2.22.12dPants: Gap | Shoes: Payless (similar) | Scarf: Target | Watch: c/o Fossil

I’m really glad cuffed and ankle length pants are coming back in style. It makes it a lot easier to find pants as a tall girl. And even if these pants aren’t supposed to just come to my ankle, I shall tell people they are. (Notice that when I sit they come up to my calf. They are supposed to be that way, I promise…)
Directly after these photos were taken, I sat in my car and cursed the wind for a good 5 minutes for 1) messing up my messy bun and 2) making my scarf look like it was trying to eat my neck. Then I asked Bryan if there was a place in the world with no wind and it was always 70 degrees outside. He said nowhere, but I’m still hopeful this place exists. And when I find this place I will move there and wear scarfs and messy buns all day, every day.   **Update: After many comments from dear readers, it turns out this place does exist — it is a special place called San Diego.  I am packing my bags today.

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  1. I love these colors together.  Leopard prints and brights make me happy.  You look great with wind blown hair!


  2. well you’re still rocking it even with the neck eating scarf and extra messy bun so don’t fret. although if you do find this magical no wind place let me know, i’ve spent too many years in cities that could double as wind tunnels.

  3. I’m totally digging the blue ankle length pants!  Lovely.

    Also, San Diego is where you want to be.  Seriously.

  4. Super cute outfit.  Love the blue pants with leopard, wouldn’t have thought to do that, but I will be adding that to my list of outfits to wear with my blue pants!  And hey, windblown hair is what the Victoria Secret models go for, so you’re right on track!

    xoxo Jessica

  5. If you want to move, you’ll have to go to Barbados. The wind is very gentle and it’s typically about 75 degrees and perfect all day. 

  6. Gorgeous combination. Love those pants. And just pretend you had a wind machine and you wanted the photos to look epic and windswept. You look gorgeous, as always.

    Rebecca (hearts)…

  7. totally feel you on the talll/long legs front.  I can never find jeans that fit right. love the -cuffed look:)

  8. San Diego and Santa Barabara are really amazing weather spots (though they do have wind in Santa Barbara, it’s right on the water, it’s not uncomfortable wind.)

  9. Love the colour combination! I feel your pain with finding pants that are the long enough 🙂 The problems of being tall (and in my case, too tall for regular length, too short for long length)

  10. I’m still looking for that wind free, 70s and sunny everyday place, too.

  11. ah! i think i tried on those pants (in a different color). they look great here – i love the bold pant look going on right now. unfortunately, i can’t find a pair of non-jeans pants to fit my body to save my life. thank god for skirts, otherwise, i would be bottom-less. and…i’m pretty sure i’d get fired.

  12. Just wondering how tall you are?  You always look great.  For someone who likes sweets, you look thin, too!

  13. Texas wind can be brutal for sure. I was in downtown Fort Worth today and crossing the street was a nightmare. The wind threw me sideways. I was glad to get in the cover of the skyscraper to protect me from that hurricane gust of wind. Love that color blue. 🙂

  14. You are just adorable!  Great location too – love those rocks.  I’m still adjusting to the ankle length pants… I still feel like I’m wearing high waters!  Love how it looks though.

  15. Love the whole outfit- messy bun or not! Question though, are the pants from Gap or J Crew? I clicked through to the Gap link you posted but just wanted to make sure. I’m in the market for some cute deep blue pants and these might just fit the bill!


    1. Blerg — they are from Gap. I guess I had J.Crew on the brain this morning? They are from Gap and I love them, totally recommend them! 🙂

  16. Great look!! Be glad you live somewhere where you can apparently take pictures without a jacket and without socks in February!

  17. I totally agree with you on the cuffed pant thing – being over 5’8″ has its upsides and downsides for sure.  Btw, we have the most ridiculous wind here (because we live right near one of the great lakes) and I completely relate to the photo-taking issues it causes.

  18. I totally have the Soft Kitty song in my head now.

    I have the opposite problem with pants — I’m super short!  I’m digging the cropped pants trend, but I can never find real ankle length pants.  Love the pops of color in this outfit. 

