3.5.12e{Blazer: Similar | Wedges: Seychelles | Jeans: Similar | Clutch: Similar | Scarf: Similar
I can’t stop with the colored pants. I’ve had to have a talk with myself of buying no more. Now I see a color and think “I wonder if they make jeans in that color…” Colored jeans are the new girl scout cookies: they are everywhere and I can’t stop buying them.
In my defense, I bought these on sale back in January before I knew I had a problem. Making excuses is the first step to recovery right? 

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  1. I bought almost identical green jeans at Gap this weekend, love them.  Like GS cookies, you really can’t have enough colored pants…

  2. I usually wear my green jeans from UO with a casual sporty look, but this is such a great glam green jeans look! (say that three times fast)

  3. I’m planning on wearing a similar colored top with my green jeans later this week. Love to see that the color combo looks good together! Those wedge loafer shoes are adorable!

  4. Those look AMAZING!! I wanted those jeans so bad but by the time they went on sale they were out of my size. 

    And I just love the pop of pink in your scarf – such a great combo with green.

  5. I love the mixture of the bright jeans with a softer top. The scarf is such a great compliment!


  6. You ARE officially addicted, aren’t you?!  That’s ok, I totally love them on you…esp because you always wear them differently, so it doesn’t get stylistically boring.  These green ones are my favs so far!!!

    <3 cambria

  7. I love Francescas!  They just opened one on Long Island finally last year.

  8. the green pants look asome on you! 
    and I really don’t think you have a problem, I mean at least not a serious one 😉

    xxx Anita

  9. i feel the same way. how many colored jeans really are too many?  i don’t think there is a way of knowing.

  10. You are adorable! And I love all your colored pants! I am a huge fan of colored pants. I just bought some red ones and I can’t wait for my weather to get warmer so I can start wearing them. Don’t stop wearing them 🙂

    I would love it if you checked out my blog!


  11. I love green (and other colored) pants!!!  I have to constantly tell myself I cannot wear my green ones everyday, because it’s unlikely that I would have multiple pairs and they don’t exactly blend in with generic jeans.

  12. Ah I’m wearing my green pants right now too, same color. I can’t get enough of them! So fun and spring-y!

  13. I am seriously considering giving into colored pants! I really want a pair in a raspberry color…. 🙂 You look wonderful in colored pants, btw!

  14. Love, love LOVE those jeans! I’ve been looking for a pair myself 🙂 great outfit!

  15. I want that floral scarf! The print is so pretty with your green jeans! I just bought my first pair of color denim (in green actually) and now I also want them in every color, sigh.

    The Tiny Heart

  16. Admitting the problem is defintely the first step..haha. As for the colored pants trend, I love it! I think having many colored pair of pants is not soo bad unless you are getting good use out of all of them. A good purchase is one that has multiple uses.

  17. I’ve been coveting green jeans for about a month now…Ive seen them at both Old Navy & Gap too. I’ve given up shopping for Lent….these green jeans have been my greatest temptation…errrrr

  18. Are you sporting another sock bun?  Having your hair away from your face is very flattering.

  19. Super cute look!  I love those green jeans!  I would totally buy myself colored jeans too if I was letting myself shop for clothes!!  (Already too much of everything in my closet…)

  20. Love them! Don’t be offended that I’m now thinking of Mr. Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo…

  21. I have ZERO colored denim. It’s as if I’m a person that’s never eaten cheese! Missing out on such a lovely thing!

  22. i’m still undecided as to if i can pull them off or not… but i love them so much!  its all in attitude right??

  23. love! my husband is not a fan of that shade of green but I dig it. I still love that blazer. and those wedges are the bomb. do people still say that? probably not 😉

  24. speaking of green and girl scout cookies, i can’t stop giving into those little girls that sit outside walmart with those boxes of thin mints. 

    great photos!

    alissa b

  25. I feel the same way. I have red, blue, green, and now I want pink, light orange and pastel yellow. It’s so hard to control the urges!

  26. Kendi, I love your outfits! But truth be told I come back for your everyday comments. You have the greatest sense of humor. I look forward to it everyday. see u tomorrow 😉

  27. I’m right there with you on the colored jeans thing – I just bought a pair of pink ones… can’t wait to try em on!

    Anywho, I adore green on you – and those shoes are fierce!

    And never make an excuse to shop – like I always say: Shopping is an investment in your happiness!


  28. Haha, I’m the same with colored jeans lately! I have the same colored pair of jeans too, except I have no excuse, seeing as how I bought them last weekend. They are so bright and perfect for spring!
    Adore the floral scarf and how you styled yours. So fresh and pretty. Definitely saving this look in my files for inspiration 🙂


  29. the scarf is amazing. makes me want spring already!!!


  30. I just bought a pair in cranberry and can't stop thinking about what hue I want next, either! I love the green….

  31. i like this shade of green. i recently purchased a pair myself. even though i’m not the type who would ever buy a colored pair i just went for it and it actually looks pretty good.  you look lovely!

  32. hahah <3 the pants. yay for fun color!


