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I don’t know about you, but there are a select few pieces of clothing that I am traumatized by from my high school days. Jean jackets, denim overalls, 4″ wedged flip flops with large faux flowers attached to them just to name a few. Wind suits. I’m traumatized by wind suits, too. These are the things my nightmares are made of. I don’t know why but high school kind of ruined denim jackets for me; I’ve been weary of them since. (We can’t even talk about denim overalls. My therapist says it’s still too soon.)
But I’ve been seeing denim jackets everywhere and I knew that I had to take the plunge. So I took the cheap plunge and found this one on sale. So far so good — I got it last week and I’ve worn it 4 times since. Fear of the jacket has been conquered. 

It’s official — I’m in that annoying growing your hair out again stage. I feel like my hair says to me every morning: “remember when your hair was cute and short/remember when your hair was long and pretty?” Only a few more years until it’s long again. Hopefully overalls and platform flower flip flops will be back in by then.

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  1. i’ll never go back to spice girl platform wedges (i mean how in the F did i walk a mile to school in those things, i have to wonder) but i have a soft spot in my heart for overalls and i secretly want a pair even if i’m pretty sure i’d be a blogging pariah (not to mention a street pariah) if i got a pair and wore them all the time as i am tempted to do.
    i love denim jackets and can’t get enough of the late 90’s looks. also, weirdly, christopher loves any kind of 90’s derivative fashion (he of course doesn’t recognize this, but i know it instantly when he compliments me on my flared jeans and floral dresses) so i’m sure he’d be all over the overalls and denim jacket, too.
    wish i could’ve been there this weekend to hang out! i’m secretly wildly jealous and sad i didn’t make it but i will live vicariously through megan’s stories of the weekend. XO.

    1. You know I’d probably still be fine with overalls had I not gone the path of overall shorts. Also, I’m really long in my torso which causes for an abnormal amount of camel toe. But yeah, logistically I’d love to slip on some overalls some days. 

      The platform wedges were just a bad idea. I fell over a few times while just regularly walking in the hall. There is a reason boys stayed away.Kiss Megan on the mouth for me will ya? She is a gem. 

  2. 4″ wedged flip flops! Oh man…I just cringed and then laughed at the memory of those gems…


  3. When leggings made a major comeback a few years ago, I just couldn’t. They remind me too much of being in the fourth grade, with my giant T-shirt and leggings. My sister nagged me for months about buying some, but I never gave in!

  4. It is so weird how so many things I wore when I was younger, came back into style as an adult. I was also leery of the jean jacket, but it looks so cute on you!  I will not be caught dead in overalls again though. 🙂

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Kara, how do I break this to you? Flower flip flops are no longer in style, but flower bucket hats are. So don’t worry, you are still on trend. 

      1. I’d just like to say that those flower flip flops were probably your idea. I’ll take credit for the grass skirts we also wore a lot that summer – but the flower flip flops are all you 😉

  5. Oh yes, the horrors of high school fashion. I know I had quite a few faux pas moments myself. But you of course made up for any bad fashion choices then with this outfit alone, because it’s beautiful! Love how classic the jean jacket is – you just can’t go wrong with one!


  6. Remember JNCO’s? I have nightmares involving JNCO’s and flower flip flops. Also P.S. I am obsessed with mint green right now. Love that dress!!

  7. You do a great job pulling off that denim jacket- nice work! 
    Please don’t make the rookie mistake of doing the double denim (or Canadian tuxedo). I don’t care if its in style, its never a good look!! 🙂

  8. Love those wedges! They’re half-heel, half-wedge! Cute!

    Also, I’m loving the length of your hair. It’s still short enough to be sassy but long enough to be sophisticated.

    Thanks for a great keynote at TxSC! You were a wonderful speaker.



  9. The denim jacket looks great! I have 2. They are staples in my closet. I totally understand the platform wedge shoe fear. I had a baby blue pair from Delia’s. I nearly twisted my ankle walking into school one day as my friends watched, then never stopped making fun. For some reason remembering those shoes reminds me of my obsession with the Hanson brothers. Oh the awkward stages of becoming a teenage girl 🙂 

  10. LOVE that jacket!  I just saw it at the J.Crew outlets in Round Rock and wanted it. But alas, I already have a denim jacket from 1999 (which sadly enough was NOT high school for me, but college)… it’s still going strong!  Best item I bought with my Gap employee discount ever.  

  11. i hear you about the jean jacket!  i stayed away and now i absolutely love them again … just bought one a few weeks ago!

    love this look!!!