  19. california is 70 degrees and up, most days.  but it does get a little windy.  wind is good for the messy bun.  maybe you should come visit.  i’ll blow up the inflatable mattress.  do you wanna share a room with a 6 month old who messes in her diaper at 3 am or an 11 year old who keeps his baseball cup out on his dresser?  and how do you like your eggs?  i’m planning…

  20. Loving the blue pants! Just bought a pair myself and I wasn’t really sure how to wear them, but now I’m going to try something similar to yours!

  21. I just think cropped pants are cuter on everybody…and so much more fun to style. Love your brights/leopard mix, current fav of mine!

    <3 Cambria

  22. Love the shoes. Cant believe their payless!!


  23. Ha Ha – while you worry about wind I curse the rain. I live in Vancouver, BC {Canada} and the rain visits us quite a bit. Ah well – what can you do… I guess we could all move to Hawaii. What do you think?

    Your outfit it fab Kendi! As always…. Loving Leopard as well – I’m a little shortie 5′ 5″, so the fad of ankle length pants isn’t as exciting. I hear your pain however! LOL

     Come by today and see what you think of “what I wore” Sailor Blue. 

    PS: Don’t forget to come by tomorrow and tune in on the EXCITEMENT. Tomorrow I will be interviewing Style Agent, Stylist, Janette Ewen. So Fabulous… It will be my first vlog and up on Little Miss Mama next week. 



  24. A no wind place of only 70 degrees does exist..and it’s called socal. Well except for the Santa Ana winds we get some times in the winter..but other then that it’s usually perfect! 

  25. I love this outfit and those shoes so much!

    xoxo, Jjangawww.sayhelloandsmile.blogspot.com

  26. Oh Kendi, darling…like so many others have said…Southern California is the place you’ve just described.  San Diego in particular.  Come visit us…you won’t want to go home!

  27. I love the scarf and at 5’10” feel your pain about pants. I think that’s why I so rarely wear them.


  28. Yes, there is a place like that and that place is San Diego. You would like it here other than the lack luster shopping, but in these times of hardship we just shop online.

  29. I just really love those pants!! Gap has some steals! And the Payless shoes. You GO girl.
    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

    1. Agree! And it's a cold wind! All my outfit photos look like I'm auditioning for best dressed in a tornado. Hair in the face. Tears streaming down my cheeks. Scarf in a horizontial position.

  30. Come to Arizona.  It’s 70+ 350 days of the year & only windy on summer afternoons when it is also raining.  Or when you are inbetween towns and then you’ll see those giant dust storms. haha. @ajrobin on pinterest

  31. Yep, was gonna say San Diego, but you’d have to give up some closet space to live there, it’s sooooo expensive! Love the colors Kendi, you look great!

  32. Its not really that expensive here, although it is occasionally windy, but then you can just call it “beach hair” San Diego rules!

  33. Those jeans are so lovely. You put together such gorgeous outfits, and you always look beautiful

  34. HAAA! I was thinking San Diego but I read a blog today about the cold windy weather they’ve had. So pop, I burst that bubble. However, you still have fabulous pants so chin up.
        Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge 

  35. Hahah! I love the outfit. The pops of color are great! (: Ahh, I know what you mean…I hate it when the wind ruins a perfectly good messy bun. haha


  36. Love the boldness of this outfit and of course the fun animal print shirt! You put together such wonderful outfits 🙂 Btw, I saw that you were mentioned in Ruche’s on FB page today– I was like “I follow that gal’s blog!” You rock!

  37. Hmm, I’ve been thinking about moving to San Diego… I also hate the wind and how it ruins my hair and makes it stick to my lipstick! Gross.

  38. Or Santa Barbara; then, you don't have to ever worry about it getting too hot, either.

  39. Third Generation San Diegan here. It is not really any more windy here than any other town. Of course it is windy if you are right on the beach but in most of city – no wind. 

