1.31.12b{Dress, Similar Jeans, Heels, Similar Cardigan, Watch (c/o Kenneth Cole), Necklace}
So this is technically a dress, just not on me. That’s what happens when you are the tallest kid in 7th grade and no one asks you out for the next ten years because your height intimidates every single boy, even the male teachers. (wait — how did that anecdote get in here?) You see, you can’t always trust a dress. So instead I tucked the ends under and now I have a shirt. And yes, that last sentence did make me feel like a giant. 
I’m pretty sure this is my “if I were an elementary art teacher” outfit.  Why elementary art? Simple: high school girls scare me and I’m terrible at shading. 

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  1. How tall are you? I'm 5'11 and do the dress-as-shirt thing like it's my job! Forever21 is particularly common for this trick, as even their dresses for normal height ladies tend toward the mini-length.

    I never wear heels but I'm rocking 2-inch booties today and I feel like I am the tallest woman alive. My tallest-girl-in-seventh grade anxiety is flaring up as well!

  2. I totally had that prob too! Then im high school I switched to a super dutch school and became the short girl!! Your so cute tho that it doesn't even matter!!

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