Spring Layers

2.26.12d{Blouse: Bloom | Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: Target – Magenta | Purse: c/o Ellington | Shoes: Modcloth}
Two things: 1. I am obsessed with colored pants. (Exhibit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Is this something we should be worried about?
2. I will never stop layering. Why does it always feel like when you layer on pieces your outfit looks more complete? 
The end. (I wasn’t lying when I said I only had to say two things…)

(PS — On sizing questions with this pair of jeans: they are TINY baby pants, my friends. I had to size up 3 sizes because I thought I was going to break a hip trying to get into my normal size. All that to say, don’t be afraid to size up until they fit. I also bought the smallest size for my future unborn baby, because they were seriously that tiny.)

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  1. Flora Moreno de Thompson says:

    Outfits like this one have been my uniform lately. I agree with you about feeling like a layered outfit is a more complete one. It just looks more put together, imo.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  2. Elisha(: says:

    I love the floral shirt!! (:

    03.02.12 · Reply
  3. Jodell Europe says:

    This is adorable!  I love all of the colors.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  4. Ashleigh says:

    I love love love love those pants and that button up! You can NEVER have too many colored pants! You always look ‘put together’ 🙂

    xx Ashleigh

    03.02.12 · Reply
  5. damicomm says:

    So glad I am not the only one obsessed with colored pants!!! I go to the store and “OOOHHHH” and “AAAWWW”. I might just have to give all my plain ole blue jeans to goodwill!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  6. Q:  Did you get your pants hemmed? I have the exact same pair and they are hella long on me!  But yours are perfect length … hmmm … maybe my legs are really short (pout).

    03.02.12 · Reply
  7. Ok for $23 I’m officially buying these in every color.  Love them!  Love your layers too, that blouse from Bloom is GORGEOUS.  If I wasn’t on a shopping moratorium I’d be buying it.  Wait, I guess that means i’m not buying the colorful pants?!  Maybe it’ll start tomorrow…

    03.02.12 · Reply
  8. Katrina Taylor says:

    Love this!! I’m all about bright colored skinny jeans this season. Adoring the way your paired brights with neutrals.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  9. Elise Lenthe says:

    This is completely adorable.  I also love colored pants (though my red jeans are kind of egregiously short… that’s ok, I rock them anyway).  And layers.  Kind of a “more is more” situation.

    Related question (prompted by looking at some of your linked-up colored pants posts):  could you do a tutorial on how you cuff your wider-legged pants?  I have a few pairs but my cuffing never looks as neat as yours.


    03.02.12 · Reply
  10. Gabrielle says:

    How are the sizing on those pants? True to size according to the size chart or would you order size up?

    03.02.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      I had to size up to an 11, no lie. I typically wear a 7 in their juniors section so they run very small.

      03.02.12 · Reply
      • heather says:

        I’m SO glad to hear you say that Kendi! I’m normally about a 7 in juniors at Target too and was pretty discouraged when I tried these on and could barely pull them up over my bootay. I was just looking at this post thinking to myself that you must have a supermodel/teenage body to fit in them. So thank you for being REAL! 🙂

        03.02.12 · Reply
  11. Melina says:

    I am loving this look! and I, too, have a slight obsession with colored pants…


    03.02.12 · Reply
  12. I fully support your colored denim addiction!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  13. Sara says:

    I love everything about this outfit Kendi! You got those pants at Target?! I need to go asap! 


    03.02.12 · Reply
  14. Sarah King says:

    I love this outfit! man, I wish I looked as good in coloured pants as you! I’m a sucker for bright colours, but pants..not so much.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  15. Steph says:

    Loving the color of those pants!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  16. Cobo says:

    i just tried the colored jeans on from target yesterday and they had the weirdest fit ever and i could not wear them 🙁  kudos to you for being able to rock them…any other affordable ones out there that you know of?

    03.02.12 · Reply
  17. I love those pants! So bold, bright, and beautiful.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  18. Love the color combination. Purple and brown, they are sweet together. Love the handbag too.

