No Brainer

This outfit seemed like a no brainer. Bright top + white jeans = summer outfit explosion. But then I got to my belt and shoes. I couldn’t decide if the yellow was okay with the red shoes. So I considered asking a second source, my husband; he didn’t even look up and said “you look great!” At that point, I knew I was alone in this choice. As you can see, I went with it but I felt a bit like Ronald McDonald, so please no fast-food clown jokes today. Okay, one clown joke is allowed. Maybe two — if they are funny, I’ll allow two. 
If you are wondering how I did my hair, it’s easy. You tease the cuss out of it around the crown of your head, making sure that most of your hair is breaking off in the process. (But you don’t care, going prematurely bald is worth one marginally good hair day.) Then after you tease it, the rest of your hair will be sad and flat so you just put a headband on top of it and push it back to make more volume.  Then pull the rest back in a pony. I told you, easy. But I did not say without sacrifice. If you do this hair-do more than once a week, you will definitely need a wig piece in just a few years.

And on that weird note, hope your weekend is a good one.

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  1. Aleyta says:

    Cute hair!

    07.16.11 · Reply
  2. Alicia says:

    I like this look!!

    07.28.11 · Reply