{Blouse: Bloom | Skirt: Loft  | Boots: Fossil | Watch: c/o Kenneth Cole}

Up until this morning I thought that this shirt had books on it. I kept calling it my library shirt and my husband kept correcting me, to which I just rolled my eyes. What does he know about fashion? But it turns out he knows more than me as these are buildings and not books. Sigh, and I call myself a style blogger…and a college graduate.
It felt like spring this morning when I went outside and I immediately became giddy. I can not wait for spring; it is my favorite season of all time. Which means it’s almost time for bare legs, wedges and patios– AKA the most wonderful time of the year. (You probably thought Christmas was the most wonderful time of the year, but I’m sorry you are wrong.) 

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  1. You are so right. Spring definitely is the best time of the year! Patios are my favorite. And grilled dinners. 

    And that shirt is lovely, books, buildings, whateva. 🙂

  2. Where did you take these pictures?! It looks like you are in Italy, or somewhere equally as fabulous.

  3. I picked up a LOFT skirt that is almost identical to this one (the waistband is black) for $6.50 at a thrift store. I was so excited – even more excited to see I built the sale price on their site by half and the original price by many times over. Yippee!!!!

  4. Absolutely love that blouse! Buildings, books, doesn’t matter. It’s cute! And we finally got snow…so I think I’m ready for spring : )



  5. Books, buildings…all the same, really. I know I love setting in for the night with a cup of tea and perusing the latest best-selling building…

    Your pieces from Bloom are always so cute! It’s like the store where all my sartorial dreams have come to life. (Get out of my head, Kendi!)

  6. Either way it’s an awesome shirt 🙂  I’ve always loved that tawny brown colour with  black–and the print is darling!!!

    <3 Cambria

  7. That’s so funny you mistook buildings for books!!! Super pretty blouse by the way.  I also prefer spring and actually don’t like christmas at all!

    The Life After

  8. love this blouse! i had hoped to win it via your contest, but perhaps i will have to out right buy it next pay day.  

  9. I’m totally with you…spring is absolutely the most wonderful time of the year. Though it’ll be quite a few long weeks until we’re ready for bare legs and wedges here in the frigid north… 🙁

  10. Love the blouse.  At first glance, it really does look like books on it!  Either way, it’s very cute!

  11. so so so pretty! <3 love the colour combo muchly! 

    and I'd agree with it feeling like spring-y…everyones telling me I'm bonkers but it's getting warmer so hurrah ;D


  12. I could not agree more about SPRING!!! I’m giddy with excitement waiting for all the flowers to bloom. We have 3 little daffodils announcing that it’s right around the corner! Can I get a “hip hip hooray!!” I love your book/building shirt. Perhaps several of the buildings ARE libraries? You and hubby are both right!


  13. This is such a cute outfit! I love that blouse so much!

    xoxo, Jjangawww.sayhelloandsmile.blogspot.com

  14. This is a really pretty outfit! 
    I love spring, I get ridiculously excited to go outside and look at the flowers!

  15. spring is my favorite too!! and i cannot wait for it. although winter has felt like spring so far. i love that shirt. must. get. to. bloom. soon.

  16. Now THIS is the way to wear black and brown together. Very chic! I thought you were wearing a belt until I clicked through to the LOFT site. These pieces were made for each other. 🙂 

  17. Lovely outfit and great photos 🙂


  18. Completely adore the pattern on the blouse, the buildings are a fun touch.  The styling of the whole outfit is great!

  19. haha well, I do consider Christmas to be completely wonderful, but I agree that warm sunshine is pretty awesome too. I hate having bare legs, though! I wear tights till it’s basically unbearable. 

    love your hair in these pictures, by the way, & your skirt too!


  20. Patio season is by far the best season of the year. I’m with you in my giddiness for spring – bare legs and lots of fun colors!

  21. Love this outfit! You seriously make me want to chop my hair off! Its adorable! 🙂 


  22. Beautiful top! I love moments where I forget I’ve had any formal education, common sense and/or edu-macation at all…happy my hubs isn’t afraid to mention it, too. Although I’m sure he could refrain every now and then 😉

  23. It is true that “bare legs, wedges and patios” are the best things in the world. I wish I could hibernate through the cold season and just wake up in time for patio weather.

