment! It is the only thing that makes me feel feminine/keeps my hair neat under a winter hat in Chicago!

  4. I love the side pony. When taking my pictures in a pony (which is rare) I feel like I’m workin’ overtime to show that I didn’t get a dramatic haircut. Side pony eliminates the stress (at least when you’re blogging your silly outfits everyday like us. LOL.

    BTW, you look adorable! Love the belt over the blazer. You’re a whiz with skinny belts!

    1. Oh I know what you mean with the ponytail + pictures. I have to wither push it up really high (not cool) or tease it so it’s super poofy. Side pony’s are MUCH easier for us silly girls πŸ™‚

      I think I’m just obsessed with this belt in particular, but thank you!

  5. This might be my favorite of all your outfits! It looks so classic and warm.

    As for the Blossom hats and wedge flip flops, I think they’re still in style in like Idaho or something.

    1. Woah — thank you! It was warm because yesterday was bone chilling cold for Texas.

      That was a Blossom hat, wasn’t it? Good call.

    1. Oh thank you! I can’t believe I forgot it. But I saved the best for last, so maybe the timing is perfect?

      Good job on your capsule closet, by the way!

  6. hahaha! i think there is still a pair of sad platform flip flops in my garage…sadly no bucket hat though. in 8th grade really white eyeshadow was “cool.” i have chills just thinking about it.

    1. Ohhh the white eyeshadow! Yes, yes, yes. I also had red eye shadow, still not sure what was up with that. Or who gave me money to go make up shopping alone.

  7. oh my gosh. the 4 inch sole flip flops idea made me cringe. although I know they WILL come back into style.

    1. Oh yeah, I think they will too. And I’ll probably end up wearing them again because I can’t help but be a trend whore. Especially if Target sells it. Sigh.

  8. If side ponytails are wrong, I don’t want to be right. Love the blazer over the striped shirt!

  9. I’ve always been into the flare and wideleg jean even when it’s not necessarily in style – so I am always excited when they come back and I can get a new pair.

    Speaking of Mom – I tell her all the time how I wish she never got rid of her stuff from the 70’s. Would love to have them now.

    1. I too have loved the flare and wideleg jean, but I haven’t been able to find the pair I wanted until now, so I welcome the trend back with open arms. πŸ™‚

  10. Your hair looks really great in these photos! I hope side pony tails are still cool since my hair ends up that way half the time- I like to be reminded of how much hair I have when I look in the mirror. Someday I’m going to have to try out this belted blazer thing- it’s a really neat way of wearing it.

    1. Ha! I know what you mean — my pony always ends up wonky and on one side of my head.

      And yes — the belted blazer is a must do.

  11. I love this! This outfit just re-enforces my desire for wide leg jeans. I also LOL’d about the 4-inch sole flip flops. God, the fashion mistakes of our past. I hope those flip flops don’t come back. Or the hats (I totally had one. With a matching t-shirt embellished with the same big sunflower).

  12. Side ponytails are the business! Luv ’em. Also, I attribute meeting my husband to a bucket hat. I was wearing a bright pink one with a matching t-shirt on the first day of college orientation, and he noticed me in a sea of 1000 freshmen. Yay for bucket hats, lol!


  13. LOVE the denim hat with sunflower part of this post – I wouldn’t go anywhere without mine when I was little. I really like the belt over blazer look. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make mine look a tad more fitted. Will have to try this!

    1. Meredith — This blazer actually cuts in at my waist, so out of all of my blazers this one looks best belted. I have a really square blazer that just doesn’t work this way (my black on from target). Hopefully that helps you out!

  14. do I smell a fashion regrets post coming up, where you recount more (you know, besides the Blossom hat) and then request others to do the same?! Fun. Speaking of Blossom hats, I was full on Blossom in 8th grade. Literally, I was called that by people at school. Velvet hat? Check. Flowered babydoll dresses with tights? Check. Oh yes, hot $hit. Thank you, Contempo Casuals.

    1. Oh the fashion regrets. You mean just from starting this blog or my whole life? Because I’m going to need some time to post all of those here. I freaking loved Blossom and Clarissa Explains It All. Do you remember her? Similar regrettable fashion choices, either way. And please tell me with that babydoll dress you had a choker? I need to hear that you had a choker as well.

  15. Love the tweed blazer, I’ve been looking for one all season and I just can’t seem to find the right fit. It’s such a classic piece and you pair it so well with those 70s inspired jeans and wedges. cute!

  16. I love that jacket! I need a good tweed jacket, it seems like you’re not fully an academic unless you add one of those to your wardrobe, right?

