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 or similar | Flats: Target | Bracelet: c/o Oia Jules}
The worst and best part of a style blog is the constant question of “what else can I do with this piece of clothing?” It’s best because it makes you think, it forces you to be creative which then leads to outfits you had never thought of before. It’s worst because well for me anyways I feel like I constantly have to wear something different. Somedays I can’t just wear a maxi dress — instead I must make it awesome! amazing! best idea ever!
But today I just wanted to wear a maxi dress and try my 90’s-licious vest with it. (As I’m headed to the Peach Pit for lunch. And if you don’t get that reference I can’t even look at it.) Is this awesome, amazing, the best idea ever? Probably not, but I like it. And that’s good enough for me. 
Forgive me — the title of this post was misleading at best. I only have about three other ways to wear a maxi dress, so with the vest that makes about 4. Only missing 46 other ways. I’ll get on that soon. 
Other ways to wear a maxi: With a scarf, with a blazer and all alone.  

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  1. This look is awesome. Love the combination of the denim with the kind-of-fancy dress. 
    And I am awaiting the 46 other ways.

  2. Hey! 4 ways is a pretty dang impressive number so don’t knock it!


  3. I love maxi dresses and am so pleased to see you got your from Gap!


  4. love the colour of your dress and the combo with the tan sandals! xo

  5. That teal is so pretty…and is perfect with the awesome 90s denim!

    <3 Cambria

  6. Totally agree with you, Kendi…I think what I used to love about dresses is that you could just throw them on and go, and now that I fashion blog, dresses are my biggest conundrum because I feel like I’ve got to make them exciting. I think your vest makes the dress plenty exciting (so does your Peach Pit reference), so kudos to you! Love the look…can’t wait to see the 46 other ways haha. =)


  7. I’m actually featuring the Moss approach maxi dress from Bloom tomorrow on my blog. I hope I do it justice…it was so hot that day and my husband is doing his best with photography.

  8. As much as I try to wear denim jackets and vests again, I can’t. My extremely ugly and gawky preteen days are forever seared into my memory, and it includes the most hideous, oversized denim jacket known to man. However, I am really liking this vest to mix up a maxi. You’ve inspired me to overcome my denim fears.

    Along Abbey Road

  9. OMG!! I love your Peach Pit reference because that’s all I can think about when I think of the Denim Vest! I lived in mine in the 90s, my college years, and I have a hard time thinking of making the investment!

  10. Haha, you always make me laugh Kendi! Love the peach pit reference. Your title actually reminded me of the Paul Simon song, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.  And actually he only gave about 4-5 ways too.  Love your 4 ways of wearing a maxi dress, you look pretty as always! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia

  11. Bahaha, I totally forgot about the Peach Pit.  Anyway, I love every time you wear this gorgeous dress, and whenever you repeat any item regardless if it’s done in the most amazing way or not, for that matter.  That’s one of my favorite things about your blog!

  12. I just bought those Target shoes after seeing them in another one of your posts! They are so comfy and I love their cognac-ish color.

  13. I simply love your writing. I think it is a pity that we constantly look for something “new” when it comes to fashion. – using what you’ve already got is so much more clever.

  14. you must feel so much pressure to always reinvent the wheel – but i have to say sometimes simplicity is best and i certainly love this look just as much as any crazy imaginative way of wearing a maxi dress!

  15. gorgeous!! i love that you are using what you have in new ways – may this be an inspiration to us all to shop our own closets more often!! xox P


  16. Love the colors and how you paired it with your 90’s-licious jean jacket 😉  I also am really digging that wall!

  17. I think this is an awesome idea! I constantly think about that too. I try to be as practical as possible when I purchase things… and think of how else I can style or pair the item.


  18. I love the vest! I’ve been looking for a denim vest, instead of a jacket. This summer’s going to be way too hot for jackets. 

  19. So are you going to go surfing with Brandon and Dylan this summer?? I had to call Old Navy for a denim vest. Im getting stuck in the 80’s jamming to Def Leppard sooooo yeah.

  20. Hm, I definitely feel that way about clothes sometimes. The outfit I posted about today was really simple- “Is it really blog-worthy?” but then again…. in summer you don’t want layers and simplicity can look gorgeous as you do here. 

  21. Gawd, I used to watch 90210 every week in high school to get ideas on what I should wear to school! They were so cool and dreamy… (love the outfit, BTW)

  22. Yes! I agree…Ill plan my look for the day and think it looks great and then realize that it needs that extra something to make it post worthy! I love your vest, Ive been looking all over for a good one. Ive even considered buying a jacket and cutting off the sleeves!

  23. Beautiful look! Romantic and chick at the same time! Great job!
    You have an amazing blog)

  24. I recently found a maxi dress and I am excited to wear it different ways. I avoided them before because I was short, but now I can’t wait to find more! Check out how I wore it on my blog!