  33. I love green! I love those pants! And that scarf. Speaking of cookies, I’ve been on a fig newton kick. I can’t stop. You have a problem with colored pants. I have a problem with cookies. What to do???

  34. I'm jealous of your sock bun. You inspired me to buy a sock and try it. I failed miserably. 🙁 LOVE those pants! I might have to stop at Anthro soon !

  35. Thanks, Kendi! I have a pair of kelly green jeans myself (from J.Crew) and am looking for more ways to wear them.  (if I could wear them every day I would).  Love the idea of pairing them with a fun scarf!

  36. Beautiful outfit!! I love how effortless it looks! (: I love the pants and the scarf is lovely. 


  37. I am IN LOVE with this outfit! All the colors shout spring–and your colored pants are amazing! Also, I’m eyeing your shoes: they are adorable!

    xo, gina


  38. Love the shade of green! Check out more of the green trend from the streets of Milan

  39. Gorgeous as always! Nice colour combo …  and the piece of writing is just so funny- loved it!

  40. I bought one pair of mint green pants, then went back the next day and bought purple!  I just can’t stop myself!!!!!

  41. I love the scarf! I haven’t had a chance to get into the colored pants thing yet. I keep telling myself I’ll try it though. Look on the bright side, colored pants are a lot better for you than Girl Scout cookies (^_^)

  42. Love them! I’m obsessed with green pants/jeans this season. I bought an awesome pair of green pants from JCP but I might have to have some jeans the same shade. 🙂

  43. Don’t stop with the coloured pants! You’ve inspired me to break out of the blue jeans mold!

  44. I noticed you wear A LOT of Meli Bianco bags.  How do you find the wear on them? Do they hold up for a while, or do they serve better as a trend piece that doesn’t need to last forever?

  45. I am on the hunt for some perfect colored jeans! haha (;  Yours are wonderful! 

  46. I was so excited to see you have green pants, so I can get ideas on how to style my own that shade! Its a harder color than originally thought… love the light pink with them though 🙂 

  47. These are so cute on you!

    I have been looking for a pair of kelly green jeans EVERYWHERE and have yet to find the perfect pair for a decent price. Granted, I love my colored pants (going on 6 pairs now…) but I don’t want to spend a ton on them in the unfortunate case that they stop being so stinking cute. My quest continues…


    1. Agreed!!! Some dude gave me a smug look in my cobalt jeans and I overheard a chic say “I need sunglasses” (pretty sure she was talking about me or maybe I was already feeling selfconscious from the dude look?) but anyway, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one out there sporting this trend in all its glory!!!

  48. I love colored jeans! I’m having such a hard time finding the right pair though. ):

  49. I love the green pants on you! I’ve been searching for some sea foam ones myself. Seen any anywhere recently? Hope you’re having a good week!


  50. i love your outfits! the way you pair things is awesome. I am constantly checking back here for inspiration 🙂


  51. I fully expect that you bring these out for St. Patty’s Day next week. 😉

  52. Hi Kendi,
    Just wanted to let you know that your makeup always looks flawless. I would love to see a video/tutorial for you makeup/skincare routine. Thanks so much for your blog 🙂

  53. I found your blog one night while I was up feeding my baby. Then I couldn’t find it again and I was just reading someone’s blog and saw a link to yours. Woo hoo! I love your outfits!



  54. But this obsession is one that is totally worth it because they look so great on you! I am a big fan of the colored jeans as well–just bought 2 pairs this weekend 🙂

  55. This post embodies everything I love! I bought red and bright blue jeans and I want more! I don’t know if I could pul off green or magenta jeans but you do it well. I’m on the market for a blazer too.


  56. I am lovin’ your colored denim. I personally would like red, blue, and green. But curently I am fasting from shopping for lent 🙁 Not sure if you would be interested but there is a new custom denim store in downtown LA if you’re ever “in the area” called den.m bar. They make any cut you want and it’s tailor made to your body in premium quality denim.

  57. I always love the jeans+blazer combo,  but in fun jeans and with a scarf is extra cute! You are so inspiring to me i love reading your blog!

  58. cute scarf! I can’t wait to go spring shopping. I’m gonna try out your “working closet series” ! I’m figuring out how to pair outfits! soooo pumped (: you’ve inspired me

  59. I have a fetish for scarves. It’s an intense passionate love affair lol. Your scarf is adorable and the pants are sooo cute!

  60. I am old enough to remember (fondly) Captain Kangaroo’s friend Mr. Green Jeans.  Your ensemble is so much cuter, of course, but your post title really brought back sweet memories. I love your style.  It’s very inspiring and real, transcending age differences. 🙂

  61. love love those jeans! I need to find a colored pair.

  62. This is such a cute look! I’ve been debating about getting a pair of colored skinny jeans! You’ve helped me decide, it’s most definitely something I need to go try on in the store now.

  63. One of my friends commented yesterday about how when I shop for jeans, I go straight to the colored ones and don’t even look at the rest. But colored pants are just so much better! 🙂 You look fantastic here! I love your jeans and your scarf!

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