Last Saturday I wore this outfit, so appropriately I would post it exactly one week later. Working retail means that even Saturdays I must get dressed up. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t spent hours trying to make sweat pants and heels work, but alas it just doesn’t. There is just something about stained sweat pants that doesn’t read “well-dressed”. Quite the shame.
So  this Monday is the launch date of Bloom online. I am excited/nervous/nervous all in one. But mainly excited….and nervous. But excited.
Have a good weekend, friends. See you on Monday. 

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  1. So excited to see the shop, and perhaps buy myself a little Valentine’s gift… Are you sending out autographed head shots with each purchase? 😉

  2. Love the colors in this outfit! Great combo

    Also, congrats on the online launch!!

  3. I love this outfit!  The coral and teal are perfect together.  You should totally do a vlog or at least a post on how you get your hair to look amazing every day 🙂  I’m so excited for bloom online!

  4. Eeeeeek! Can’t wait for Bloom online! Also, I can’t wait to visit the shop!

  5. Jason Wu for Target on Sunday. Bloom opens online Monday. This is going to be a bad (good) couple days for my credit card!!

  6. I wish you all the best for the online (shop?) launch of Bloom! I will surely go very well ! do you also ship outside the US? To Europe? 
    I like this scarf, it’s very cute!

    xxx Anita

  7. LOVE that color combo! Super cute. Why bother trying to make stained sweat pants work when you can look THAT adorable in a shirt/scarf combo?! I’m excited to BLOOM! 🙂


  8. I NEEEEEEEED that scarf.  Will it be available when the online Bloom launches on Monday?

  9. My friends and I call that feeling “nervecited” which pretty much describes how I feel about most things.  Good luck!

  10. Love the color combo of the scarf and shirt. You have great style.

    A jewelry blog.

  11. good luck with the launch of bloom online! i’m certain that it is going to be a success. can’t wait to see it!

    best wishes!

  12. I cannot wait for your shop to open online! Best wishes. And please tell me that jacket will be available.

  13. I’m ready to buy that scarf on Monday if it’s available 🙂 Best of luck and congrats!!!

  14. you’re going to work online like princess di worked the puffed sleeve of the 80’s it’s going to be that big-i just know it and one day all of us are going to say yes, kendi we knew her when she shopped at target. yay for you!!!!!!!!!

  15. As a non-Texan (former Oklahoman, though), I am pumped for Monday! You have incredible taste, and I’m sure Bloom online will too!

  16. Love the outfit! It’s so whimsical and the colours come together so well! Can’t wait to see the launch of your store online! 🙂

  17. Can’t wait to shop Bloom online!!! I love all of your clothes in Bloom, and was really upset that I couldn’t shop online! But now, I’m just really excited!! Good luck 🙂

  18. I love the outfit! I can’t wait for your site to launch. I’m just as excited. Also when you updated to .com you’ve lost your comments so I’m not sure if my question was answered or not. Are you going to be writing on Better Off Wed soon? I love that blog and I miss it!! ^_^

  19. Yep, I usually only get around to posting photos within the week I wore them. One day I might get my act together & post photos the same day I wore them. Until then …

    PS good luck with your website launch! I look forward to having a sticky beak myself.

    Kelly @ Elegantly Academic

  20. wonderful color combo! Love the winter pastels.

    ps. I am so excited for bloom to come online! I have been loving all the pieces on your blog and wished I lived closer to your shop!


  21. kendi, i am excited about your online shop! will your online store be carrying plus size by chance? 

  22. I can’t wait to see what you have in stock!
    I also love your bag so much. It’d be perfect as a college book bag 🙂

  23. Good luck on the launch…I'm sure it will do well…even better than expected! I, myself, is excited to see the items…I hope you can ship to the Philippines soon! I love your colors..makes me want to get gray jeans NOW!


  24. I love your scarf! Cannot wait until your online store opens! Knowing us – we are all going to log on at the same time on Monday and crash the site because of shopping madness!!! I apologize in advance 🙂

  25. Well I’m excited!!!  I think it’s really cool that you will soon be able to call yourself an internet peddler.  Just don’t mumble that around parents with small children lest they mishear you and I don’t think you’ve got anything to be nervous about.

  26. Bloom online is bound to be a hit.  Excited.  (Dawn Casas— how can I get my husband off the default FB account on my laptop?!) 🙂

  27. I am SO SO pumped for Bloom to go online-everything you have been wearing from the store is pure great…can’t wait to have a chance to own some of it 🙂 hope the launch goes smoothly!

  28. Ummmm did somebody stay up late changing designs on their blog last night? I was catching up (currently in Feb. 2011) and then today it looks different. Looks good! Can’t wait for Bloom online. I suspect a short crash due to heavy traffic… better go ahead and raise the bandwidth, or something…

  29. I love the colour of that shirt! I definitely need to be getting some more orange hues in to my closet for spring. Also: that bag. Congrats and good luck with the online part of your store!

  30. The scarf looks great against the bright coral top! I love the structured shoulders on your blazer too 🙂

  31. I CAN’T WAIT FOR BLOOM ONLINE. Every time I see something cute you are wearing and then see that it’s from Bloom, I get sad because I can’t go find it. NOW I CAN!! I like the changes to your page too.

  32. Eeeep! This color combo is way too lovely! Can’t wait to scope out the online goods 🙂


  33. Great job on pairing two wonderful colors together – coral and a bright blue!  I’m a big fan of this color combo.  And in fact, I’ve been wearing pretty bright, bold colors myself – despite the wet, grey, and cold winter we’re having here in Toronto Canada.  And those shoes are too cute!  I own the same pair in a warm tan. 

  34. Ohmygoodness. Your new blog layout! It’s so pretty! Are you going to use the sketch that used to be to the right of your blog title elsewhere? Because that sketch was absolutely amazing. Congrats on the change! <3


  35. I absolutely love the scarf in combination with the jacket and pants…very chic and a cute pop of color! 

  36. The Bloom store online looks great! I hope you’re planning to add more things soon too! And the new blog layout looks great – love the ombre title!

  37. Kendi, you seriously are superwoman! I just checked out the Bloom website and it is amazing and I want every single item… big congrats. Also loving the tweaked Kendi Everyday header and pink accents. You go girl

  38. I was so excited to check out the online store since I love your blog until I seen the crazy prices! Who can afford. $92 white button up shirt?!

    Still congratulations. Hopefully you make at least one sale, it should cover your whole months rent.

  39. you know, the chances are pretty high that if you started wearing stained sweatpants with an appropriate amount of affected authority, images across other fashion and style blogs everywhere would pop up….. digging out the old high school sweat pants. with a fitted tee and pumps? maybe a sleek black turtleneck? the possibilities are endless.

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