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So today Liz + Linda (ya’ll should trademark that) deemed today “Wear your Breton Stripes Shirt” day. And then in my Quirk Swap Box was this adorable skirt. So basically what I’m saying is I didn’t even have to think about getting dressed today. I just woke up and let someone else dress me. So… is this what it’s like to have a personal stylist? I also haven’t cleaned my house or cooked a meal in weeks. Is that what it’s like to have a live-in maid and cook, except your house is clean and you don’t eat cereal for dinner every night?

I wonder if Rachel Zoe would cook and clean for me. I’ll look into it.

{See Jessica’s take on this skirt in the summer and winter.}

Did you wear your stripes today? Submit your photo to Linda’s freakin’ awesome site. 

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  1. I think I'd be right jolly if someone dressed me in that skirt today. Two tiers of complete happiness. Stripes day is my favorite!

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