    Wish colored pants look good in girl with big thighs 🙁 like me

    03.02.12 · Reply
  19. rodriguezabbey says:

    I am obsessed with this outfit! Love it. I need to copy. And I understand the colored pants thing. It’s kind of ridiculous when you look in your closet and say, “When in the world did I buy 7 of the same pants in different colors? Heaven help me.”

    03.02.12 · Reply
  20. Love this outfit!  I have been seeing lots of floral print pants, and while they are super trendy I’m not sure I want to spend the money on something like that.  I’d much rather have your pretty floral blouse that will still be in style after everyone tires of crazy patterned pants 🙂

    03.02.12 · Reply
  21. RestonStyle says:

    so cute! I love coloured pants too! (http://restonstyle.blogspot.com/2012/01/sick-or-working.html and http://restonstyle.blogspot.com/2011/09/original-ideas-are-overrated.html)
    I think I might need to copy you and get the dark magenta ones you are wearing today! 🙂

    03.02.12 · Reply
  22. this is so cute! love the floral blouse peaking out!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  23. Samira says:

    I love this combination!!!!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  24. Jess says:

    i am right there with you on the colored pant front …  I just can’t get enough of them either … I want more!!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  25. gigi says:

    I love layers and scarfs. That blouse is adorable. 

    03.02.12 · Reply
  26. joiedeviv says:

    I really, really love this combo Kendi!  Fellow colored-jeans-obsessed over here!  But the pop of the print blouse is what makes the whole look!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

    03.02.12 · Reply
  27. Silvia says:

    I love your style of writing! And I also adore your outfits, they’re amazing!!!


    03.02.12 · Reply
  28. Katya says:

    I am shaking in anticipation of spring – around here, colored pants are not yet an option. For now, I’ll live vicariously through you 😉


    03.02.12 · Reply
  29. Not You says:

    I really love that purse! The jeans are quite bold and make you stand out. Cute outfit, as per usual. =)

    03.02.12 · Reply
  30. Gorgeous look!  And, OMG, we have the same handbag.  I just posted pictures on my blog yesterday.  You have great taste girlie!  🙂


    03.02.12 · Reply
  31. Hayley says:

    I love this look! You do the colored pants well so why stop!?


    03.02.12 · Reply
  32. OMG. I love those pants. I was really going to skip the colored pants trend, seeing as how I’m petite and curvy…but that color…it’s drawing me in! I might have to give them a try now, thanks to you! GREAT look, Kendi!


    03.02.12 · Reply
  33. MyStyleLoft.com says:

    Such a wonderful outfit! Love these pants!!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  34. Ashley says:

    I do love the layering look AND colored pants!!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  35. Jessica says:

    Love colored pants as well and adore the wedges!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  36. Aubreytincher says:

    this is a good outfit! very flattering!


    03.02.12 · Reply
  37. Looks lovely! Love the colour of your pants, I would be so happy to wear a pair of those, too! Who wouldn’t be obsessed? 😉

    03.02.12 · Reply
  38. Malea says:

    Oh my goodness your pants are amazing!! I have not seen a color like that yet. Love it 🙂


    03.02.12 · Reply
  39. The Egg says:

    so fresh and so clean, clean.
    xothe egg out west.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  40. Oh the color of these pants are delicious. Also, I love love those shoes!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  41. I love those pants, the color is so happy! 🙂


    03.02.12 · Reply
  42. Dee says:

    Aww Kendi I’m so sad 🙁 Every time you wear those shoes I drool in envy. So finally, today, I said I’m going to buy them and they’re gone!!! Ugh. You look cute enough in them for the both of us, I guess 🙁 lol.

    03.02.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      Found them! http://rstyle.me/fybtuufy7e

      They are called the Seychelles Budapest wedge, if that helps 😉

      03.02.12 · Reply
  43. Neon 27 says:

    love the look Kendi, the pant are awesome!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  44. Rebecca Hansen says:

    Love this outfit. The combination of colors is perfect. And I completely agree with both of your statements. You’re so right!

