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Yesterday’s semi-warm weather got me all gushy inside for spring. In other words, I should have worn tights today. It is not bare leg weather yet. The optimist in me is hoping for sunshine by noon. Or maybe I’ll just run home for some tights. 
I braved Target at 8:30 am on Sunday to check out the Jason Wu collection. There were surprisingly no crowds (and none of these people) and I pretty much had the collection to myself. I picked up this number I’m wearing and this top, too. I was a little sad I didn’t get in a  fight with anyone for my sizes, but I still pushed over a rack just for the sake of it. 

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    1. There are definitely super cute pieces but I never know if anything ever lives up to its hype! But this is probably one of my favorite collaborations in a while.

  1. i love that skirt! I got a little bit of Wu, too – the navy poplin dress. I pretty much bought it just to wear on the 4th of July.

  2. You are too funny.  I love your posts.  Great meeting you the other day.  Congratulations on all of your success.

  3. Lovely top.  I’m in Canada so we don’t have that wonderful collection coming to us!  I’ll live viacriously through you though!

  4. as usual, i get the perfect amount of little snickers from your posts 🙂 so good to laugh on wednesdays [especially when they seem to d r a g out]

  5. What did you think of Jason Wu collection Kendi? I’m in Toronto, so we don’t have the collection, and I’ve just been seeing the collection in magazines and on blogs, and I have to say I’m not wowed. I mean the stuff is super pretty, and wearable, but I guess I was just expecting more. Did the collection meet your expectations?


    1. The Target I went to had maybe half of the collection that they have advertised, so I didn’t get to see everything. With my experience with Target, you are kind of buying the designer’s name instead of quality pieces, ya know? But yeah I thought everything was cute. I had my eye on a dress but they didn’t have my size so I ended up getting two tops. I honestly liked this collection better than Missoni just because it seems more wearable. 🙂

    1. Haha, yes we kind of do look alike! I watched the show and was a little freaked out by the end of it, but mainly because I struggled for years to get in a broadway show and finally got the part in a production about marilyn monroe.

  6. I waited until 3:00 that afternoon to go and there was still a little left. OMG though, I can’t believe those people bought the entire line!  That is just wrong!!

  7. wow I can’t never get over how amazing your outfits are!


  8. I love those shoes! Too cute (^_^)
    I had to laugh at that couple buying the entire collection! No, it’s not very courteous but at the same time, you can’t knock them either. They saw a business opportunity and took advantage of it. 

  9. We got up early to go to Target too, but here in Alabama I don’t think they were impressed with it. Everything was still on the shelves. I thought about buying up a bunch of stuff and selling it on ebay at double the price, but I’m a good person, so I didn’t…

    Did you see the bicycle print dress? Precious!

    Also I’m wearing a Target dress on today’s blog- so cute! You should check it out and then buy it and then wear it better than me!

  10. Love the aqua top with the mustard colored cardigan. I was afraid to brave the crowds at the one Target in Boston, so I stayed up late and ordered the blue floral handbag online. I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival!


  11. There was no crowd at the Target I go to and the only thing I saw was this girl purchase practically every purse (which I thought were ugly). Bleh.

  12. Love the cardigan and the top! Those colors together are amazing, would have never thought to put them together! 🙂

    xoxo, Jjangawww.sayhelloandsmile.blogspot.com

  13. You’re too funny!  I think you should have Brian do a photo shoot of you pushing over said clothing racks.

    My Target adventure was pretty unadventurous as well.  I was disappointed in some of the pieces in person and ended up putting back all of the clothing I thought about buying.  I did walk away with a cute straw clutch, and didn’t even have to knock anybody over to get it 🙂   

  14. i love all of those colors together! i did the same thing today- with a skirt and tights, except i wore tights when i should have worn real thick leggings. oh, winter. i cannot wait to move to houston.

  15. You’re the first fashion blogger I’ve seen to wear the Jason Wu collection….and you look AMAZING. Love it girl. Congrats. You are arwesome.

  16. the skirt is so great! and the combination looks like spring! is it already that warm where you are?
    xxx Anita

  17. I bet Target was MAD about the mess you made. I love this skirt on you, the floral is just so cute.

  18. I can’t wait to see you style the second top! Both are adorable. And, coming from someone who grew up just outside Miami, that video does not surprise me.


  19. I’ll have to check out the collection, although my Target is a Hot Mess, so it might be the same scene you described. Very cute. 