    You look fantastic as always, despite having had a crazy week πŸ™‚


  17. this outfit looks lovely, kendi. side ponytails will always be cool. my ponytails always migrate to the side just to keep me cool.

    1. Your side pony is just looking out for you, you know? It’s got your back. Well more like the back of your head.

      I’m rambling.

  18. Your jacket {and side ponytail} is way gorgeous. I love this outfit, middle school jeans or not. I’m thinking a tweed blazer might be a good purchase. I only have normal, boring blazers.
    Those denim bucket hats makes me think of the Babysitter’s Club movie. I used to be addicted to the books! Ahhh, reminiscing.

    1. Ohhh yes on the tweed blazer. It’s all I want to wear. But my husband forces me to wear a shirt and pants too. Lame.

      Babysitter’s Club. I wanted to be Mary Anne, and still kind of do if I’m being honest.

  19. I love the story with your mom because I took my mom into Forever 21 for the first time a few months ago and she said things like: “I used to wear these in college” or “these are back in style?” LOL

    I totally love the outfit, especially the way the stripped shirt peaks out from under the jacket! Gives the outfit a unique kinda pop! (if that makes sense!)

    1. Oh that’s funny! Did your mom end up buying something? My mom always finds something and I walk out empty handed, it’s amazing.

      It does make sense and thank you!

  20. Through thick and thin! πŸ™‚ I love your blog and I think I check it like 50 times a day for an update, lol… I’m not obsessed…

    I love the side ponytail. I’ve recently started doing the side bun. Just like how your wearing it, loose on top, but a bun on the side.

    I was at H&M yesterday and saw this brown and gray color combo that you’ve been wearing and it reminded me of you and I thought “she really does know fashion!” haha.. jk! I KNOW you do!

    1. 50 times a day? Could you imagine if I updated that much? You’d be so tired of me by the end of that day.

      Side bun, I love it. How come I didn’t think of that?

      Also — I didn’t even think I knew fashion, so this is big news to me πŸ™‚

    1. I know. I’m sorry — it was stuck in my head all day Friday just because of this post. I’m sick and twisted aren’t i?

  21. No worries, side pony tails will always be cool…I am not sure about the 4-inch sole flip-flops though!
    My mom had all these beautiful dresses from the sixties and seventies I see in pictures, but she donated them at some point. Oh, well. That’s what thrift stores are for, or not?
    About the outfit, I too noticed your “obsession” with this belt…I guess its made from real soft leather…the color goes with everything…soooo how can you NOT get obsessed with it? πŸ™‚

  22. Hells ya side pony tails are still cool! and loose braids. I was just saying that I sometimes try to do a loose braid but because my hair is layered there are always pieces sticking out which looks weird. This looks like such a warm and cozy outift. Don’t you just love the Gap? I do. I want a blazer like this.

    1. Loose braids are freaking cool, too. Good point, I’m glad you threw that into the mix.

      I love the Gap. I wish they loved me and paid me in male Gap models — I mean clothes. In Gap clothes.

  23. I love the side ponytail!! It works alright. Also, I’m psyched that these jeans are back in style, although I didn’t keep any of mine from 8th grade either.

    Your blazer is also amazing, and I am a fan of the belting. I think mine would look weird belted, but maybe it’s because it was made for a little boy.

    1. Hmmm I’m not sure how your little boy blazer would look belted, but I am jealous that you can wear a little boy blazer. One time I got stuck in a kid blazer, so I haven’t ventured to the kid side since.

  24. OMG, I thought the denim bucket fake flower hat was just a south african thing – mega lols! Even people in first world countries wore these monstrosoties!

  25. I’m really hoping that side pony tails are still cool considering I’m rocking one today… πŸ™‚
    I have a new, unhealthy obsession with stripes recently. So I love LOVE the hint of stripes in this outfit. Great job Kendi!

  26. Side pony tails are still cool;) I know exactly what you mean, I’m always telling my mom she should’ve saved her clothes more! Omg you made me laugh so hard when I read denim bucket hats with the fake sunflower! I used to have one and never take it of!! Hahaha good times, I do hope it comes back, I rocked it then so why not now:) Hope you have a great weekend


    1. Haha — Yeah I’m starting to think that everyone had a good ol’ denim bucket hat. It makes me feel a lot better about my choices in the 6th grade. What about lilac overalls? That would be fantastic if everyone else had a pair of those as well.

  27. My mom does the exact same thing! … But it bothers me so much! That she says: Oh I had that in black, blue, pink, etc … and then I go like; you what? … Mom! You should’ve saved them for me! Hope ponytails are still cool cause I love them! Have an apple Friday doll!