  24. Love this look on you!  I also cannot wait for warm weather.  Don’t you hate it when the husband is right about something?  I’m sure you can figure out a way to make him wrong though…. those buildings are filled with books…. that’s what you meant, right?  🙂


  25. very beautiful! the blouse is wonderful! and yes, he is right, these are definitely buildings, but well, they look a bit like books with different heights on shelfs, so don’t worry!
    and you won’t imagine how much I would give for a little bit of spring in munich, still below 0° and snow… 
    xxx Anita

  26. at least books look similar to buildings and you didn’t think they were cats…at least. 😉

  27. Haha, that’s too funny! I can see how they would look like books! Love that it’s got NYCesque buildings printed on it. Super cute blouse for Spring!

  28. yes! Spring is AWESOME and totally contains my birthday.  Living in Denton, I can relate, we had the most amazing weather today and I hear by Thursday it will be 78 degrees.  
    And I love this outfit, I am always afraid to mix browns for some reason, but you do it so well here, it inspires me! 
    love, suze

  29. Ooh!  I love black and brown together, I love the print on that dress, and I love the location!

  30. Aw, this outfit is adorable!  I wish our spring was like yours…spring in the Pacific NW is kinda the same as fall and winter…except it probably won’t snow at all.  I’m holding out till summer starts on July 5th.

  31. If I looked good in brown, I would steal this outfit.  You actually look better in the blouse than the manikin.  That’s quite a feat.

  32. Bare leg and sandal season is indeed a wonderful time!  I love the Fossil boots.

  33. Hey hey hey! I’m all for a library shirt, right??? Even if those ARE buildings, it’s still got that library-esque feel to it. 

    I love the blouse!

  34. haha, i love your comment about spring being the most wonderful time of the year. i have to say i’m quite excited for this spring and will be looking to you for style ideas 🙂

  35. That top is so very wonderful! Books….hehehe :p


  36. Lol……I love those total dumb moments! u look great whether it was books or buildings anyway 😉
    wish it would look more like spring here….


  37. Your blouse is ridiculously adorable! So unique and interesting to look at, I’d definitely call it whatever I want because it is just that cute! I’m excited for spring/summer as well, there is a smaller chance of me tripping wherever I go 🙂



  38. so sad this is sold out. I live in NYC and this is the perfect top for a NYC girl 🙂 let me know if you get more! 

  39. Kendi,  That blouse is adorable!  On another note, I am always looking at your pictures and admiring the architecture in surroundings.  Do you live in a small town?  It appears so quaint yet lively!

    Fondly, Whitley

  40. Hi gorgeous!

    so glad I found your cute, amazing, well structured and interesting blog while peeking at others’ blogs! I really identify myself with it – I love beautiful things!I’d like to invite you to meet mine as well and hope you’ll follow it if it pleses you. I’m definetely following yours!

    wish you lots of success



  41. Can you PLEASE do a post on how you style your hair like this?! I feel like we have similar hair texture and I’ve been trying to master this…without much luck. 

  42. gorgeous!! I kept searching for books in the first pic after I read the title n gave up thinking something was wrong with me… I then read your post 🙂 

  43. I am in love with this outfit. That top is to die for! books or buildings, I don’t care (: 

  44. I think this is my favorite outfit I’ve seen in a while. Very clean and simple, but still fun with a lot of personality. And of course it’s impossibly chic. And that shirt is way too cute!

  45. Love the blouse! It’s so cute with all the buildings on them! (: haha, I can see how you can mistake them for books, though! I love spring as well! Can’t wait for spring clothes! YAY.


  46. I am loving this top!  The color, print, and fabric are just too cute 🙂

  47. I can’t wait until summer comes either Kendi! Your top is really cute too – I love sheer fabrics and pussy bows!

  48. I bought this top right after I read this post. It came in the mail today – I love it! I might have to buy  that skirt now, too. Thanks, Kendi!

  49. Do you have other outfits featuring these boots? I LOVE them and I’m trying to decide if I should splurge and get them. I’d love to see other ways to wear them… Let me know! Thank you 🙂

  50. your blog should be called Kendi once every two weeks, because you dont post everyday

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