  20. i wish you would’ve considered grabbing handfuls of wu and running up and down the isles screaming, “they’re mine, bitches!  bwaahahahah!  all mine!”

  21. I didn’t even try Target in my area as I knew it was a nightmare during the Missoni launch.  Love the top mixed with the mustard cardigan.  Adorable shoes!!

  22. Your top is adorable, I wanted to check out his new collection but alas… poor student 🙂 But I love your cardi too, I have a mustard cardigan and I LOOOOVE it 🙂


  23. so I saw your pin yesterday of the mint/mustard combo…so of course I wore my mustard cardi today because I thought it would make me cool like you…you pulled this off smashingly!  and those shoes!!  pure awesome.


  24.  The blouse look good on you compare to me. The good thing about living in a major city is that there are several Target store. I went to the one I thought will have the least amount of people. I was one of those crazy ladies. hehe I arrived at Target at 7:15 am. There was no one there. I was able to tried on a few piece since the Target I went to have a limited selection. I end up with getting the Navy blouse polka dot blouse with tie. =)

  25. Lucky you re: Jason Wu collection — it was the opposite up where I am, with stuff disappearing within seconds (and I was in line @ 8 am!). Very cute outfit, and it makes me pine for spring. 🙂

  26. I hope you ran home for some tights!  You are brave!  This outfit is making ME wish for Spring!  Very nicely done!

  27. I love the textured look of your blouse against the floral skirt! So spring, and girly looking 🙂 I wanted to battle with others in Target, but I totally missed the opening day instead…maybe I could lift some of the pieces from Ebay…



  28. lovely spring ensemble! you are making me want to break out my florals too!


  29. How do you mix all those colors and patterns and look so darn cute?! I’m afraid I would look like a crazy person, but you look absolutely adorable. Why is this? I need to be more adventurous with pattern and color. You’ve inspired me!

  30. I was lucky that I didn’t have to wake up and brave the Target fashionistas I went in and racks were still full and ready for me to attack. I love how you paired this top, very spring. Loving all the color you have going.


  31. I missed out on the goodies at my local Target, they were wiped out of all Jason wu 🙁 this is such a cute shirt! I love the new header too!


    1. SO comfortable! I was thinking that yesterday, it was 5 pm and I totally forgot that I was wearing heels. That’s the sign of a good heel 🙂

  32. I had a dream that Jason Wu chose only those who could defeat him at fencing to purchase his line. Although on the dream field I beat him, when I woke up in reality to go the dress I wanted was gone 🙁

  33. These shoes from Payless are darling! And, I’m sure you’ve been told this already, but you bare a strong resemblance to Katherine McPhee! I just noticed it today looking at your blog, probably because I recently watched Smash.  

  34. amazing skirt! I would be happy to shop with no people next to me! I do never fight for size (in my country girls are so big that I can barely find anything not too big) but I’m always in the look out.

  35. I was sort of disappointed with the collection, but I did get this adorable cat scarf: http://27passions.blogspot.com/2012/02/jason-wu-for-target.html so it wasn’t a total waste. I’m also planning a DIY for that lace black clutch; I liked it but didn’t want to pay the $35. 

  36. Your shoes always surprise me, who knew payless had such rad items!?

    xx giraffelegs.com

  37. i love the combination of the mustard with this soft, feminine floral.

    i hope your rack crushed some of the other target racks featuring polyester sweaters, thereby impeding other customers from perusing the seductive, alluring, but ultimately crappy and disappointing wares. i swear, sometimes i fall so hard in love with some target things, and just wish they would use cotton!

  38. I am quite, quite envious of that gorgeous skirt…what a delightful flare it has!

    <3 Cambria

  39. Hilarious. I do not post much, but I LOVE your blog, and sometimes I read your update (via my email notification) on my phone in the morning when I’m trying to get up. This morning’s post made me crack up big time!

  40. I bought this shirt and LOVE how it looks on me. I realized too late though that it’s 100% poly and I find that polyester shirts make my pits stinky. Do you have that problem too (or am I a lucky one?) and, if so, did you find this shirt to be no exception? 

  41. This look is so CUTE!!!! Love it on you. amAZING!!!


  42. This is absolutely one of my favorite outfits of yours! I have a similar skirt that I’ve had since high school (a whopping 9 years ago) and I am always on the lookout for a new way to style it! Love all the colors and is making me that much more ready for spring!

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