  28. I really LOVE this outfit – it must be because I too am a child of the nineties πŸ™‚ But I think this is such a classic look – I love the tweed blazer, the stripes, the fullness of the jeans – everything! πŸ™‚

    I wish I had silence in my brain – instead its more of some kind of nonsensical jumble that also remembers everything I was supposed to do at 2am in the morning!

    Small Time Style

  29. Great outfit and I freaking love love love those jeans (got them a couple weeks ago). The best thing about them is they’re awesomely 70’s when you tuck a silk blouse/shirt into them. Like 70’s without being too cheesy. haha.

  30. You are so funny. I love this look, what a great idea with a blazer/tweed jacket. All the styles keep coming back. I do love these trouser jeans with flare legs. I also have a pair of overalls tucked in my hsubands closet in case that makes a come back. Remember you would wear it with one side not buckled like a painter? I was totally into sunflowers back in colleg by the way. Decorated my whole living room with sunflower accents. Random I know…

  31. Very cute outfit! Love the jacket with the wide leg jeans together. I remember going from the tapered leg jeans to all of the sudden jynco jeans. (although I never wore that actual brand). They actually measured the jeans by how many inches around the leg was. Although that is craziness, I think your jeans are a perfect updated imbetween!

  32. I love everything about this outfit! You have also inspired me to start doing something with my hair! I have long hair like yours and its always just down. BOR-ING! Today I am going to sport a Kendi-ispired side-pony.

  33. Side ponytails are still so cool! That was the first thing I noticed about your outfit! It looks so good, as does the whole outfit (wide-leg jeans? YES!) My staff always tells me I’m one of the few people that they don’t make fun of when they see me with the side pony tail. Lookin’ Good!

  34. side pony tails are totally cool. πŸ™‚
    and pants like that are wonderful. so much more comfy that skinnies! And I really love that all the 90’s stuff is coming back in and if i buy it thrifted it is considered “vintage”. 90’s? VINTAGE!? I laugh every time.

  35. I’ve been wanting a pair of jeans like that, and I totally agree. Why did I get rid of those jeans from high school?? Sure, they were probably LEI or Mudd brand, but I would totally rock them now!


  36. cutest jeans ever! since when did the gap have cute jeans? i’m going to give them another shot.

  37. hah, I totally had a denim bucket hat with a sunflower attached when I was a kid.
    I lost it at Busch Gardens…sad day.

  38. wow, those 4-inch sole flip flops are so awful; I had more than one pair! I’m pretty sure the trend is still alive and well in Walmarts across America πŸ˜‰

    I love that coat & the side pony is perfect!


  39. Ummm I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! You look so beautiful and you are making me wish I never cut my bangs again. I love the little side pony!

  40. I never had these exact jeans in middle school, but I did have some ridiculous bell-bottoms and one pair of giant wide-leg JNCOs. I was a very preppy kid and I think I was in search of a temporary personality makeover. I had platform flip-flops too, and I’m praying they never come back. I sounded like a herd of elephants walking around in those things! I could also do without body glitter, Looney Tunes t-shirts, and this insanely awful silver vinyl skirt that I thought was cool in 7th grade. Yikes.

  41. Kendi side ponies are the coolest hairstyle. Not 80s at all {I tell myself this daily}. Um, also we’re matching {again} today. If we were the same size I would suggest we start swapping clothes and start saving lots of dollar bills. People still say dollar bills, not just P.Diddy, right?

    26 and Counting

  42. Kendi, if you like and it and want to wear it, who cares if it is “in” or “80s”?! You look great every day and it seems to me like you wear what gives you joy. What is more important than that?

  43. Aw, I love the wide leg trousers. And I too wore the heck out of bell bottoms in high school. But they weren’t this cute. I was into wearing 70s men’s cords that I’d thrifted/stolen from my dad. They were too long but I just walked them to frays. I bet you wish you were as cool as me.

  44. okay. stumbled across your blog and i’m in love. seriously contemplating the 30 day challenge. also, LOVE that blazer.

  45. Side ponies are always cool— I’ve been wearing ’em since Deb in Napoleon Dynamite! You look happy and wonderful as always, Kendi!

  46. HAHA. 4 inch platform flip flops! I used to LOVE those shoes. And they were white. HA. Hilarious.

  47. Side ponies are definitely still cool! I just changed my mind about getting a haircut after I did my hair in a side pony last Wednesday and it looked cute. πŸ™‚

  48. Loving the wide leg jeans- I’m beating myself up over getting rid of a pair that was a little bit too big- I probablys should have just gotten them hemmed. Oh well!

