1.18.12b{Sweater, Chambray Shirt, Similar Jeans, Similar Wedges}
Let’s be honest — I would have gladly worn this outfit in third grade. Of course I would have most likely won best dressed for third grade; I judge this mainly on the basis that most 8 year olds don’t wear heels and I don’t have lunch crusted on my face. Now that I think about it, I’d pretty much face off with a third grader any day of the week on any topic besides Geography (simply because I realized where Hawaii was just this year and I don’t own map pencils). But even as a 27 year old, it feels good to be wearing hot pink pants with a polka dot sweater AND to know where Hawaii is on a map. 
Elementary my friends, elementary. 

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  1. LOVE this outfit. The pants are such a great pop of color and I’m crazy for polka dots. Also, I’m embarrassingly terrible at geography. Take those mid-west states, for example. Couldn’t name them if my life depended on it.

    Rebecca (hearts)…

  2. Love the outfit! That polka dot sweater is sooo cute, I might have to stop by Old Navy! 

  3. Love this polka dot sweater! I should’ve bought it when I had the chance…they sold out of my size. Sigh. The pink jeans look wonderful against the navy blue.


  4. love this outfit! I really wanted that navy polka dotted sweater from Old Navy but I think its sold out online and the closest Old Navy is like 2.5 hrs away lol I’m looking forward to hearing you speak at the Texas Style Council in March!

  5. regardless of if you would have worn this in elementary school, its flawless! i love the pop of pink that compliments the navy blue. its all just so aesthetically beautiful to look at. 

    – tiana of l’esthetique

  6. I have almost everything to make that outfit! Just waiting for my pink pants from ASOS. Hurry up already!!

  7. My 8 year old would give you a gold star for the hot pink pants and of course for the heels…but I’m afraid she wouldn’t give you the full prize because, in her words, “You don’t match.”  Apparently to 8 year olds (at least the one in this house), the epitome of fashion is wearing an outfit that is from head-to-toe the exact same color. AKA “the pimp suit”.

  8. Kendi, this is a great outfit. My first grade daughter would love it, too! I think the genius to your style is that it is approachable for ALL ages. 😉

  9. ohmygosh….I am in love with the polka dots…and hot pink skinny jeans?!?!!? Yes, yes and yes!!! Super cute… from 3rd grade to whatever age!!!

  10. LOVE that sweater.  I have it in pink!  And I teach third grade – I have to say there are a few of them with really good style – sometimes I’m envious of their clothes.  : ) 

  11. I feel like you’re channeling Kenley from Project Runway and the pink and polka dot gown she designed on last night’s episode. (http://ow.ly/8y20G ) …Also, I feel like if you’re going to channel anyone, it might as well be someone with a similar name. So… there’s your stamp of approval. Adorable. 

  12. I love the look of blue and pink together! And the polka-dotted sweater and chambray shirt look perfect together! I would have never thought of that. I hope you have a great day!

    xo, gina


  13. Map pencils – love it! I’ve been wanting to buy this sweater for a while and always get wishy-washy about it when the time comes. It looks really great on you!

  14. I own that sweater in pink. My husband has dubbed it the “old lady sweater”. I’ll have to tell him, “No you’re so off – it’s a little kid’s sweater. Ha!”

  15. I actually did win “Best Dressed” in third grade. I won it for my cow vest, jangly cowbell earrings, and chicken bag ensemble I called my, “Farm Girl” look. I really wanted to win the “Best Handwriting” award, but looking back, I’m pretty proud I fashion-peaked at the age of eight.

    I love the graphic print of that sweater! You don’t see a lot of large polka dot prints, do you?

  16. i would never have thought pink pants could look so chic! i feel like fashion in the 3rd grade is some of the best kind…i never cared what anyone thought and always wore exactly what i wanted! a great way to be! 

  17. Kendi,
    your comment about Hawaii made me laugh out loud. I learned that England was an island way too late in life. I’m talking … sophmore year of college. Yikes!

  18. I am wearing the same sweater today! I will have to try it with pink pants for the weekend (unfortunately pink pants are not work-appropriate for me).

  19. I loooove the hot pink and navy combo. And of course anything with polka dots is automatic bonus points. I was listening to an 8-year-old tell me that since her dad is from Miami, he visited Florida all the time, to which I responded, “that makes sense!” So I don’t think my grasp on Hawaii is quite as good as I thought it was.



  20. Oh yeaaa. I really love the polka dots too. It looks really good with the skinny pink jeans.
    Hey, third grade nowadays wear funky outfits too. They are even more stylist than us.


  21. I just bought that sweater in the pink version!  It was on sale for $12.  Mine probably wouldn’t look good with your pink pants though…

  22. I’ve been eying that sweater at Old Navy for a few days now… think you just forced me into getting it. Thanks!!! =D


  23. I’ve been eying that sweater at Old Navy for a few days now… think you just forced me into getting it. Thanks!!! =D


  24. Love the polka dots … those are all bargain pieces and yet the outfit looks like a million bucks!

  25. That polka dot sweater is so popular! I’ve seen it on quite a few bogs and I also happen to own the pink version of it! 

  26. But do you know where Alaska is? That’s the real question. The question that I didn’t know the anwser to very recently.

  27. This outfit is too much cuteness in one post! I totally adore that sweater and those fun pants 🙂


  28. That looks really pretty! You r blog is also really nice. I can’t find a lot of nice blogs atm, so I’m really glad I found yours:)

  29. I got the same sweater for Christmas!  I suppose now I need pink pants 😉

  30. You are lookin smart today Ken! I will share my map pencils with you! 

  31. I JUST bought this sweater last week and I did just the opposite… I mixed it with skinny jeans and a pink camp shirt. perfect!