  12. the dress looks wonderful, this color is great! it really seems to me that you have everything in your closet, for everytrend, every year and season, how do you do this? And I imagine your closet very big, perhaps even “endless” 😉 Or how do you do to never wear the same outfit twice? I really try to dress different evey day, but it’s so difficutl because I have these few items I really love and I could wear them everyday…
    I really need to wear more things of my clothes, and your blog is such a wonderful source of inspiration to me, even if i don’t have an equivalent for most of the things! Thanks!

    xxx Anita

  13. I’m glad you’ve confirmed jean jackets cool again, I sadly threw mine out a couple months thinking this would never be ok to wear again. I guess I was wrong darn. I love the pink belt with the dress. 

  14. The first pic it looks like you’re floating! Also, are you kidding? Your hair is great! Lovely outfit. x

  15. I’m scared of denim jackets too… I’m Canadian and yes, I used to wear them with jeans; the Canadian Tuxedo! I’d never heard that term until I was dating an American. Yikes.  I love it with these super girly pieces though!

    I’m also in that hair stage…calling today to make an appointment for Friday!

  16. Oh my that is the worst stage of hair! but you look pretty!


  17. Too funny Kendi. I agree with you that certain periods of my life have ruined types of clothing. I JUST talked about that in my outfit post today – how my ‘uniform’ at one of my jobs in high school was white blouse nad black pants. I could never wear the combo outside of work because of that….but I’m doing it now!

  18. We must have grown up in the same era!  I too remember those pieces for HS days!  This year to me is the 80’s but in better taste!  MUCH better taste!  I have sympathy for your hair growing stages, I use to have pixie short hair and now it’s super long.  It will be long before you know it!  xoxo A-

  19. Jean jackets are one item I almost NEVER buy new…the thrift stores are full of them for about $5 and for that price I wear them until I’m tired of it then donate it back 🙂

  20. Ugh. I didn’t realize HOW traumatized I was by platform flower flip-flops until you just made me imagine them coming back. They were so tacky even the first time around.

  21. this may be my favorite outfit ever! love the color palette, it is making me happy for Spring’s arrival. I have a jean jacket that is legit a remnant from middle school… need to pull it out and make acquaintances with it again!
    And yea, platform, embellished flip-flops are a disaster, but I totally had them in every color circa 2003!xx

  22. It’s official. I’m a long term reader of yours, as evidenced by the fact that I read your debates on short hair cutting, cut it short, and are now growing it back out.  🙂

  23. very cute dress! that seafoam color is my favorite thing about spring right now 🙂 p.s. I know how you feel about that annoying hair stage! I’ve been trying to grow mine out for my wedding. I’ts 10 weeks away 🙁 we’ll see how it goes… 
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  24. denim jackets are the BEST! especially over dresses! glad you have embraced them again 🙂

  25. I’m in that annoying, my hair is way too long for my own good stage.  Time for a chop.
    Also, I super duper love this color on you.  So pretty. 

    and ps. I feel the same way about jean jackets, and overalls, and wedge flip-flops.  I think we were probably in high school at the same time…

  26. What a classically pretty outfit–that dress is gorgeous. It was lovely to meet you (again) this weekend. I do believe your keynote was my favorite part of the conference. (We are the 95%).

    1. Laura — nice to see you again and thanks for not judging our slubby appearance at breakfast. Thank you for being a part of the 95%. Now if only I could find that 5% and silence them forever.

      1. Kendi dear, I was wearing my pj shirt, and therefore, had no room to judge. Otherwise, it would have been ON.

        As for the haters, you can always kill them with kindness. Or Kind bars. 🙂

  27. Oh man, I am totally with you on the hair thing. Why does the in between ALWAYS look and feel so blah!? Short is awesome and long is awesome but in between is the PITS.

    Looking pretty as usual! Love the wedges! 🙂

  28. While looking at the pictures, my first thought was how pretty your hair looked! And then I start reading only to find you describing it as awkward! I’m worried about what that says about my taste in hair… 
    I however am in the awkward stage of growing out my blunt bangs (hopefully) before the insane Texas summer makes me melt into a frizzy mess!

    1. I totally was thinking the same thing! “gosh Kendi’s hair is so cute!– I wish I could get mine to look like that”. And I have great taste in hair, so I’m pretty sure I’m right. 🙂

    2.  Ahhh you are kind. It’s not that I think my hair is ugly it’s that I want it at either extreme — either cute or long, not that dreaded in between, ya know? And kudos to you on growing out blunt bangs, it is the worst. 🙁

  29. I love denim jackets, my fear is that I wear them too much and thus they are a uniform. Everyone is scared of windsuits. I am trying to grow my hair, weird but true I think gelatin pills help.

