It has been a real minute since I’ve bought anything from Nordstrom. I took an un-official shopping break right around the holidays until really now. My un-official break ended when I bought a blazer on sale at Madewell the other day for $50! It was a good find. (It’s still on sale just not with the extra-extra off.) The holidays feel like such a spend-spend-spend time that it kind of takes away the joy of shopping. So I just didn’t look at retailers for a bit and you know what? It was a nice little break. So when I opened up Nordstrom to peruse some of the new, I felt like I had new eyes — seeing a lot of fun things that I would love to add to my cart.

Favorite Daughter Cropped Trench: I personally think trenches are going to be big this spring and I love this cropped take on the classic silhouette. Nice if you already have a classic trench and you want to spice things up a bit.

Free People Quilted Denim Jacket: Another take on a classic, I just loved the embroidery and quiltwork on this quirky piece. I can see it with all white and this lovely pop of blue for spring. Maybe not quite as versatile as a regular denim jacket, but can work with all of your neutrals and basics, quite well.

Mango Striped Contrast Sweater: for someone who didn’t letter in any sport in high school, I sure do love a varsity look. This sweater would be nice to layer now and wear alone later in the spring with a cute little mini denim skirt or white jeans.

Jenny Bird Puffy Heart Earrings: I saw Taylor Swift wear heart earrings and now I want some of my own. Call me a derivative, I’m fine with it. I like this puffy pair, as the feel playful and young.

Mother The Ditcher Roller Sneak Wide Leg Jean: You guys…it’s happened. Wide leg has grown on me and now I’m actually LOOKING for some. I said I wouldn’t and here I am. I like this dramatic pair from Mother and it reminds me of the 70s aesthetic, which I’ll always love.

Free People Hailee Waffle Stitch Cardigan Set:  This is a perfect school drop off outfit. But…can I be honest? I am not this mom at drop off and pick up. But I wanna be. I wanna be this person not the person who wore the same outfit for three out of five mornings last to pickup because I knew no one would care. I wanna be a cardigan set lady.

Adidas Gazelle Sneaker: Move over Sambas, the Gazelle is BACK. I’m not kidding, if you didn’t jump on the Sambas trend but you’re not regretting it like me, I say go forward to the Gazelle’s. The Sambas will stick around but these are going to be this year’s newest model.

Farm Rio Seashell Tapestry Dress: Is it too early to be looking at spring dresses? I LOVE this one from Farm Rio. I haven’t loved their patterns lately but this one got me good. I can see this one fitting nicely into a capsule, as well. Overall this dress just has SPRING all over it, the colors are so bright it would be a nice one to wear all spring / summer long.

The Outset Botanical Barrier Rescue Balm: I don’t know about you but my skin is D-R-Y right now and I’m searching for the help it needs. This balm from The Outset has amazing reviews so I’m thinking about giving it a go. Have you tried this yet? Let me know if it’s the cure.

Varley Half Zip Pullover: I love Varley, bless her expensive heart. But the quality is nice and I love the fit. I think I would even go up a size on this one, just to have a loose as a goose fit. Dare I splurge for the shorts?? Oh why not! When you’re imaginary shopping you can add anything to your cart!



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