Sorry for the slight blogging delay (I started having withdrawals on day two, I’ve missed you guys) but I was at a blogger conference over the weekend. Ironically enough, I wasn’t able to blog during the blogging conference. It seems so wrong, right?  But I digress. 
Of course I had no idea what to wear so I turned to my trusty mustard pants. And not to make my favorite red orange pumps jealous, but I might have picked up some new pink shoes. Pink is the new  red orange.  Right, Pantone
And if you ever wondered what I look like while giving a speech, it’s this: 


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  1. I love the pink shoes with the mustard pants! I just bought some yellow pants. I think you made me do it. That’s what I told my husband, anyway! Can’t wait to wear them!

    1. The speech was awesome!  TxSC was so fun, wasn’t it!
      Betsy cuteandcomfy.wordpress.com

  2. I love the purple shoes and pink lips! So cute!!

    Check out my blog!


  3. Arg the combo of mustard pants and pink shoes is AMAZING. You are awesome! It looks so Spring-y too with the mint top. Love 🙂

  4. Ultimate blogger goal: Actually get to go to a fun conference/meetup someday.

    You look awesome in your vibrant colors and I heard nothing but good things about your talk. (:

  5. I really love your outfit! I’d never thought of combining these colors together, but it looks just perfect! I really admire all these great ideas you have and I’d wish to have an as “colorful” closet as you! but well, that’s why i read your blog 😉

    xxx Anita

  6. I’m a new follower of yours and I looooove your blog (and these shoes)! By the way, I was so inspired by your Working Closet Series that I literally cleaned & organized my closet and went shopping this weekend. Lol okay, so I’d been planning to do a major closet “purge” forever but your posts were the final push I needed. My closet thanks you :o)

  7. You are a beautiful speaker! And I do love those mustard pants with your new pink shoes! 

  8. Love this color combo! Quirky, but it works like magic 🙂


  9. I love how the necklace matches perfectly with the top, but adds some amazing texture. Your speaking looks wonderful to me! I’m glad people wanted to listen to you!

  10. Love love love these mustard pants. You look like a natural speaking up there!


  11. Love how you incorporate so many different colors yet still make it work.

  12. SO compelling, Kendi 😉  Are those slingbacks?  I’m super jealous, hard to find style of shoe.  And I love that you’re wearing pastel/bright versions of the primary colours.

    <3 Cambria

  13. The colors in this outfit are great!!



  14. Kendi these colours are just HEAVENLY… I have similar pink heels – you’ve made me need mustard trousers just to go with my heels! And well done you on the speech, that takes some guts girl :))

    Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

  15. whoa.  did you get an oscar for this performance?  because you are SELLING it, woman.  i am convinced that you are serious about blogging.  compelling, indeed.
    (i really wish i could’ve been there!!  next year…)

  16. Wish I could have been there to see you speak! I’m going to for sure make it out there for the conference and sxsw next year! 

  17. I loved your speech yesterday as the keynote speaker! It really spoke to me as a blogger to be confident in my voice and stay true to myself and follow my dreams no matter the challenge. Unfortunatley I was unable to speak and meet you at the conference but I did speak with your husband on Saturday at the speed mentoring session. After hearing your speech yesterday, I loved that you both were on the same page and both gave out amazing advice and motivating inspiration!

  18. Love the mint colour and love the pretty shoes!!
    xo Heatherhttp://ahopelessnotebook.blogspot.com/

  19. Was it the conference in Austin! I am so bummed I missed it! I am from San Antonio and when I found out about it, it was already to late. I would have loved to hear your info. I love your oufit, you really have a good eye for mix and matching colors. 

  20. Very compelling. Perhaps you should think about a career in motivational speech, cause that face and body language say it all. I mean, look at those hands. Compelling.

    I dig the color block combo. Nicely done, Kendi.

