Bold Kitty

posted on: 2/22/2012

Pants: Gap | Shoes: Payless (similar) | Scarf: Target | Watch: c/o Fossil

I'm really glad cuffed and ankle length pants are coming back in style. It makes it a lot easier to find pants as a tall girl. And even if these pants aren't supposed to just come to my ankle, I shall tell people they are. (Notice that when I sit they come up to my calf. They are supposed to be that way, I promise...)

Directly after these photos were taken, I sat in my car and cursed the wind for a good 5 minutes for 1) messing up my messy bun and 2) making my scarf look like it was trying to eat my neck. Then I asked Bryan if there was a place in the world with no wind and it was always 70 degrees outside. He said nowhere, but I'm still hopeful this place exists. And when I find this place I will move there and wear scarfs and messy buns all day, every day. 
**Update: After many comments from dear readers, it turns out this place does exist -- it is a special place called San Diego.  I am packing my bags today.


  1. Don't move to OKC because the wind blows about 30 mph every single day it feels like

    1. Agree! And it's a cold wind! All my outfit photos look like I'm auditioning for best dressed in a tornado. Hair in the face. Tears streaming down my cheeks. Scarf in a horizontial position.

  2. Or Santa Barbara; then, you don't have to ever worry about it getting too hot, either.

  3. How tall are you?

  4. Love this combo! I too am glad ankle pants are making a come back (and I'm far from tall!). I enjoy your blog! Please visit mine

  5. I love the ankle pants, and I too want to move to a place that it's always 70 degrees, one can dream.