    Rebecca (hearts)…

    03.02.12 · Reply
  45. Kelly Smyth says:

    love the mix of colors

    03.02.12 · Reply
  46. forallthatjas says:

    You look great. I just bought those pants in pastel yellow, isn’t it crazy how “skinny” the skinny jeans are!?!


    03.02.12 · Reply
  47. Lani says:

    Love the pants! and the color combo is great!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  48. thewhitecabbage says:

    the color of the sweater doesn’t match with the  pants ….but I’ve to admit tha the resul it’s quite pleasant 

    ciao ave

    03.02.12 · Reply
  49. Laura says:

    I’m loving the color of the pants. 🙂 

    Laura http://lauraisthriftingthroughlife.blogspot.com/ 

    03.02.12 · Reply
  50. Whitney Sherrell says:

    The mix of colors is so unexpected! Great job Kendi! 


    03.02.12 · Reply
  51. Jaana says:

    beautiful color combination!  and you look super skinny.  BTW

    03.02.12 · Reply
  52. StephanieKay says:

    These pants- with their brilliant spectrum of colors and so very affordable pricing- have been taunting me with every Target trip. But alas they are pure weirdness on me. The sizing is a real self esteem killer for sure (had to size up twice), and even then it’s just inconsistent. The strangest part about the fit of these pants was how thin the material is and how tightly they fit around my kneecaps. You could see every little movement in my kneecaps when I would walk. It was almost violating… and yet mesmerizing… to watch. I wonder if they make Spanx for knees…

    03.02.12 · Reply
    • Kendi Lea says:

      Don’t you know I am offending a lot of people with each stride — you can see every part of my leg moving. Does that stop me? Never. 

      And I too had to size up infinite sizes to get these girls to fit. Even then I was huffing and puffing in the dressing room. But nothing will keep me from purple jeans. Nothing. 

      03.02.12 · Reply
      • StephanieKay says:

        I tried these on AGAIN the other day just to make super duper sure they couldn’t possibly just maaaybe work… It was like “Puppetry of the Patellas” up in that dressing room. Sigh.

        03.05.12 · Reply
  53. Libby McCann says:

    i am also obsessed with colored pants!  love this look!


    03.02.12 · Reply
  54. Maddy and Kenzie says:

    Love this so much! Everything is just perfectly put together! Please and thankyou for not stopping to  layering, your outfits just wouldn’t be the same!!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  55. Anita says:

    no, you don’t have to worry about your obsession with colored pants at all! I’m too a big fan of colored pants, but so far, unfortunately, I don’t have as many as I would like to have. well, I need to work about this this spring and summer! 
    and I’ll never stop layering too, but well at the moment it’s less because my outfit feels complete than because everything else would be too cold… 
    xxx Anita

    03.02.12 · Reply
  56. Love this outfit! I just brought two colored pants (one in a rose color and one in a mint color) and I can’t wait to get them in the mail! You’ve definitely just given me so amazing inspiration, as you always do!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  57. What great pants.

    X x

    03.02.12 · Reply
  58. Alison Deering says:

    I can totally sympathize with number one! Although I don’t know if that makes it acceptable. More than likely it just means there should be some type of Addicts Anonymous group, and I should be a part of it. Every time I think I have enough I find another color I need! Mint green, yellow, lavender, coral . . . now magenta! This is getting out of hand.


    03.02.12 · Reply
  59. rach says:

    best color combo ever…love this whole look!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  60. Jupe_Cambria says:

    Those shoes are darling…I love the twist on the loafer trend!  And that floral shirt has the most beautiful colours, wish I lived close enough to come shop in the Bloom store!

    <3 Cambria

    03.02.12 · Reply
  61. Mai says:

    those colors are lovely together!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  62. Kendi I absolutely looove the blouse from Bloom! It’s so spring (and even SUMMER)-y! Can’t wait to see you style that again…perhaps some print on print ? 🙂


    Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  63. Slama146 says:

    this is so cute! i’ve been lusting over the teal pair of colored skinnies from target, but these magenta ones are equally beautiful!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  64. Chelsea says:

    Those jeans look WAY better on you than they did on me! xx

    03.02.12 · Reply
  65. Ruche says:

    We adore the color palette of your layered outfit!  What a perfect way to transition into spring 🙂


    03.02.12 · Reply
  66. ditto what chelsea said below. i tried those on and they were Not cute. you look adorable though!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  67. quiqui says:

    Love your blouse! Is it still available at Bloom?