    Along Abbey Road

  21. I love this outfit…and I’ll be picturing that necklace in my jewelry box dreams.

  22. what a perfectly brilliant color combination here, kendi! i love the soft mint, mustard, and fushia. and i love the picture of you giving a speech. i’m sure whatever you were saying was absolutely brilliant. and even if it wasn’t…you looked great so whatever. 🙂

  23. You were so wonderful. Thank you for your words. I keep thinking, “my bog is not my identity…it is my blog. it is just a blog.” It was a joy to meet you in person too.

  24. i love the color palette! i love the fact that i had to study the photos a little bit to truly see the beauty in the colors 🙂

    tiana of l’esthetique

  25. And you were compelling! How great is it that all 95% of us last year said so? I love the mustard + pink.

  26. you are too pretty… i have been following your blog since day one and still look forward to reading it everyday.. xoxo autumn

  27. you look adorable! that outfit is the perfect transition into spring. and you look so comfortable giving the speech! 🙂

  28. And you gave a fabulous speech Kendi.  I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say!  My favorite line (yes, I was writing notes on my phone): “the danger comes when you look around and see everyone else’s best and think it’s their always.”  TRUTH.

    1. “the danger comes when you look around and see everyone else’s best and think it’s their always.” 

      Brilliant observation — I’m quoting this!

      Wish I could have heard the content of your speech — I love your wit and I’m sure in your speech you displayed it in spades.  Care to share with us what you talked about, pretty please?

  29. Hi Kendi,
    I follow you on reader so I never get to comment but I have to say you’re one of my favorite fashion blogs not only for your cute outfits but for your writing! I love your sense of humor!

  30. so exciting! I saw all of those action shots of you speaking at TXSC on Instagram- It made me wish I was there… maybe next year! 🙂
    you look lovely- great outfit choice and perfect for spring!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  31. I adore the combination of colors!!! So beautiful and spring-like!! (: Very pretty!!


  32. You are just so adorable. And really awesome at mixing and matching colors. Go you.

  33. Truly inspiring.  My fav was “Comparison is the theif of joy.”  I think that should be all bloggers’ motto.  I ended up with your skirt from the swap and can’t wait to wear it.  Take care!
    The Mrs. and The Momma

  34. I love the whole outfit. I am absolutely in awe of you finding a necklace and a sweater in the same color. Wish I could have been there for your compelling speech! Are you going to be there next year too?

  35. I love your use of colour in this outfit and your shoes are especially gorgeous.


  36. Your shoes are probably the single most expensive piece of clothing you wear every day, and are undoubtedly the garment you put under the most stress and expect the most out of. Take care of them and you can get some extra mileage out of your clothing budget.

  37. Great you!!!!!! Love the outfit: lovely Mint, sweet mustard, great pink!!!! and the necklace? a classic Kendi accessory!!!! You look good even when you sleep…I am sure!!
    Kisses from rainy Greece!!(and with big crisis!)

  38. Love the way you put this colors together. Also, super cool the way the necklace matches the sweater…love!

  39. Of course your outfit was amazing…but your speech was so inspiring…even for those of us who have been out there for awhile.  I will share parts of it with my audience but also with my high school students!  You are living a dream and a great example of how others can do the same!!  Keep up the great work!  You are precious!

  40. This is my absolute favourite necklace of yours. I hope that doesn’t sound like I creepily categorize your clothing and such… 😀

    I love the colours here… They make me happy!

    Congrats on giving a speech at the conference, I’d be so so so anxious! 🙂

  41. I just adore those colours together. And I especially love that frosty mint colour!
    Just lovely! Jx

  42. I love this outfit, and your speech was so great!  I loved your comment about the danger of seeing others’ best and thinking it’s their always, and it was also great to hear the reminder that when you jump you will land… it may be on your face, but you will land.  You were so inspirational, and it was such a pleasure to hear you speak.  Thanks for taking the time to do this!  (Oh, and I’d definitely be in the 95%.) 🙂

  43. Beautiful! I especially love the pants but can’t really do yellow (its tragic)…I would love them in green or blue!!

  44. Love this necklace! I think you totally look like you should be giving a speech!



  45. You look like Evita Peron (or Maddona’s version) about to belt out! 😀

    BTW, I’m glad you’ve found multiple ways to wear your mustard pants, I TOLD you there were a million ways!