  49. Side ponys are still awesome, and I had those jeans too! (Although, admittedly, I did not wear them with an awesome belted blazer).

  50. Love it. My favorite part is the scarf, just peeking out of the jacket. I think I would wear a soft little scarf everyday if I had a few more of them.


  51. Cute outfit! Yea I think I much like how some of the clothes were made back then – both style and its durability. I’ve been liking certain vintage styles lately, especially hand bags. They just don’t make them like they used to!


  52. You really suit the side-ponytail, your hair looks so pretty! πŸ™‚
    Great outfit too, i love the casual chic!

  53. I’ve been contemplating buying some of these jeans, but wasn’t sure how they’d look. I love this outfit on you and think you’ve convinced me to try them myself. Thanks, Kendi!

    Also, of course side ponies are still cool!!


  54. I used to have jeans that looked exactly like that! Except they were L.E.I. and super awesome. and I wore them with my platform Sketchers flip flops that were like 4 inches tall.

    You look amazing, as usual, Kendi!

  55. Kendi, Kendi, Kendi… This is so great! I love the outfit, the HAIR, everything about it really, it’s awesome! You inspire me and I LOVE your outfits (:


  56. My mom does that ALL the time, it drives me insane sometimes! Haha and side ponytails are awesome! I’m sporting one today. πŸ™‚

  57. I LOVE this outfit! you always look cute πŸ˜‰ but todays outfit is really nice! love the popped collar with the scarf underneath!

  58. I used to have those pants too! Hood for comfort and beakdancing. (except now I'd brak my back and not the dance :p).


  59. Love this whole outfit! The jeans are awesome, and I love the way you looped the extra material on your belt. And yes, side ponys are definitely still in ; )

  60. I was just thinking the same thing after going into a consignment boutique today! I am loving everything about these pictures! and the pop of striped with brown! Thank you for sharing! I never understood what people meant when they say that was last season? I mean I get it, but really, if you wear it off season that means no one else will have it! haha just a silly thought!


  61. Dude! Your blog is iPhone friendly?! This is too good to be true. I've surrendered to only reading on those rare occasions when I can actually sit down and open a rusty old laptop, but heck, now I can sneak my phone into the bathroom at work and read your archives while my coworkers debate my bullimic status! Excellent. Thanks for bringing me into the 20th century. Or is it the 21st now…?
    Sorry if this is posted repeatedly. I just said the blog is iPhone friendly, not the comment section.

  62. long jeans are so awesome! its funny to think only a few months ago everyone wanted the skinny jeans style. i find it so weird that everything always recycles itself, as if we forgot how cool something is and then rediscovered it in our closets.

    ~newscutouts from newscutouts.blogspot.com

  63. Lovely as always. I also had an idea for you. In your infinite free time, you should make a series on how to pose in pictures while not appearing high, constipated, or just plain off. Because you seem to have mastered doing so.

  64. My mom says that exact same thing! The light looks amazing on your hair. (And yes, side ponies are cool. As are side braids). I hope your week is less busy, although, sometimes it’s fun to busy, right?

  65. Love this look! I brought my wide leg jeans out from the boxes in the garage as well. They actually still fit after many years, which I was thrilled about. This is why I always store instead of toss. You never know when fashion will come full circle. =)

    Looking forward to starting 30 for 30 soon! Enjoy your weekend!

  66. When I attempt a side pony, it is your side pony from these pictures that I am striving for. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the looseness that makes it work ever so well.

    I also love this coat, I feel like it could work as a coat or blazer… although I could be wrong, I've never snuck in your closet to try it on and find out.

  67. Not only does that look oh so elegant, but oh so snug as well. And of course side pony tails are still cool! If not, well, you’ve just changed that πŸ™‚

  68. You always have infinite ways of doing your hair! Your side pony looks very natural…like you had a regular pony that was draped to the side.

    Ditto looking natural when you pose. My mind goes blank when taking photos so I always resort to the usual smile with one hand on the hip. Haha.

  69. Love the blazer. Wide legged jeans look funny on me (I’m quite short) so I always opt for skinnies or fitted flares. But this outfit works very well on you πŸ™‚


  70. I totally had wide leg jeans in junior high too! I had to beg my mom to get them for me, and then I wore them all the time with some really cool platform Steve Madden loafers.

  71. Love this! I really want to get a pair of flare jeans, but I’m afraid they wouldn’t look good on me since I’m really petite. They look great on you though!

  72. Haha, I just bought a pair of flare jeans from Gap too and thought about how I didn’t think I’d be wearing anything like that again! So hold on to those platform flip flops (sadly mine are gone)! Anyway, I love this chic, classic combination!