    However, my fam always tells me to tell everyone it sucks here (so that no one else moves here – too many transplants). So…. I change my mind – Yes there is TONS of wind – and the weather totally sucks. 😉

  40. All my life I complained:  too hot, too cold, too humid, etc., etc.  My dad told me that the only place I would be happy is San Diego.  When I finally went on a vacation there, they had record highs in the 90’s that week.  Everyone there said it never happens.  My dumb luck or it follows me around.

  41. Hahaha I just moved to the east coast from San Diego and I definitely miss the weather a little bit 🙂

  42. Love the bold colors and the leopard print together.
    Xo,Sara Campbell^Follow the link to our blog for all things chic, fabulous, fun, and Sara Campbell!

  43. Haha, I feel you about the wind! I always get grumpy when it gets windy and in Oklahoma, that is ALWAYS.

    Great shoes! I’ve really been on the look out for some nice looking platforms.

    Great photos, great post!

    alissa bhttp://alissab.us

  44. Kendi, come to San Diego! You’ll have a fan club waiting to meet you. You’ll love the weather here! 🙂

  45. Gorgeous outfit! Those trousers are amazing, and they completely look like they are meant to be that way. I know what you mean about difficulty with length for tall girls-I’m six foot so can’t buy trousers in lots of places and they are too short and it’s almost impossible to buy shoes!


  46. your style is so classy and personal! i love the way you mix concepts and colors. i live in houston, and next time i am in dallas, i am most definitely going to make a stop at bloom! i’ve looked at the site, of course, but i have had to make a rule with myself about online shopping… which is i am not allowed to do it! i could see myself making an exception for bloom someday though 🙂 anyway, i love your blog, and YOU are beautiful!

  47. I was going to comment and tell you San Diego…and you have already written that.  Although we do have our “Santa Ana” winds, where it’s super dry and hot, but they don’t happen very often.

    Love your humor in your writing!

  48. Great, great, great outfit. Adore it love it, need those pants. Dying.

  49. Those pants are perfect and I’m waiting for them to go on sale so I can pick them up on my student’s budget. And perfect to add some pop to any wardrobe!

  50. false. it was cold and overcast today in san diego. it was rainy and windy the past week too. (with the exception of the absolutely gorgeous day yesterday) i think our weather is bipolar

  51. I complain about the wind every day. You’d think after living in Nebraska, then Oklahoma, and now Texas that I’d be used to it.. but.. no.. especially when trying to take some frickin’ pictures. haha. oh well. I love your pants, and as a fellow tall girl, I find myself making excuses for my slightly-too-short pants as well. *sigh*. 
    Oh, and I like your new header and over-all look. 🙂 Very pretty! 

  52. You look great! and I am also grateful for the ability to wear pants as short as I want and its fun because of being tall…you’re funny 😉


  53. I’m from Dallas, but lived in SD for 3 years– they lie. If you live by the beach it’s as windy as Chicago– and it’s 60’s half the day Jan thru June.

  54. as a fellow tall girl, i fully believe in the cropped pant. and if a regular-length pant turns out to be a little above highwater??? cuff it!

  55. I’m tall as well (5’9) and struggling with this trend because I’m not exactly sure just how high to cuff them. I had this hilarity of a problem today only to change back to trousers.

    Also, is it just me, or do these pants also become baggier as the day goes by? I feel like I’m wearing a diaper!



  56. Pretty sure you wouldn’t have wanted to be in San Diego the last few days. Rain and wind and flooded streets because the city is not set up properly for weather. 

  57. Has anyone ever told you you look like Michelle Dockery? Especially with your hair like that, you remind me of Lady Mary. Gorgeous.

  58. I LOVE this outfit – I wish I was brave enough to wear those bright colors!!!

  59. I love those shoes so much I went on a mission to find them! Low and behold Payless Shoes AUSTRALIA are currently selling them too! Bought the black and the taupe and they are some of the most comfy heels I have ever worn. LOVING this blog! xx

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