Blue Redo

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I’m a big fan of finding inspiration in one’s own closet. I’m also a big fan of myself (yay for hyper self-esteem!!!) so naturally I would use one of my favorite outfits from this spring for a summer time look. Black and blue (no matter how many shades of) are meant to be together in my book. (And yes I did just thrift two similar blue silk blouses. I haz a problem, ok?)
Thoughts on dressy shorts? I felt a little weird with heels and shorts on. Which is weird because I never feel weird with heels and a skirt on. And I feel 100% comfortable in a skort and heels. But then I always feel comfortable in skorts because nothing can go wrong when you are wearing half shorts,half skirt, so…
Happy weekend? That was the strangest segue to a well wished weekend yet but it was straight from the heart. 
  • Accidental Fashionista

    The Heels Totally work with the shorts!!! Embrace it you look great. Those bangles are killer!

  • Karena

    Great look, I love it!!. I adore the bangles as well!

    Art by Karena

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  • alicia

    Love your style it comes off as so effortless