2.7.12d{Similar Sweater, SkirtSimilar Boots, Watch (c/o Kenneth Cole)}
It’s one of those weird days where it’s not quite cold but it’s not quite warm. It’s really the only time where a sweater and bare legs actually makes sense together. And then I wanted to look cute but be comfortable, too. Apparently today I want to be on both ends of the spectrum. 
Also you can’t see this but I was about two feet away from construction men that were pumping what was possibly sewage water onto the street as they were watching me snap photos. I ask you — is there anything more awkward than taking outfit photos in front of construction men? Only if my third grade teacher and high school ex-boyfriend would have been passing by, then that would have been slightly more awkward.

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  1. Super cute outfit. Love the gray boots. Glad we can't smell what you were smelling. Also, very commendable that you are not making any smelling-raw-sewage faces. I don't think I could have done it.

  2. You're a champ, I am not even to the point where anyone but my kids and bf can photograph me, and never in front of anyone else! Much less construction wkrs! LOL New to your blog and really enjoying it!

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