    03.02.12 · Reply
  68. Allison Brower says:

    love the pants! I agreee. I love doing something with a cardigan or sweater over it! so great

    03.02.12 · Reply
  69. Agree and agree. I feel the exact same way about layering! I have to force myself not to do it. This outfit is cute! Love the colors. 🙂

    03.02.12 · Reply
  70. VERY true about the layers..I feel the same way!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  71. Terri says:

    This is adorable!! I’m still pretty terrible at layering, but you are practically a god.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  72. amyjpalmer54 says:

    I am obsessed with colored jeans also. Just bought a mint pair today! Great outfit.


    03.02.12 · Reply
  73. Merrie Valliant says:

    things (as Kendi says)

    pants are not rolled up. I am 5’2”

    blouse is not quite that patterned and my sweater is white because it matches
    the shirt…


    still, nice to know someone thinks the pants are cute!

    Kendi know how awesome she is cause she is wearing the same pants as me!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  74. Luce says:

    I feel justified! I wore the same colors yesterday and thought whm…. yeah, it goes!



    03.02.12 · Reply
  75. Merrie Valliant says:

    that should be Kendi’s pants are the perfect length. 
    i am being sad because i am all dressed in beatiful colored pants, print blouse, and sweater, but nobody at work thinks i am cool.
    guess no one here is fashionable…..sigh

    03.02.12 · Reply
  76. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love colored pants!! 
    I’m so happy they have them at Target I’m definitely going there!!
    check out my blog and follow me!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  77. Amanda says:

    ooh i think i would become obsessed with colored pants if i ever bought a pair! and i really really want to buy a pair soon!!!! your outfit is so pretty. i do think the pants a tad too tight for my taste, but i still love the color!!

    p.s. have i ever mentioned that you are seriously one of my top fashion icons?!?! yes yes you are!! xo

    03.02.12 · Reply
  78. Anna says:

    You look incredible! I love the little peek of floral 🙂

    03.02.12 · Reply
  79. Gimme those pants! Ok, also in the first photo – the way the light hits the sweater almost looks like a drip dye pattern – and I LOVE IT and would BUY IT.


    03.02.12 · Reply
  80. Awesome pants – love that color!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  81. Such and adorable outfit! Love!
    xo Jac

    03.02.12 · Reply
  82. Heather Barnes says:

    Ha! I too have these jeans in red and when I bought them I couldnt believe how small they are. Thank goodness someone warned me first or I might have climbed to the roof! JK


    03.02.12 · Reply
  83. Haha. I almost bought those jeans and I almost suffocated trying to fit into the pants, I almost posted about them. Unfortunately I didn’t buy them because they didn’t have larger sizes. I’m glad you said something about the size issue.



    03.02.12 · Reply
  84. Becca | Lowlifecouture says:

    ahh I love that blouse! Will you be getting more in?

    03.02.12 · Reply
  85. Sarah says:
    03.02.12 · Reply
  86. I love your colors here, and your size advise! 

    03.02.12 · Reply
  87. Ahhh!!!! LOVE the colorful pants! And the floral top is perfect with the brownish top toning it down… love love love… I wish I could wear colorful pants, but as a preggie, I would just look… stupid. Soon enough! You look FAB !



    03.02.12 · Reply
  88. Sip-n-wear.blogspot.com says:

    I love your blouse! And hair!!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  89. Jen Schumann says:

    I am so glad you added that PS! I tried these on in turquoise and gave up after trying on 3 sizes up!  It was totally depressing…but it made me motivated to eat better….LOL

    03.02.12 · Reply
  90. Alison says:

    THANK you for saying that you need to size up so much…I bought a pair without trying them on and wanted to go into a dark depression.  I will suck it up and size up more!! 

