50 Ways to Wear a Dress

posted on: 6/19/2012

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{Dress: Gap (different color) or similar | Flats: Target | Bracelet: c/o Oia Jules}

The worst and best part of a style blog is the constant question of "what else can I do with this piece of clothing?" It's best because it makes you think, it forces you to be creative which then leads to outfits you had never thought of before. It's worst because well for me anyways I feel like I constantly have to wear something different. Somedays I can't just wear a maxi dress -- instead I must make it awesome! amazing! best idea ever!

But today I just wanted to wear a maxi dress and try my 90's-licious vest with it. (As I'm headed to the Peach Pit for lunch. And if you don't get that reference I can't even look at it.) Is this awesome, amazing, the best idea ever? Probably not, but I like it. And that's good enough for me. 

Forgive me -- the title of this post was misleading at best. I only have about three other ways to wear a maxi dress, so with the vest that makes about 4. Only missing 46 other ways. I'll get on that soon. 

Other ways to wear a maxi: 
With a scarf, with a blazer and all alone.  


  1. I often wear my maxis as skirts with a tee or sweater over them..so onlu 45 more ways left :)

  2. Love it! I had the dilemma of what to wear with my maxi this morning and I ended up with a sweater, but I like the denim vest better!


  3. I got the Peach Pit reference, Kendi.

    Brenda Walsh wannabe