  25. I like the colour of this dress on your skin. Teal is such an odd colour on mine…well, that shade wouldn’t work for me anyway 🙁


  26. Love your maxi! As a fellow style blogger I feel your pain! I’m afraid to leave the house in just a “plain old outfit” in fear I will disappoint people! Occupational hazard! 😉

  27. As I don’t have any maxi dress, I can wait a bit for the other 46 ways to wear it 😉 I love how you combined it with this vest, such a retro style! 
    May I help you a bit (I’m not at all such a great blogger as you, but I have some ideas and perhaps you’ll like some of them): 
    – with a knotted chambray shirt or a knotted white blouse? 
    – with a white blazer (or do you count blazer in general as one possibility to wear it? Then it will be definitely difficult!), a black blazer (black is not the same as navy !),
    – with tights and something brown/autumn appropriate for autumn
    – with a cardigan over it to make it look like a maxi skirt
    – with a bouclé jacket and pearl jewellery to make it look “retro and classy”
    – with other blue/green colors to make it an “underwater maxidress-outfit” 
    Okay, enough… I hope I could help you a bit!
    (But I already think you are a pro in wearing everyday something different, I’m so glad I focus on what to wear to concerts and the opera on my blog, so that I can repeat my day-time-outfits at least!)

    xxx Anita

  28. Love it with the vest but love the Peach Pit reference even more!!  I’m not gonna lie- I got super excited when I read ’50 ways to wear a dress’!  But understand that’s quite a feat to come up with 50 ways! Such a pretty dress on you!

  29. LOVE the title…and since I’m totally addicted to maxi dresses right now, I need the 46 other ways. :). Here’s a few to add to your list…add a cardigan, a loose tank, a longer sleeveless vest, a blouse (belted or not), or a denim jacket. And feel free to post pics of those looks so I can get the nerve to wear them myself. 🙂

  30. I know what you mean! Sometimes I just want to wear the same outfit twice, it was a good outfit, doesn’t it deserve another run? O the blogging world the good and bad it brings. 

  31. Dude, you will make Dylan McKay swoon! But watch out for the wrath of Kelly and Brenda.

  32. I love the outfit. Personally, I like it when style bloggers repeat outfits but change up the accessories, it makes them seem more like real people and less like a magazine. 

  33. Love the Old Navy vest! I got the jean jacket in the light denim, but thinking about going back for the vest

    Lindsay @ LindsayJEveryday.blogspot.com

  34. I stopped buying a ton of stuff and started trying to rework what I had. It led me to a ton of new ideas! Love that vest!


  35. simple is fabulous! besides with the hot weather we’re lucky we can pull together fashionable, innovative and breathable outfits girl

  36. Not only do I love your chic, creative style, but your posts are always perfect! You seriously have fun with everything you write and wear– inspiring! 

  37. You are so right! great tips and you look beautiful in this maxi dress!


  38. I love it. The dress is soft & pretty but the vest really edges it up. 


  39. Amazing Peach Pit reference. 90210 is on Netflix. Seriously amazing to re-watch so many years later. I enjoy!

  40. LOVE the denim vest with the maxi dress!! Very cute!


  41. Thank you so much for being fashionable AND affordable! I hate when my favorite bloggers wear $300 cardigans and $800 dresses. I fall in love with their clothes and then could never afford them! Thanks for showing us how to style on a budget!

  42. I have been singing the praises of the jean vest all summer. I have the exact same Old Navy one and it’s been my favorite item of clothing for the past three months.

  43. Cargo jacket, denim jacket, wide belt, cargo vest, chambray shirt, loose off the shoulder tee, cardigan, a tank knotted in the front…the list goes on and on! 🙂

  44. I’m quite familiar with the “how can I wear this again and again but never in the same way” conundrum. Maybe you should wear this dress everyday for a week (or 50 days – just go for it – but maybe wash it a couple times) and wow us with your versatility.


  45. Lovely outfit… I’ve been so into denim lately, but wouldn’t have thought to pair this with a denim vest- Great thinking!

  46. The denim vest suits well with the maxi dress.  I constantly am faced with the problem of trying to figure out what I do with a piece of clothing. Some are winners, some aren’t but that’s the beauty of it! It’s like being a mad scientist in fashion. Love it. 

  47. I love my maxi dresses and hate putting them away in the winter, so I throw a pull-over sweater on top. In the summer I love putting a t-shirt on top with a belt and tie a knot at the bottom. Changes the look and makes it breezier! -Heidi

  48. a maxi dress is one of the best pieces to maximize a wardrobe. i love to layer mine with a turtleneck, boots and belt in the winter.

  49. I mentioned this post in my most recent outfit post 🙂 I was overwhelmed that I managed to wear something so similar to what you were wearing on the same day! Now, I must be doing something right. 

    A Little Bit

  50. Sorry! i think im the only one missing this out.. 50 ways? why can i only see a single outfit? please help! 

    1. The 50 ways was tongue and cheek, as I mentioned in the post. I did link to a few other ways to how I’ve worn it before but that’s why I said I have quite a few more outfits to go if I was going to come up with more ways. Always read my post with a heavy dose of sarcasm 😉

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