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I just had a moment. I was sitting on the couch with Bryan (husband) watching Sex and the City (my choice, obvs) and Carrie was sitting next to Big, trying to write a poem for a wedding (season 2, episode 7, if you want to be exact). There I was trying to think of words for a post, Carrie trying to think of words for a poem. The similarities of our lives are endless, people. ENDLESS.

Jentine gave me a few thrifting tips when she was visiting me a few months ago. She told me that size doesn’t really matter. And while we could all make a few, off-color jokes out of that sentence, it really is true. This shirt is like an XXXXXXL and fits like a glove. A drapey glove, but still a glove. Maybe a mitten, no a glove.  Anyways, all of that to say if you are thrfiting, don’t put something back because it might not be your exact size. Give other sizes a chance too, okay? See? I’m not just some girl who posts a multitude of photos of herself on the internet. I’m helpful.

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  1. That is indeed a helpful tip to keep in mind! I love cobalt and black together and this outfit is gorgeous!

    05.05.11 · Reply
  2. Thanks for the super helpful tip about thrifting and sizes! Went back today to buy a shirt I saw yesterday but thought it was too big. Turns out it fits like a blousey glove!

    05.05.11 · Reply