    03.02.12 · Reply
  91. Katie says:

    glad that you feel the same way.  tried on a pair and felt like they were spandex and couldn’t get them off fast enough.  they look great on you! and I LOVE that color!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  92. Those pants are excellent. I was so sure my collection was complete with bright red and mint green pants, but you have shown me the error of my ways.

    Layering makes everything better. It’s one of those basic truths.

    Your outfit is fabulous.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  93. Heather Belle says:

    I love the little floral peeking out! So pretty!
    xo Heatherhttp://ahopelessnotebook.blogspot.com/ 

    03.02.12 · Reply
  94. Asilia says:

    I love those pants. They are so cheerful. And I love how you paired the pants with a colorful blouse as opposed to a basic neutral colored shirt. 
    And yes, layering does make everything look better. Definitely.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  95. Andrea says:

    Absolutely love those colored pants! Yours look nice with the pretty blouse. I’m also obsessed with colored pants right now. I’m glad it’s getting warm enough to wear them!


    03.02.12 · Reply
  96. The color of those jeans are fabulous. You making my spring fever even worse! 

    03.02.12 · Reply
  97. Sarah says:

    Love the color of your pants! And I’m all about layering too. It just feels better when you’re an onion. 😉


    03.02.12 · Reply
  98. T. says:

    Great outfit! Love the color combo! And the pants!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  99. Mariah says:

    L O V E this outfit.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  100. Kristi says:

    Obsessed with this outfit. Also LOVE all the new items on bloom!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  101. To say I’m obsessed with your pants is an understatement, I’m seriously in love! So cute <3

    xx Mandy

    03.02.12 · Reply
  102. i wish i could wear those pants!! ive tried bright pants and i feel so funny in them!! but how you use the neutrals to balance it is perfect

    Easy Petite Looks

    03.02.12 · Reply
  103. Those jeans are awesome!!! I may have to head to Target this weekend 🙂 (yaow on the sizing though…)

    03.02.12 · Reply
  104. notemily says:

    I quite like your bangle bracelet! And the sweater-over-button-up-shirt combo.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  105. birdflygood says:

    Keep layering, my lady! And I love that blouse 🙂

    03.02.12 · Reply
  106. Lily says:

    love this outfit!!! great color combo and details!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  107. paige says:

    love the colors and prints in this outfit! and pants at target for some reason always run so small… what is that?

    03.02.12 · Reply
  108. mollybkidd says:

    I’m convinced, you’re the cutest. Love this bright look for spring!

    xo. molly

    03.02.12 · Reply
  109. 1.  No.
    2.  I feel the same way.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  110. Amy@FiveKindsofHappy says:

    This is amazing! The layering is stunning and I envy you for putting colours and prints together so perfectly and unexpectedly. And you are hilarious!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  111. ES says:

    I’m glad you mentioned the sizing up thing…. I usually wear a 6 (J Crew, Loft, etc). I tried on size 12 at Target, and I just couldn’t do it mentally 🙂 hahaha.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the pants! But they look great on you!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  112. Love this outfit! I am obsessed with the colored pants too!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  113. Megha8709 says:

    love the colored pants!

    03.02.12 · Reply
  114. Jackie says:

    Suuuuper cute! Love the color palette. The end.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  115. Lauren says:

    I completely agree on the sizing, Targets jeans are bizarre. I usually wear an 8 and ended up with this pair in red in a size 13. I mean, seriously? That’s insane. Who can even fit into a 0 or 2? I can’t even imagine someone fitting in something that small.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  116. Mariana says:

    This outfit is amazing, I’m so in love with the pants (going to Target ASAP!) and floral pants!


    03.02.12 · Reply
  117. Lizzie says:

    This outfit is amazing…seriously one of my favs thus far 🙂 Ohhh and I totally feel you on Target sizing. Sometimes I forget that I am actually a women and not a 14 year old teenager who can easily fit into junior sizes haha

    03.02.12 · Reply
  118. Jenny says:

    I have been contemplating those pants for a while now.  I love the color, and I especially love the way you styled them!
    Modern Modest Beauty

    03.02.12 · Reply
  119. Leanne says:

    Those pants are stunning!!!  