  32. Quite a bold outfit, but you pull it off with grace and ease. Haha. I love it!


    – Katelyn

  33. dots and hot pink, can’t go wrong. 

    also, have you always looked like katherine mcfee or am i just bombarded with “smash” commercials and am grasping at straws to have you in living color in my living room?

  34. I really like the color combination here! Cute outfit!


  35. Love the polka dot sweater.   I really like how you mixed it with the pink and the chambray shirt.  

    7eventh Letterhttp://www.whatsmoreimportantthanfashion.com/

  36. Love the colors! I actually have that sweater from Old Navy! I LOVE IT! Doesn’t it make you wonder why colorful outfits seem to be child-like? Why can’t we adults enjoy bright colors mixed around? You should see all the spring clothes coming out in the stores; citrus bright – it’ll be a bright spring!

  37. I saw this sweater at Old Navy, it reminded me of the Madewell polka dot sweater, but I was too lazy to try it on and didn’t buy it. Regretting it!

    <3 The Daily Dani

  38. I just have to say…I love all of your style. I am a thrifter and it has been great to be inspired by your posts. I was about to bite the bullet and just buy something online (the above blue polka-dotted pullover), but it is no longer available on Old Navy online (or I just couldn’t find it). Anyway…you are awesome and thanks again for all of the inspiration. 

  39. awww! I knew when I saw your sweater that it was from Old Navy! Their clothes are getting to be super cute and stylish! and they’re always cheap 🙂
    also, i adore your pink pants!xoxo.Larissahttp://livingincolorstyle.blogspot.com

  40. Love the combination of colors and the polka dots, this is such a fun casual outfit! The sweater looks just like the Madewell one, but I’m sure it’s much more of a deal!

  41. this outfit makes me want spring!!! You’re gorgeous!


  42. So so so cute. I think you trump a third grader any day. I could in everything but math. Together us “old” ladies could rule the world! 

  43. LOVE the dots on you!! PERFECT outfit my dear Kendy!!!! Elementary Mr. Watson!!!!!!

  44. This is such a whimsical and put-together outfit! I wish I was this well-dressed in third grade, haha! 🙂

  45. Great colour, I also have of these pants in pink, green, orange and black. I just
    love them 🙂
    To mee those pants have to be bright 🙂
    I really like the way you’ve styled them.

    with regards,

  46. Hi! I am a girl, I am not a lesbian!!! But still, I just have to say one simple thing to you – I LOVE YOU. You are so funny!! I love your style to the core. You are awesome girl!! Just keep going!!

  47.  Too funny! Third graders are pretty cool, you know! 🙂
    I love that polka dot sweater, it’s such a good pattern to have in your closet! And I have been wanting some bright red pants but you might have just convinced me that hot pink would be an awesome choice instead!

  48. I live with a third grade girl and it’s funny,  there is a big pink back lash among the 8 year old set. Pink pants are so second grade!!! Trend or not, there will be NO pink anywhere for my third grader. But for me? Now that’s a different story. I saw the rainbow of colorful pants at the H&M downtown and can’t wait to get a pair.


  49. Yea for polka dots!  Although the super bright pants really add a little KAPOW to the ensemble.

    Also yea for your confidence!  I’m pretty sure I’m not brave enough to even attempt to pull off neon pink pants.

  50. You make me seriously glad I bought that Old Navy sweater. Better than seeing it on the mannequin at the store 🙂

  51. Aww I love the pink with the polka dots, it’s 3rd grade chic 😉


  52. I love that shirt. I wore mine yesterday. I never thought to pair it like this. thanks for the inspiration.

  53. I just discovered your blog and I think your style is very pretty. And I think the way you add the brands to the first picture is very nice and easy to view for the readers. 
    Best wishes,

  54. I absolutely Love your blog! you are so funny and adorable 😀 I’m in hopes that my blog can someday reach yours 😉


  55. Seriously, I’m in loooove with polkadots these days.  

  56. Found your blog recently and have been by a few times — this outfit is the first one that inspired me to comment. Love love love — and would love it more if you included a 3rd grade picture of yourself in something similar for verification purposes. 🙂

  57. 1) Third grade Stacey AND twenty-six (& 7/8ths) year old Stacey both wish that they had your sense of style. You’re the coolest, man.
    2) My sister-in-law thought that Alaska was situated down by Hawaii, just like they show on maps.
    3) Your hair looks so great and shiny!

  58. I seriously almost wore this exact same outfit yesterday! The pink & white polka for from old navy with my chambray underneath a d my bright blue skinny jeans! My husband affectionately referred to me as Punky Brewster!

  59. Oh my goodness, this outfit totally just made me remember my favorite 3rd grade outfit– a black short-jumper with primary colored polka dots and little plastic heart buttons. Which I wore with lace trimmed socks and patent leather Mary Janes, of course. Because I was a stylin’ third grader. I LOVED that thing.  Thanks for the memory blast from the past 🙂 Now I want to dress like a third grader…

  60. Love the entire outfit. Have these jeans and I am almost mad at myself for not getting them in other colors! You look adorable!

  61. OHHHHHH LOVE!!!! Polka dots are A-MAZ-ING!!! Also quick question: Should I just give up on Better Off Wed? I swear that blog is so hilarious and I could definitely relate. I miss those post. =[

  62. I love it! I have that sweater in blue and pink. I couldn’t stop myself at one. It’s adorable, and you look adorable. Sometimes elementary outfits are the best.

  63. Soo I'm so dang glad you linked to this post today! All of my friends last year made fun of me because I called colored pencils, map pencils! Glad to know I'm not the only one 🙂

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