I know that I don’t go into a work place each day but I have been really interested in more workwear lately. That was one reason I wanted to know if you went into the office or if you worked from home from my reader survey last December. I had a realization that jeans might not be the only thing you wear and I want to make sure I’m reaching you where you are as well. Also I realized that I don’t have really any other pants besides denim and leggings and I want to expand on this mix in my closet.

So when Talbots reached out for an instagram sponsored post (this post here isn’t sponsored just FYI), I was excited because the timing felt coincidental. I’ve worked with them before — in fact they were one of my FIRST sponsored content way back in the day from a brand! I don’t even know if they know that (or care, let’s be honest lol). Anyways I got to pick a few things out and I went with all the classics: a pair of navy trousers, a nice preppy inspired sweater and a pair of classic white loafers for spring. And I have to say, I’m really impressed with the quality. As much as I tried, I can’t get these pants to wrinkle. I wore them all day because I really wanted to give it my best and they looked great my the end of the day, I couldn’t believe. Now I probably wouldn’t call them ‘travel’ pants because I like to travel in leggings for maximum comfort but they’re a great work trouser. They are also lined, which was a surprise to me and so very welcome. Absolutely recommend this if you are looking for a slim fit, slightly cropped trouser for work. They also come in black but I wanted to try navy for spring, lighten things up a bit. I am in the 10, TTS for me, fitting tightest at the waist. Find them here.

I personally think that the Varsity / preppy look is going to be a nice subtle trend this spring and this sweater fits the bill perfectly. It runs TTS, super soft but with structure. I was able to layer a blazer and a trench over it, so it’s not too bulky which is nice. I am in the medium, fit is perfect. Find it here.

Speaking of spring trends, I think trenches will be BIG this spring. That’s my prediction, anyway. I will be doing a whole trench coat round up soon, but for now this is one I do suggest if you want a nice (albeit pricey) trench that will last you. This one is from J.Crew and it comes with a removable hood as well, which I never think I need until it starts to rain and I’m so glad I have one. Again there are other less — and more — expensive options out there and I’m working on that post for next week, but this is just the one that I recommend from personal experience. I invested in last spring and it even made an appearance in one of my capsules last year. Find it here from J.Crew.

Thoughts on workwear? Would you like to see more of it here? I’m thinking yes but I want to hear your thoughts!

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I am in the 10 of the J.Crew Trench. I find it runs small in the shoulders / arms so I would say it’s TTS. I am in the medium of the sweater, it runs TTS with stretch. It’s a nice fit. I am in the 10 of the pants, fit is most fitted at the waist / hips. The shoes run TTS.

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