    Love from South Africa


    03.02.12 · Reply
  120. TheresaTran says:

    I love layering!!! I love the look that it gives~ Your pants have such a lovely color!! Great outfit! Very bright and spring-y. (:


    03.02.12 · Reply
  121. I can’t believe you have 5 pairs of colored pants! I have blue and brown. And black. Oh no, I just bored myself.

    03.02.12 · Reply
  122. the shoes are awesome!


    03.03.12 · Reply
  123. Kaylahaykin says:

    This is such a great color combination!  It looks perfect on you.  Love your hair too 🙂


    03.03.12 · Reply
  124. Linda says:

    I think your color obsession on pants has spread to me…I just bought a bright green pair today!
    Haha, love your purple ones. The floral blouse underneath is so pretty! Perfect layering <3 You are a pro!


    03.03.12 · Reply
  125. The look is fabulous!! I love all the colors you wear! xo, Christina


    03.03.12 · Reply
  126. Ginax7 says:
    03.03.12 · Reply
  127. Amy says:


    03.03.12 · Reply
  128. Célèste says:

    I so know what you mean about layering making you feel complete. When I just wear one top, I feel so lazy. 

    03.03.12 · Reply
  129. Ally says:

    I love those bright pants.. GO TARGET!!! You look adorable as always…. spring layering is definitely my favorite!


    03.03.12 · Reply
  130. Hungrytiger11 says:

    I love your outfit!

    Also- this obsession with colored pants is something I have too. Three different pairs and I can only wear them on the weekend due to where I work. ANd now you got me thinking “ah, magenta pants!” 

    03.03.12 · Reply
  131. Asher says:

    Beautiful look 🙂

    03.03.12 · Reply
  132. Patrycja Wiśniewska says:

     awesome blog!
    great post 😉
    visit my blog ;P


    03.03.12 · Reply
  133. Nico Saich says:

    I tried on the Target baby pants! They DO run SO small! I felt like such a fatty sizing up several time but after reading your post I realize the issue was the pants and not me : ) *whew* Did you pic up any of the other colors? My eyes are on the kelly green pair.



    03.03.12 · Reply
  134. aliya says:

    Those pants are amazing!!! I’d kill for them!

    x Aliya

    03.03.12 · Reply
  135. Jordin says:

    I love how you put stuff together! I have those pants in coral and had to go up 3 sizes too. What were they thinking!?! 

    03.03.12 · Reply
  136. Cute outfit! I too am completely obsessed with colored pants! I hoping the trend doesn't end for a looooong time because I've developed quite a collection!

    03.03.12 · Reply
  137. I love your shoes. I have developed a hot pink clothing obsession: pants, wedges, bags…help.
    Styleropa: http//stylerop.blogspot.com

    03.03.12 · Reply
  138. Faith says:

    haha. for your future unborn baby…why do they make them that small? Does a number on a girl’s self-esteem…and right before swimsuit season too. But they are still adorable. Love the floral shirt underneath too.

    03.03.12 · Reply
  139. Cait says:

    THANK YOU for that comment about sizing on those pants – I bought them in my usual size and could barely get my calves in.

    03.03.12 · Reply
  140. Stephanie Rose Basilio says:

    Hi Kendi, i adore your style! I check your blog everyday(I haven’t missed since January) for new inspirations. I’m from the Philippines and the time difference drives me crazy. Here one can’t really wear anything they like coz you’ll definitely receive loOong stares from everyone, sucks right?

    03.03.12 · Reply
  141. Love the colors!

    03.03.12 · Reply
  142. Ah fuschia pants are heavenly! I have been looking for a pair and just may have found them! Love them with the printed blouse. Also, why the heck are jeggings sized so that when you try to put on your normal size you risk peeling the skin off your legs??

    03.03.12 · Reply
  143. Lupe R says:

    love love love all this outfit..and grrrrl…I am so glad you said that about the pants! I’m no skinny minnie, and was PETRIFIED when I couldn’t squeeze myself into a size 13…geesh! 

