Hiiii! Okay so I did get dressed this week but I did not do my hair for most of it. It’s all about the balance. You will see the slick back pony tails or buns. I think I’ve moved past the low bun, not by choice but my hair is so long I DO look like a founding father! When I have a short bob, I can pull of the low po, but not with mid-length hair. It’s giving colonial. I’m dying to put my old hair extensions back in too. We shall see what these winds of spring blow my vanity towards. Ok let’s get to the fits!

I think this may be a swimsuit cover up, but I don’t really care. You can tell I don’t care because I also didn’t steam it. This one definitely needs a steam or an iron, whoops. This is from the new J.Crew collection and it’s a really nice linen. I’m in the medium and it runs pretty generous. I think that for me this is a good size as a dress but if I wanted it more caftan like for a cover up, I’d go up a size. I paired this with these really great sandals from Zara I just found (high quality, nice color, padded heel, 10/10 rec) and my old Clare V. standby.

Find my dress here.

(PS: it IS a dress! But as we all know all cover ups are dresses, but not all dresses are cover ups.)


I look very saucy here, like I know something you don’t know. And truth be told I probably do but you wouldn’t care to know it. Like some obscure fact about a celebrity, something like that. This top should get her own post, another Zara find and it’s a good one. It’s linen and albeit slightly cropped it’s just fine for normal jeans. These jeans I would gladly pay money for again, if I had it. This is my favorite pair of jeans right now because they aren’t too tight around the waist. And I just like AG denim, I kind of forgot about them. I’ve been wearing Madewell denim almost exclusively for years and when I put these babies on and they fit like a glove, I was like I’m back baby!

Oh and these sandals are weirdly okay to wear? I know I sound sus but like a strappy sandal with a slingback on a flat sole sounds horrible. But they’re ok — no blisters, no rubbing. I wouldn’t want to walk around Disneyland for 10 hours in them but my day to day run arounds they’re great! From Reformation here.

It’s Trench Season, my friends. And you know what that means. Wear your trench. Or get one first, if you need.

This one is from J.Crew last year and it’s’ just a good old classic trench. I’m in the 10 because the arms are tight and it hurts my feelings as well as my circulation. This week was a white tee week. Do you ever have weeks like that? Were you just kind of get in the routine of one shirt or one pair of pants, etc? I do that more than I’ve ever admitted here. I want you to think I’ve got range! But really I’ve got a hyperfixation item that changes weekly. This week a plain white tee. (This is a nice trench for under $150, about half of the j.crew one!)

I also broke down and bought Sambas. The red ones. I feel cool. I feel seen. I still want the blue ones.

Oh and the pants! This is the denim version of the Harlow pants at Madewell. I love them but I wish they were a smidge bigger in the waist. If you have a rounder waist, you gotta go up a size. Them’s the breaks my friend. I am in the 30 and they still a wee bit tight.

Find them here.

I’ve been stupidly saving this skirt for an occasion and you know what? Wednesday was the occasion. I just wanted to wear it. I also want to shoot it but the weekends have been torrential downpours here. But if I get B to shoot me in this, let’s all act surprised ok? Oh and it’s those Zara sandals again! I love finding a sandal I know I will wear all season long. Like I know I’ll miss these when I eventually lose them or mess them up. That’s how you know it’s real.

I am in the 10 of the skirt, I’d say pretty TTS! It’s a voluminous skirt so just FYI. It’s on sale, too!

Also I’ve been loving my hair in a high pony. Hi-po is what we call it around here. Honestly now that I’m looking at it, it could be higher. Next week’s goal.

Okay so now we are going to start the part of this series where I wear the same pair of shorts for the rest of the week. Again, Zara. I obviously got sad and spent $200 at Zara one day online and kept it all. The shorts, the shoes, the tops. Oh yes, I said tops. This top is from Zara too and she’s gorgeous. It’s linen and it’s pretty darn thick, structured and the buttons are placed just right. I hate when buttons are either right in the middle of your bra or too high or too low and you can find where to unbutton it.

You can find the shorts here + the top here!

Also I really wanted you to see my ring, cue the close up photo. Thanks, it’s Madewell.

This is the same outfit as this but with shorts and flats. This is the same pair of shorts as above and you will see them again. I told you — it’s a full fixation. Also am I in my appropriate length of shorts era?! Is this for real this time or will I end up rolling them shorter? Only time – and questionable morals — will tell.

Find the Zara shorts here. 

Also love these flats BUT they run about a half size short. I’m assuming they will stretch but they’re a bit snug. Find them from Madewell here!

Remember those sweat pant shorts? I kept them. They’re so damn comfortable. I wore this outfit to the park. 10/10 would wear again. This sweatshirt is from an old capsule, it’s an old H&M one. And it’s one of my favorites. It goes to show you that sometimes even the cheaper things have the most value in your closet. I wear this sweatshirt all the time and it was like $30 max.

Closet dupe I could find to the sweatshirt here and my rag & Bone sweatpant shorts are here!

Okay last but not least this outfit was one of the same days as the other, but it was for pick up. I changed my mood and my outfit, all within a 5 hour span. Find this ribbed sweater here!

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8 Responses

  1. agree with kate That post was funny. Over and over. The bit abt the ring. The hair. All of it, It was girltalk at its best. Have a nice WEEKEND.

  2. Hi there. Any advice on sizing for the sambas? So many mixed reviews on – line. Run big, run small – maybe the shoes are not exactly alike between different colors or something but very mixed advice out there. Thanks!

    1. I think they run large! The red ones I have are size 9 and I”m very much a Women’s 10. The green gazelles I have are 10 and are honestly a bit large! I could have done a half size down in the gazelles but the Sambas I went to a full 9. Wild huh? I hate inconsistent sizing, but I do think at least a half size down you’ll be good.

  3. what size did you grab that Zara linen shirt in? I think I bought a similar one a few years ago and I remember the sizing being a little wonky. love it in the other colors too!

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