So last week, after I declared I’m not shopping Amazon any longer, there was a poignant conversation in the comments of does this mean I’m only going high end on here? Most likely no more than I already have but I honestly don’t have a plan, I just knew that I didn’t want to continue buying or sharing from Amazon. I probably should have more of a plan, a better influencer would, but per usual I just buy what I like and share it with you. Sometimes it’s a pretty dress from Nordstrom and other times it’s a pretty dress from Old Navy. As I clean my closet out, it’s not like only the expensive things stay, many ‘budget’ items make the cut a lot of times, too. ¬†I just find that I over-shop at Amazon more than any other retailer and I just want to move on to better options. There’s really no absolutes, not everything from one retailer is going to be the best for everyone for every reason, you know? So no I don’t think I’ll be blowing out my budget for the best / highest quality most sustainable pieces for my closet. More than anything, I’d just like to like what I buy and wear it well and for a while. That’s more of a goal than going full blown high end, so hopefully that gets us on the same page.

Which I have to say is so serendipitous because this dress is a great example of what I mean. This dress is from Old Navy and it’s a winner. Would buy in white and black and highly curious about the blue striped one, too. But it fits well, the poplin is nice and it flows well. If you told me this was J.Crew, I’d believe it. I love a ‘toss on and go’ dress and boy is this one of those. I am in the large, it’s slightly looser than I was expecting but overall probably the best size for me! Also it’s 30% off today!

Find the dress here!

PS: top it with a cardigan and have people question if you’re ‘old money’, as the TikTokers say. It’s not old money, it’s Old Navy lol. I also love these platform slides — I actually have a similar pair from a few years ago and love them. They’re very wearable in the summer, I can concur.

Find the cardigan here and the platforms here!

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I am in the large of the dress and I got a large in the cardigan, it fits typical.

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  1. Fooled me! I immediately pegged that dress for madewell as soon as I saw the photos. It looks like a total hidden gem.

  2. I have this dress in Black and completely agree – the quality is great, the way it hangs is great, and It’s a good length for us taller girlies – not too long, but not showing anything either! Couldn’t recommend enough

    1. Okay thank you for saying that! I feel like it’s a nice piece, especially from ON. Now I want it in black too lol.

  3. Rocking the Little White Dress with a Cardi on Top! This fashion-forward combination exudes effortless charm and versatility. The little white dress serves as a blank canvas for endless styling possibilities, while the cardi adds a cozy layer and a touch of sophistication. Whether you’re heading to a brunch date or a casual outing with friends, this ensemble strikes the perfect balance between comfort and chic. Thank you for sharing this stylish inspiration, reminding us that simple yet elegant pairings can make a bold fashion statement!

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