    03.03.12 · Reply
  144. Jessica says:

    Thanks for sharing that you sized up. I was having the same issues with the target colored jeans. Normally a size 5 (yeah right) I could shove on a 9 with a little shimmy 🙂

    03.03.12 · Reply
  145. Mica says:

    Love your purple pants! They are awesome!


    03.03.12 · Reply
  146. Allie Cochran says:

    Love love love this outfit! I just may have to copy it 😉 It was so nice to meet you at your store the other day! Can’t wait to come back when I have more time!

    Allie (Jill of All Trades)

    03.03.12 · Reply
  147. Nicoleta Colomeeț says:

    Love the colors you chose, and you can never have to many colored pants )) 


    03.04.12 · Reply
  148. Cate says:

    Thank you for addressing the sizing on these pants! I tried on the next size up, got frustrated because they didn’t fit and quit. I’m going back and trying on more now!

    03.04.12 · Reply
  149. Jules says:

    I love your style and blog! Just recently found it and love it. Your so darn cute. Thanks for all of your outfit inspiration. I just just bought a pair of colored pants, coral, which is a little outside of my usual box. I like your layering I will have to try that with them. 

    03.04.12 · Reply
  150. AlissaBurton says:

    love the magenta pants!


    03.04.12 · Reply
  151. Paula says:

    I love the color of your jeans. Great outfit!


    03.04.12 · Reply
  152. cro says:

    Those pants are absolutely gorgeous!

    03.04.12 · Reply
  153. I fell in love with the turquoise ones but unfortunately their biggest size was still rather tight on me.

    03.04.12 · Reply
  154. Aso damour says:

    love your style, and you are too cute
    check out our new blog http://asodamour.blogspot.com/

    03.04.12 · Reply
  155. Rejina Tyson says:

    I love this outfit! The colors are so rich! So well styled!

    You Like It? I Made It!

    03.04.12 · Reply
  156. Okay, so sort of kind of funny story (we’ll see how funny it turns out when I get done though).

    So, I went to Blissdom a week ago, and this ridiculous cute and funky girl who had on the turquoise version of these pants was in the bathroom with me at a certain point. So, of course, I complimented her on her style, and she told me she got her pants at Target but that she’d had to buy a size 16…when she was usually a…wait for it…4.

    Anyway, I didn’t recognize your pants from how they looked but rather from your description of their baby tinyness.  What were they thinking??!

    03.04.12 · Reply
  157. Nicole Gomez says:

    Gahhh amazing jean color! Dying over them!

    03.04.12 · Reply
  158. Elle says:

    love love love your colored pants- I, too, am obsessed but unfortunately don’t have the funds to be buying many pairs! lol so it’s nice to vicariously live through you in all your colored denim glory! I love layers- they are a life saver in this cold, ridiculous weather!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

    03.04.12 · Reply
  159. Lovely neutrals with that pop of color!
    Everywhere I look I am reminded that I need colored denim in my life. Now must find a way to work it into my monthly budget 🙂

    03.05.12 · Reply
  160. Karen says:

    lol you are funny! Thanks for featuring these pants though…I’ve been looking for more colored pants! Obsessed!!

    03.05.12 · Reply
  161. Mrsjackofalltrades says:

    Mixing colors and neuteral tones is very clever! Love the purplr pants and neutral color shoes/bags!
    Check out tips to wear colors on my blog 🙂


    03.05.12 · Reply
  162. Ladybug says:

    I want those shoes!

    03.05.12 · Reply
  163. briannemcneeley says:

    I tried on those same pants at Target and I went up 2 sizes and they still didn’t fit so I just put them back and was grumpy. I feel better now knowing that it wasn’t that I’ve actually gone up that many sizes! Cute outfit! I love the shirt!

    03.05.12 · Reply
  164. Nikki Gossell says:

    Haha I had the same issue with these pants! I tried on a bunch but couldn’t find any big enough (hmph) so I gave up and left. Damn juniors sizing!

