2.2.12d{Oxford Shirt, Pants, Heels, Tote}
Let me tell you something: J.Crew might be full of lies. You opened their catalog and there are the models, perfectly dressed with no wrinkles. So you think to yourself “oh! wrinkle free pants!” and you buy them. Lies. You see, I ironed my pants this morning, got in the car for 20 minutes and drove to work before taking these photos. What I did not do was roll around in bed, jump on a trampoline, or play with a group of small children while wearing these pants. The truth is those J.Crew models do not ever move once they put their clothes on and they probably iron the pants right on them. Those aren’t smiles you see, those are smirks from the pain.*
Is it too early to dress up for Valentine’s? And by Valentine’s I mean that time of year that I buy myself 4 bars of chocolate alone at a Target on a weekday night? I didn’t think so. It’s never too early for Valentine’s day.

*That’s probably a lie, too. 

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  1. Love your color scheme here! I have the wrinkle problem from sitting in my cube all day and it bothers me. I have those same shoes and they are the best! So comfortable.

  2. i have a serious love/hate relationship with j.crew.  half the time i love their clothes, the other half they fall apart after one wear.  they need to get their shiz together!

  3. One of my favorite things about your blog is watching Bryan’s photography get more and more beautiful every day. 🙂 Looking gorgeous, my friend!

  4. Love the outfit! I am wearing a similar shirt in blue today. It’s just a classic look!

  5. I would like to buy some chocolate now…hmmm…and those pants are darling (even if you didn’t iron them while wearing).

    <3 Cambria

  6. Love this!  Either way, wrinkled or not, the pants are fabulous!


  7. bahahha literally laughing out loud. for i’m almost positive your theory about the pants and model is pretty close to true!! see… during my time working at j.crew i learned one lesson that saved me hours: NEVER steam the pants before putting them on the mannequin. They were surely to look a hot mess by the time you tackled her and got them on just right, steaming while on the mannequin was the only way to do it!! 

  8. How do those pumps feel? Are they comfortable enough for city walking all day? I’m contemplating a pair but don’t know how well I’d fare with the 3.5″ heel.

  9. You can fit in the tote you are carrying along w/several chocolate bars.  I have given up ironing, it is fruitless.   Maybe we should all have a travel steamer?

  10. I love any holiday that involves candy. Love the pink-on-pink-on-pink it’s such a sweet fun look and the colors are really fabulous on you.

  11. Again with the shoes, why must you torture me haha.  Please just say theyre more orange than they appear in plain site??? I was so sad to have to return them.  Want them to be more red, coral, even melon for that matter, but not burnt orangee.  

  12. Love the combination pink &red. You look great!!

  13. Cuuuute outfit.  But, wait. what?  J Crew models don’t smile, silly.  They look vacant and hungry, but rarely smile. 

  14. Gorgeous color combination! I am loving everyone’s coral pants this week.  Your heels match perfectly!

  15. I don’t know if I should admit this, but I didn’t notice any wrinkles. I even went back and looked at the pictures after reading your post, and I’m still trying to figure out what you see. Regardless, it looks good. 

  16. Probably true about JCrew, but wrinkles or not…I want those pants! : ) 



  17. Cute outfit!! guess they do get steamed on after wearing the outfit…. They should make more of the wrinkle free pants and shirts and everything.. 

  18.  You’re funny! lol I couldn’t even tell they were wrinkled but I hate that too 😉


  19. Good to know that I am not the only one.  While grocery shopping I treated myself to one of those 70% Cocoa Lindor chocolate bars because it looked so sophisticated compared the the handful of chocolate chips I go to each night. I thought I could eat like a square a night…nope it was half gone even before all the groceries were unloaded.

  20. Oh goodness do I know that feeling. I’ve given up ironing pants, pretty much in general. Not sure that’s the most adult way to deal with it haha.

  21. I have to say that I am jealous!  I tried those pants on in the store because I thought the color was great, but they just do not look right on me.  You really pull them off!

  22. Story of my life! I hate ironing to begin with, so when I do iron and there are still wrinkles present it makes me want to throw my pants/shirt/etc… across the room! (which would ultimately make them more wrinkly…it’s a vicious cycle).

    I love the light pink and coral combo you have going on with this outfit. Very pretty!

  23. I feel the same about wrinkles, so I just don’t even try to iron anymore. I guess I’ve “embraced the wrinkles”. Although occasionally I’ll spray some of that Downy Wrinkle Release on if I’m feeling motivated 😉 

    Love this outfit/color combo, and your target post on IG last night – cracked me up as usual! 

