I hesitated to even share this outfit but here we are. It’s midweek and it may not be the content I want but it’s the content I have. Why do I hesitate? Oh well let’s see. Is it because I’ve created a whole litany of rules in my head (that don’t exist) for content on the internet? Yes! One being this outfit’s colors are more fall like and here we are in high spring. That’s mainly it. Oh and I would change out the shoes. But I didn’t know that until after we shot this outfit and I looked back on the film. You see this is an IRL outfit, for real. We were going to grab a quick dinner and grabbed the quickest photos. So next time I’d switch out for shoes like these below:

I do really like these pants though. They’re a little ill fitting right now because they’re tighter in the waist / tummy but looser in the legs. And that’s on being the ‘apple with legs’ body type. I am in the 30 and they do run TTS! If you’ve got some curve, they’ll fit more like this than as loose as they are on the madewell model, just FYI. You can find them here! 

I truly love this shirt. I’m actually wearing it right now as we speak but with denim. I took a selfie so you’ll see this Friday. It’s loose, it’s lightweight and I love that it is just kind of basic. But not like white tee basic, a bit more elevated than that. I would buy in all the colors but I truly only need one. I’m trying not to be so…over the top. It’s hard because my worst self is also my most fun self. You want to go on a wild shopping trip?? My best self says I can’t today, I need to budget. But my worst self? She’s two stores ahead of you and has already taken her bags of purchased items back to the car and is ready for the next go-round.

(You can find the blouse from Nordstrom here.)

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Fit Details

I am in the large of the blouse. It runs loosely, but I really like this size for bigger boobs / size 10. I am in the 30 of the pants, the run TTS.

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  1. I really like this outfit. The colors compliment you well. And I don’t think the shoes look bad but the other ones would probably look nice also. I feel you on the apple with legs sentiment. It certainly makes finding pants that work challenging.

  2. Fellow 🍎 with legs here. I’m finding the current looser pant with tucked in shirts more challenging. I’m waiting for my skinny jeans and flowy tops to come back in style. Hope it happens soon!

  3. I have these pants in a different color and they fit so oddly but i got compliments so i’ll keep wearing them!

  4. Kendi
    When black and brown match the color of your eyes and your hair, feminine beauty exalts itself in all its brilliance. You never cease to amaze us. ❤️

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