  73. I like how you used a belt with your blazer! I know what you mean about the styles. I have some gorgeous dresses that are totally “in” right now…and I just found a picture of my grandma in a similar one. Unfortunately she did not save it…. πŸ™‚

    Better Than A Milk Mustache

  74. I’m glad the wide leg jeans are back. Not that I’m hating on skinnies but it’s something sentimental with this style.
    You look simple chic, love that!

    1. I hear ya! I feel a total resurgence of wide leg trousers and jeans in my future wardrobe. Skinnies will always have my heart, but these pants are comfortable and perhaps more flattering!

  75. Love this outfit!

    Also, regarding the thick-soled flip flops, I think so! I hear that flat platforms are back in … so that can only mean that the platform flip flops won’t be far behind.

  76. This might just be the perfect outfit. I have been pretty skeptical of the return of flared jeans, but I think you just sold me – these look great with the belted blazer.

    My mom teases me a lot about the fashion cycle coming back around to things she wore in her youth – although usually she claims that the things I like are what only the frumpiest girls would have worn in her day. She just doesn’t get that “vintage frump” = “contemporary awesome.” Now I’ve just got to get my hands on those vintage Dansko clogs that’ve been languishing in my old closet since tenth grade….
    the other emily

  77. I absolutely love that blazer with your stripe top peeking out at the bottom! Tres chic!


  78. These jeans look so great on you! I tried them on at Gap but being 5 foot nothing they were ridiculous looking and I would have had to chop off about a foot of denim to make them work.

    1. I noticed that they didn’t have certain lengths for this pant — only one! That certainly is not fair. Shall we protest our local Gaps for you?

      1. That would be awesome! Protest for the shorties! πŸ™‚ I just checked and they do have petite sizes available online. So that might be an option..hmm…

    2. I’m really short too but totally OK with hacking off half a pair of pants to make it fit…I think if I wear wedges or platforms underneath it should work…I hope!!

  79. I have that jacket! πŸ˜€ I love how you styled it with the trouser jeans. Also, your side ponytail looks great.

  80. Cute blog! Great outfits! I found your blog while searching the web for articles on organizing my closet!!

  81. Stoked that these jeans are back …. I actually look good in this style! πŸ™‚ Great styling – will copy!

    Cheers and Blessings! xoxo

    Girls Day Out gdo-family.blogspot.com

  82. Two bloggers mentioned you as one of the most sincere and authentic fashion bloggers out there πŸ™‚ After reading several entries, I now know where they’re coming from. Hoping to know more about you in your future entries. Keep up the good job. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh that’s nice! Thank you for that Roma – -you are too kind. I try to write in the same tone as the voice in my head. Which sounds like I’m crazy, but I’m not. (Well, maybe.)

  83. dag, yo. i felt the same way the other day. i had a pair just like these when i was 7. old navy flares. and i wore them until they turned into old navy flared high waters on me. loved those bad boys. but it’s hilarious because now i have another pair for my grown up self, in denim and in black!

    i’m so 90’s.

    your jacket makes me swoon. just sayin’.

  84. Ugh I very dislike it when you wear this blazer. It is the cutest blazer and I tried so hard to get it in my size, to no avail πŸ™ I am glad you are able to rock it in all its wonderousness but I am very sad to not be able to wear it as well.

      1. It’s no biggie, just one of those things haha πŸ˜‰

        —and dag, that is an expensive version!! I’m looking out for a cheap version too πŸ˜€

  85. Hahahah that’s exactly what shopping with my mom sounds like! Also, if those denim bucket hats with the sunflowers ever come back in style, I’m opting out of life. There are some fashion faux pas I can’t forgive myself for πŸ˜‰

  86. Wow; I am totally in love with this outfit! The wide leg jeans suit you to a T (or is it tee? That phrase doesn’t make sense anyway, so I guess it can be whatever I want it to be. I’ll stick with T).

  87. low side ponytails are definitely cool! I love belting blazers, but mine never turn out as nicely as yours. boohoo. I love the peek of stripes we get from your tee.

  88. Any chance you’d be able to provide a link to the awesome blazer you’re sporting?

  89. I love this look! It’s totally work appropriate for my life, which is what I am all about! And I love that your clothes are accessible yet still unique. Great style! It gives me inspiration for my own blog!


  90. so i totally went out and bought these pants after i saw you wearing them in this post, but the ones i got sem REALLY wide legged- think i’m gonna tae ’em in a bit. i also scored the high waisted skiny jean they made int he same wash, SUPER cute! thanks for the outfit idea.

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