  30. I just bought the denim jacket at anthropologie that went on sale yesterday from $128 to $19.95! I can’t wait to get it in the mail. Love your jacket with that dress!

  31. lol oh windsuits! My dad has this awful one that he kept trying to wear despite our protests…..thankfully it hasn’t made an appearance in awhile. 

  32. Chica you hit the nail on the head!!!!  lol…you have me laughing so hard in my head (because I’m at work right now).  I got rid of my denim jacket from high school years ago and recently bought one last summer to wear with my maxi dresses.  It helped me conceal everything after I had my baby 🙂

  33. I know exactly what you mean about denim jackets! I haven’t really worn them since junior high or high school either. I’ve tried to find one that I like on several shopping trips since they’re “back in,” but there is something about my inverted triangle shape that causes them to be unflattering no matter how many I try on. I just can’t do it. =P

  34. This is so funny – I had a reader ask me the other day, “What is one thing you will never be seen wearing?”…and my answer was a jean jacket!  I have never had one (even back in my high school days) and I think they are SO cute on other people (like yours here), but there are just not “me”.

  35. I never owned one before, as I had other “cool” jackets in school.  I did see a Levi’s one on ebay for $15 and snatched it up.  Plan on wearing it with cute dresses.

  36. i’m digging this dress on you!  as for the hair, i’m going thru a weird phase, too.  it’s so long, it’s getting on my nerves.  the baby pulls on it whenever she gets a chance, i find strands as long as my arm on the kitchen floor (gross!), it doesn’t fit in regular pony tail holders, and my bangs are at a weird growing out phase…one strand just won’t stay put behind my ear!  ugh.  aren’t you glad people like me have an open forum on your blog to talk about whatever the hell i want?

  37. I almost bought a denim jacket last weekend, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked. I’ll take the plunge eventually.

  38. I love that mint green color – it’s my new favorite for spring! I just bought a pair of mint green jeans (you can never have too much colored denim, right?), and I’m dying to wear them! Now if I can just track down a bright pink belt…


  39. I have wonderful memories of denim overalls.  I’ve been looking at thrift stores lately for just the right pair.  I’m totally planning on bringing them back.

  40. Who needs to have platform flip flops when they could have amazing wedges like yours?! 🙂 

    Laura http://lauraisthriftingthroughlife.blogspot.com/

  41. I’m not quite sure what to make of the ubiquitous denim jacket either.  And the denim-on-denim last year really threw me for a loop.  Even Gap got into it.  I couldn’t jump on that bandwagon, but kudos for your half-denim bravery.

  42. So… I have long pleated skirt that I have to roll up in order to get it to a decent length.  I’m thinking I could do this with that….  🙂

  43. Jean jackets still make me cringe! I’ve seen some bloggers, like you in your outfit today, who pull it off and look great…but just not for me!

    Great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  44. ha ha. I lived in those 4″ platform flip flops and overalls in jr. high! (In my defense I lived in south texas at the time and it was so hot out!)

    I get what you mean about the denim jacket. I saw a really cute one at a thrift store the other day and I just couldn’t get over the retro in a bad way stigma. You look great though!


  45. I love your dress soo much especially how you paired it with that pink belt! It’s super cute! I’m still in high school, but I don’t really like denim jackets either. I mean I have one in my closet, but it hardly ever sees light. The one you are wearing is really cute though! It’s a lot different from mine which a very good thing! It really fits so well with everything. Ahhh I’m rambling! Anyway great outfit! 


  46. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KEEP YOUR HAIR SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really looks the best short!! Its more ‘you’ than long hair. Besides, it’ll be cooler for the summer!! 😉

    Also, I LOVE your outfit! You look amazing in jean jackets and long flowy dresses/skirts. 🙂


  47. I too had a fear of wearing denim jackets…Then.. my roommate let me borrow hers… and then I kept stealing it… stealing turned to denial of wanting one.. and then I finally broke down and bought one. I happily wear it often. 

    I kept my over-worn overalls from Highschool… so if those come back I’m good.

  48. My hair is at the same point…and it’s terrifically annoying. At least yours still looks just as cute as ever 🙂  And I can SO relate to the overalls/wedge flip-flops deal…I also have a huge thing against black shoes with those huge chunky rubber soles.  SO 6th-8th grade, ugh.