    03.05.12 · Reply
  165. suzanne says:

    i bought the same pants in blue and almost cried when i couldn’t even get my LEG in one!  i also sized up two, but they fit great!  thank god i don’t have to give up cinnamon rolls . . . 

    03.05.12 · Reply
  166. Mary says:

    I have to get some colored pants now! I’ve been really thinking about getting some dark red ones…

    03.05.12 · Reply
  167. hahahaha!  i love your comment about the sizing, i bought a pair in coral – and was horrified, i thought my diet/exercise plan must have gone horribly awry without me knowing.  i could barely get them up my legs, let alone my waist.   also, this color is awesome..andddd now i want a pair.  i think colored paints are addictive.

    03.05.12 · Reply
  168. fatima says:

    LOVE the color of your pants! And really nice combo! <3 xxx  


    03.05.12 · Reply
  169. Jenny says:

    I love this week! The colors are amazing on you!

    03.05.12 · Reply
  170. Jenny says:

    ha, look …

    03.05.12 · Reply
  171. Gloria says:

    prettyyyyy as always!!

    03.05.12 · Reply
  172. Anna Rose says:

    I absolutely love all of those colors together!!

    xx Anna Rose

    03.05.12 · Reply
  173. Lindsayb27 says:

    i’m relieved you had that problem with the pants too, i didn’t end up buying them because i was so distraught my calves couldnt even fit in 3 sizes up!

    03.06.12 · Reply
  174. lipnstick says:

    Love the pattern on your shirt!


    03.07.12 · Reply
  175. Lol on the size up! I guess that's common w their jeans..
    I really like this outfit! I'm kind of stuck on color pants as well.

    03.07.12 · Reply
  176. LOL I have the same jeans from target, and had to size up as well.  I was in the fitting room grumbling that NO ONE fits into the smallest size.  Glad I wasn’t alone 😉

    03.07.12 · Reply
  177. Sarah says:

    One of my favorites 🙂 I just bought dark green cropped skinny jeans and will try something similar with a cozy sweater and colorful shirt peeking out! 


    03.07.12 · Reply
  178. Nicole Toms says:

    I love layering items and you did this so well! Those are awesome purple pants and the shoes are to die for(: You mixed vintage with bright colors! totally what I’m looking for this spring

    03.07.12 · Reply
  179. RaeK says:

    Love this outfit!  I’ve been dying to get a pair of these colored denim jeans from target!  they look super cute on you!


    03.07.12 · Reply
  180. Christen says:

    ok seriously, i love your obsession with colored pants. because they look so great on you. and also, you rock the layers so please dont stop layering. now, off to target to swallow my dignity and up the three sizes and get these pants! they are fab. 


    03.09.12 · Reply
  181. Mapplestyle says:
    03.09.12 · Reply
  182. Kurman3 says:

    I love your blog! Amazing style with a great mix of pieces! I’ve never EVER bought pants without trying them on and I saw this and just went for it. Thanks to your sizing advice they fit and look great. THANK YOU!

    03.10.12 · Reply
  183. Seekingstyleblog says:

    I was just thinking of asking about the fit/size of the pants and then you answered it for me Haha For some reason Target pants are always really weird sizes..

    xo Jennifer


    03.10.12 · Reply
  184. Obsessing over those jeans! Awesome color. My first comment in a while, lurking way too much! Still think you’re the bees knees!

    03.11.12 · Reply
  185. CML says:

    Love your style. I have the same pair of pants and had to go up 3 sizes too. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

    03.12.12 · Reply
  186. Sachi says:

    Yikes. 3 sizes up! If I try on a pair on pants one size up and they don’t fit, I just leave and think about going to the gym. It might be worth the psychological trauma for some cute colored pants, though.

    03.15.12 · Reply
  187. julie says:

    hi kendi!
    1. love your blog
    2. this post inspired me to try on colored jeans from target… i had to go up 4 sizes 🙁 big question is: DO THEY SHRINK IN THE WASH?? if they get any smaller i may lose circulation in my legs. …

    thanks!! 🙂

    03.22.12 · Reply