    Come take a look at The Austonian Tour!

  46. I love this as J.crew & Anthro are great when paired together! Keep the posh clothes coming so I can look fab. at work!!! Smiles

  47. What a great combination of colors!  Colorblocking has been one of my favorite trends these past couple of seasons.  I have so much of it in my closet.  It would be great if you could stop by my blog and see a current photo of Style Underdog.  Thanks so much!

  48. I am totally and completely iiin loooove with this outfit.. i mean…and the necklace just kills mee… love uu!

  49. Oh girl!  Your speech was great! It addressed so much more than our daily blog posts.  You had so many great quotes and made us all laugh!  (loved the outfit too, of course)

  50. Love the pink shoes, all of it! You look so very pretty…there’s a bloggers convention???? I don’t know much about the world out there!!!!

  51. Yay Kendi!! It was so awesome to meet you and I loved hearing you speak, it was such an inspiring way to kick off the conference and you truly are an inspiration in all that you do! And the outfit?! Totally fabulous! Big hugs, V

  52. This is such a great combination. I can usually put two contrasting colours together but the pink shoes completely make this outfit. You are so good at mixing colours Kendi!

  53. seeing this photo of you giving your speech, makes me want to know what your voice sounds like so bad!!….yeah, that was kinda creepy of me

    1. Bah! No I know what you mean, I do that with bloggers I read. I’m afraid that my voice is pretty disappointing — a normal voice with a Texas accent that I can’t kick. 

  54. ha ha you look so sad/passionate about something….blogging I am assuming…or clothes. LOVE those pumps….yes your orange/reds should be jealous!

  55. You did fabulous darling…I especially loved the “shot game” you introduced to us during your speech. Although I was already doing it before you said something…but I play the shot game at all times. 

    *looks around for those judging me*

    So glad you didn’t share about our private talks in between panels…the world isn’t ready for our real talks! #humblebrag

    You are fab and I didn’t get to hug you and the hubby goodbye…so hug him for me! See you in blogland!

  56. Kendi, I love the outfit!. The stormy seas necklace is one of my favorite anthro pieces ever! The mint top and mustard pants go really well with it. Can yoy please share where I can find them or similar styles?Thanks!

  57. i wish you posted more about the conference and the experience you had being the keynote speaker – i mean, that’s a pretty big deal.  i feel like i’ve learned more about you from some recaps a couple other bloggers gave and what they shared about you and your speech, so i’m a little disappointed you didn’t share more about that on your own blog.  but either way, you looked fantastic, i love the mint green top & necklace!

    1. Heidi — just because I haven’t posted anything doesn’t mean I won’t. It took a lot of time and effort to write and give the speech I did and I just don’t want to throw a post together. The subject that I spoke on means a lot to me and I want to give it the weight that it deserves. Going from the shop to a three-day conference and back to the shop doesn’t give a whole lot of time to write a great post, but hopefully in the next few weeks I can cover my experience!

      1. great, i look forward to reading it and learning more about you and your blog and the subject of your speech! i apologize if any way my comment came across as being demanding, it was not intended that way at all (darn internet that does not convey tone!). i have been following your blog for some time now and would just love to get to know you better and hear more of your thoughts about the things you have the opportunity to experience!

        1. No it really didn’t and mine probably came across as a crazy tired stressed out person. So we are even right? 🙂

          It’s actually really nice that you said something. Not that I hadn’t given thought to writing about it but sometimes my self-deprcation causes me to think that once something is done no one really cares to hear about it. So thank you for mentioning something. It’s a great encouragement. 🙂

  58. Simply adorable. The shoes are way cool!!


  59. Aha, love the last photo…”if you ever wondered…” hehe.
    How did the conference go? I love the colours in your outfit, I feel like I would not think to put these colours together. They go so well, I need to be more creative. Love it!

  60. I am very interested in the tote bag you have in these pics.  Where did you get it?

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