Emmett is the name of my jeans, if you were wondering. And she’s pleased to meet you. I love that clothing brands now use cool girl names for clothes. It’s akin to the free range eggs you buy at a supermarket having a back story of the hen that laid them. I like to think that “Emmett” too has a back story. She’s a professional in her 30s who just bought her first house in the suburbs, but she commutes to the city. She’s been unsure of where she fits in because she’s a wide leg and the skinny jean girlies have excluded her, in the past few years, so she took up hobbies, traveled and truly found herself. Now it’s her time to shine. She’s also considering bangs and is not taking your advice about it. Emmett does what Emmett wants to do.

I feel like back stories to clothing is the natural step after naming them ridiculously modern names and I am putting myself out there for this position. To all national brands of clothing: I will make up past lives of all of your products if you hire me. Because I’m already doing it in my head, might as well get paid for it.

Okay in all seriousness, I do love this pair of jeans from Madewell. It’s been a hard transition for me to go towards the wide leg jean trend. I ignored it for so many seasons. I know why though– my legs are my favorite body part and my waist is my least favorite. Wide legs hide my legs, highlight my waist. This isn’t fun for me. If you too have a round waist but skinny legs, you feel this. Why would I want my whole body to be the same shape? Look I’d love to be an hourglass, but I feel like a regular glass. Like a pint of beer, my whole body is just one big curved yet rectangle shape all the way down to the feet, sweating droplets at room temperature and tasting worse by the minute. But this pair of jeans weirdly doesn’t feel that way. There is a seam in the back that gives this pair of denim a nice shape but doesn’t allow the jean to go too wide. So I’m giving the illusion of wide leg, but it’s quite straight to my hips and for me, this creates a less wide silhouette dare I even say these wide legs give me a shape.

I think they may run a bit generous because I’m in the 30 and they fit perfectly. Regular length for me as well! Find them from Madewell here.  (They go by the name Emmett.)

Also the heel height on Madewell shoes used to bother me because it was too low. But now? I love it. I used to want a 4 inch heel but now I”m like “oh a 2 inch? Cool, I can actually walk in it.” And that’s personal growth.

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I am in the large of the top, TTS. Slightly sheer. I am in the 30 regular length of the denim, fit is TTS.

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