Denim Jackets and Other Fears

3.13.12d{Dress: Simply Audrey | Jacket: Similar | Belt: Similar | Bracelet & Watch | Wedges: Similar}

I don’t know about you, but there are a select few pieces of clothing that I am traumatized by from my high school days. Jean jackets, denim overalls, 4″ wedged flip flops with large faux flowers attached to them just to name a few. Wind suits. I’m traumatized by wind suits, too. These are the things my nightmares are made of. I don’t know why but high school kind of ruined denim jackets for me; I’ve been weary of them since. (We can’t even talk about denim overalls. My therapist says it’s still too soon.)
But I’ve been seeing denim jackets everywhere and I knew that I had to take the plunge. So I took the cheap plunge and found this one on sale. So far so good — I got it last week and I’ve worn it 4 times since. Fear of the jacket has been conquered. 
It’s official — I’m in that annoying growing your hair out again stage. I feel like my hair says to me every morning: “remember when your hair was cute and short/remember when your hair was long and pretty?” Only a few more years until it’s long again. Hopefully overalls and platform flower flip flops will be back in by then.
  • Whitney Sherrell

    Glad you decided to get a denim jacket! I still had mine from HS & everytime I wear it people ask where I got it. My response: GAP 2002. Lol

    Love that dress, too!


  • Mrs. Baker

    Glad you conquered your fear! It looks good and love the dress!

  • Carrie Vintage

    I love the denin jackets and your outfit is lovely <3

  • Felecia Ward

    I love your ladies who lunch dress in minty fresh green!

    Oh, the fashion flashbacks of owning platform flip flops in four colors with a big flower on them. Wait…today, I posted a pair of hot pink wedges (my new color obsession I previously mentioned here) with a big flower on them. I bought them in orange too! Progress?? Hmmm.


  • Suzyy – Vaidades Femininas
  • Roseystyle

    I LOVE everything about this look. From the jacket, to the shoes to the pop of pink of the skinny belt. You have nothing to fear, you are fabulous.

  • Sarah

    I think I lucked out I kept my denim jacket from 6 years ago and didn't have to purchase a new one. Mint is a perfect color on you!