  24. I covet those pants. I have been looking at them and considering a pair of coral skinny pants for spring ever since I got my JCrew catalog last week. After seeing you rock this outfit, I might just have to buy them.

  25. I hate wrinkly pants!  I can’t deal with linen, because it wrinkles so quickly.  I think most store models are lies, too.  Like at Forever 21, it’ll say “The model is 5’10” and wears a small.”  That has to be a lie.  Who is 5’10” and wears a small?  Who does that?

  26. You always look so fabulous 🙂
    i love the hues of red! i think its a good color for you 🙂

    so excited for bloom to come online!
    – tiana of l’esthetique

  27. So colourful and cheerful! Love every bit of your outfit!

    Kendi, darling, no one needs to have an excuse to buy 4 chocolate bars. Yey eating all four of them at once is yet another story

  28. Awesome! How did you find pants that so closely match the shoes? Seems like it is inspired by one of those lovely two-tone roses 🙂

  29. hahahah yes it must be the pain not the smiles =P but I love the colors of your outfit! 

  30. Nope, it’s never too early to dress up for Valentine’s Day!  I bought myself a heart-shaped box of chocolates from Target last week.  Hey, it’s candy for someone I love…me!  🙂

  31. I didn't even notice the wrinkles, to be honest. 🙂 But yes, I agree that A LOT of J. Crew's clothes wrinkle. Their tissue-type shirts wrinkle just by sitting in my drawer.

    I LOVE your color combo here, by the way! Perfect lipstick color too!

  32. I think too, they just don’t move in the clothes, that’s why they are models. and plus: all the wrinkles are magically swept away with something called photoshop, they have a flatrate there 😉 
    i think it’s never to early for valentine, i adore this rose-pink-red combination!
    xxx Anita

  33. haha I work at j.crew and i couldn’t agree more.

  34. It’s never too early to get excited about Valentine’s Day! I’m sad about the J.Crew pants…They still look fab. 

  35. I completely agree about the pants and chocolate thing! 
    why must the models deceive us into thinking lies about these clothes?
    buying 4 bars of chocolate on a weekday that happens all the time for me (i make up occasions just to do that) 
    love your outfit though it kinda does say valentines day (/groundhog’s day??) 
    check out my blog and follow me!

  36. If I buy any pity party foods, I plan to buy them over the weekend. I don’t want to be “that girl” at Target. Ha ha ha. I hope you enjoy your chocolate. 

  37. Wrinkles or no you look smokin! Awesome ensemble.
    And happy to hear that you too have started the Vday celebration early!!

  38. I love this outfit!! I like the shede of pinck and orangy red you chose!! The wrinkles are not so disturbing… don’t worry! I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day… I do not like it and my partner neither!

    The Life After

  39. Love the outfit ! I hate when I get pants that wrinkle, but those are too amazing not to be worn !

  40. Oh, J. Crew and your lies selling!  The pants look great, even if they are a smidge wrinkled.  

  41. I have plenty of pants/skirts/dresses like that – I’m about ready to start employing the Seinfeld “Maestro” pants method while driving…  but then I worry about what would happen if I got pulled over and the police officer saw that I’m not wearing any pants…

  42. This color combo is perfect for this winter’s spring-like weather.  You look great!

  43. i am pretty sure, since they have no flesh, that j. crew models cannot feel when the hot iron is being rubbed across the areas where thigh and butt would maybe be on a normal person.

    chocolate everyday!

  44. Every pair of pants I have from J.Crew wrinkle like crazy (and I we have an outlet in town, so I have a lot)! Even though I love the fit, I’m too lazy to iron all my pants. So, now I stick to J.Crew tops only.

  45. haha, totally empathise! (to the point that when i buy new clothes, i tend to scrunch up a corner in the store to ensure they don’t crease easily! probably looks a bit dedicated to the cause, but no-one’s picked me up on it yet!)

    choc for v day is the best! throughout the years whether in a relationship or not, i can’t be arsed with valentines – a card & chocs/flowers will do 🙂 i think unanticipated days are more romantic..

    Katie x

  46. I love love love your blog and am so inspired by your cute, colorful ,effortless style!  i want everyone in Nashville to be inspired too! I added a link to Kendi Everyday on my blog Nashville Beauty Girl 

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