    <3 Cambria

  49. I have to admit I’ve always loved jean jackets. I probably wear mine wayyy to much. You look cute in one! 🙂

  50. I also  owned some pink platform faux flower flip flops. And when I say ‘I owned them’, I don’t just mean they belonged to me. I mean, I OWNED them. My feet looked damn good in 2000.

  51. My jean jacket is one of the most worn items in my closet, especially for spring and fall transitional dressing!


  52. yes! all of those things were ruined for me too. those wedged flip-flops still give me nightmares.

  53. I’m in the keep-your-hair-shorter camp!  You are lovely no matter the length of your hair, but something about the shorter length is so fresh and flattering.   

  54. It’s fun!  I like it!  I am also leery of denim jackets at times, but I think as long as the pieces you put it with are current, it works.  I like the pop of pink from the belt! 

  55. I love your hair short! I actually chopped mine off around the same time as you, to around the same length. I’m going to have it trimmed back to where it was, shorter hair is just easier! Both of my sisters have long, luscious mermaid-esque locks. I like to think I live vihairiously through them. 😀

    Shop Vintage!

  56. I saw a dress like that the other day and fell in love.. not sure I could pull it off as great as you do!! 

    I have one denim jacket that my sisters friend gave me last year, I’ve worn it once for a country concert. My hair’s in the same awkward stage.

  57. I’ve always loved denim jackets! Especially light denim, they never seem to fade out of style. The jacket with the dress is the most perfect spring look.

  58. I totally feel you on the in-between-hair-and-there! Ugh–you’ve written here in this post my own internal monologue of my hair angst. Yet, even though I can relate to the sentiment, I can hardly see why you have any reason to be concerned. You look fantastic!



  59. I will never forgive my step-mother for making me wear a warm up, as I call them,/ wind suit for school pictures in elementary school. I look cute in the picture but I was so self-conscious because I wasn’t all dressed up.

  60. Love the color of the dress!  I would probably pair it with a short cream cardigan and leather belt… although it might be a bit too long on my short frame. 

    I’m also on the quest to grow out my hair, but It seems to take forever!  


  61. Haha, oh Kendi, your narratives always give me a good giggle.
    So glad you conquered the denim jacket phobia! Because I love mine and use it every chance I get to dress down my skirts and dresses. Haha, perfect way to make anything dressy look more casual. And I’m drooling over your pleated, mint dress *_* Wow, its just gorgeous!
    Amazing as always girl!

    Statement Necklace Giveaway
    Trendy Teal 

  62. Absolutely adorable outfit!!! I love it! (: You look great. I love denim jackets~ 


  63. Love the dress and spring colors… I can’t make pleats work for me. I have a pleated skirt I want to wear so bad but it doesn’t go with anything I have or bought recently…

  64. hahaah I just love your posts!  Denim jackets are so versatile, and your outfits looks great here!  (Totally scared of wind suits as well… ) Your hair looks fine too!  😀

  65. Funny, I saw your hair in the pictures before I read the post and thought I really liked it! You can rock the growing out phase.

  66. I love the look!  I’m traumatized by denim overalls too. Remember back in the day when wearing one strap was in? I don’t even want to think about those flip flops…UGH!! (^_^)   I may have to pull my denim jacket out of the back of the closet. I haven’t worn it in a while.

    BTW…I’m pro short hair.

  67. aaah. you described my hair conundrum exactly. My hair is about the same length as yours and drives me insane for that reason. You look adorable though 🙂

  68. I love your ladies who lunch dress in minty fresh green!

    Oh, the fashion flashbacks of owning platform flip flops in four colors with a big flower on them. Wait…today, I posted a pair of hot pink wedges (my new color obsession I previously mentioned here) with a big flower on them. I bought them in orange too! Progress?? Hmmm.


  69. I feel the same way about jean jackets!!  You’re braver than I for adding one back into your wardrobe.  Cardigans and twill blazers are my go to pieces for the same function.  You’re making it look very cool!

  70. Do you mean wary instead of weary? In the first paragraph, it ends with: I’ve been weary of them since. (We can’t even talk about denim overalls. My therapist says it’s still too soon.)Just wanted to give you a heads up. You might want to change it since it has a much different meaning as weary 🙂 Thanks for the style ideas though 🙂

  71. I have an aversion to 90’s clothing and it’s creeping its way back in style.  It make me nervous.  I’m convinced a jean jacket is safe, however.  Thanks for sharing!  -Kristen
    The Mrs. and The Momma

  72. Kendi I found you through Pam and adore your style!! Wow you have accomplished so much! very exciting!

    Please do come over to visit, I have a New Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  73. I LOVE everything about this look. From the jacket, to the shoes to the pop of pink of the skinny belt. You have nothing to fear, you are fabulous.

  74. The jacket is great, so glad you got over your trauma! 😀
    You are so cute in this dress! Candy Kendi. 🙂 Now I have to scroll down to see how many readers made the same joke. Sorry. 🙂

  75. Oh, I am loving this dress!  What a beautiful, perfect length for your frame 🙂  

  76. I think this hair length is very modern and now – it really suits you! I was looking at a denim jacket in Topshop the other day and it did give me the sweats… you wear it well, theres hope for us all! 

  77. I think the look is quite cute, and I’m with you on the jean-jacket thing. Moreso, for me, because I was victim to a too-boxy shape that made me look more country-bumpkin than anything. I’ve been struggling to find a cute cut and wash of jean jacket ever since. Harder than I thought — there are too many that are either very long in the arms with details too cute to cut off with a new hem, or are blazer-shaped, which isn’t what I’m going for.

    In other news, your hair looks perfect. You’re probably sick of it, but take it from an outsider that doesn’t know you and has no reason to lie – it looks good, not awkward or tired. 

  78. Kendi – you are too funny. Love your sense of humor (and fashion of course:-) you should write book Hollywood would definitely make a movie out of it. You should call it “Kendi and her orange heels” 🙂

  79. Same thing for me with denim jackets and overalls. I ventured back into denim jacket territory last fall though, and I kind of love the adult version – so great with dresses, skirts, colored pants. Denim overalls will always be an entirely different story…

  80. I love your mint + denim. So light and springy!
    P.S. Your hair looks beautiful!  Hang in there with the “annoying growing stage.” It’s only annoying to you and will be over before you know it!  🙂 

  81. I think your hair looks great at this length!!
    And that color is AWESOME. 
    Best color of the season… Hands down. 

  82. The outfit is great. I love the way you paired a feminine dress with a jean jacket. Like others have said, I also like your hair at this length – frames your pretty face.

  83. I was just thinking how adorable your hair is and how I should consider chopping mine a bit to get your look! I too have a ridiculous fear of denim jackets (or denim anything that is not on my pants), but was pleasantly surprised to see yours styled so nicely!

  84. Love the mint colors – I see it popping up everywhere lately… Awesome outfit!

  85. Ahh! I know exactly what you mean–the overalls and the jean jacket (or the corduroy jackets!). I thought I was so cool but I cringe thinking about my outfits from high school. It’s so nice to see that it is possible to wear a jean jacket again 🙂

  86. Ah, overalls.  I use to have those back in highschool and I’ve notice that they start coming back.   At least jean jackets are have a little of the cool factor. (I love the dress, the color is so pretty on you.)

  87. I think I wore jeans, some kind of quirky fitted tee, a cardigan and moccasins every day of high school.  I shudder at the thought now.  Plus, I’m also in that in-between stage of growing out my hair.  I’m so tempted to cut it so it’s cute again but then I stop myself and say it’ll be worth it once it’s long. 

  88. That dress is super pretty and yay for fears being conquered! haha I feel as though my hair is in a perpetual awkward cycle…I have been growing out my hair foreverrr… so I feel ya lady!


  89. Yup only you could pull this off! You mix the denim perfectly with the flowy dress and pop of pink belt 🙂

  90. Now I’m going to be plagued by nightmares of platform flower flip flops. You are seriously gorgeous in that dress. The minty color, the way it flows in the wind, such perfection.

  91. I think I lucked out I kept my denim jacket from 6 years ago and didn't have to purchase a new one. Mint is a perfect color on you!

  92. OH NO!  Your HAIR looks awesome…I think we all hate our hair when it’s growing, but I think if you compared some of the longer hair pics with the shoulder length pics you would see what we all see:  BEAUTIFUL!!  And the denim jacket?  Fab!

  93. I have exactly the same denim-jacket-highschool-trauma. Remember denim jackets and denim jeans- same colour. Or, possibly worse, denim jackets and denim SKIRTS!?! Oh the horror…

    Btw LOVING the colour of that dress and the colour of that belt together.

  94. Kendi, I’m all for your shorter do!!! It inspired me to chop mine and it’s so much more manageable! Love this whole outfit!

  95. Denim jackets were popular when I was in high school. And denim vests. Those are two items that I haven’t been able to wear again because I associate them with high school…Wind suits! Ugh!! Ha ha!



  96. You will love the denim.
    What haunts my dreams???…Stirrup leggings and scrunchies.
    xx giraffelegs.com

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