These wide leg pants were some of the most loved from this month’s capsule! I mean — same as I love a great fitting wide leg situation. Am I the only one who finds it hard to find wide leg in a good fit? Wide leg is a bit of a tougher fit for me because I have skinnier legs and a less-defined waist, so without the right fit I can get kinda boxy looking. What I like about this pair from J.Crew is that they have the same weight as denim so they keep their shape (and they aren’t see through) and the fit is high waisted which shows off my waist a bit more and gives a better silhouette than just two wide pant legs with no shape. I also find that the break on these (where the pant hits your shoe) is perfect because it gives room for heels to be seen but in an intentional way, not an awkward way. I am in the 29 of these pants — true to size! (They are long though — I’m 5’9″ so if you have shorter legs, you may have to get them tailored to best fit you. I personally think if you like the fit of them, a $15 tailoring would be worth it!) 

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My top is on sale at J.Crew! I am in the 8, it fits slightly loose so if you are in between sizes or smaller on top you can size down one. There are other colors, too! I couldn’t decide between this beige or the pistachio color. I went with this tan but now that it’s on sale that pistachio is looking real fine…. Find it here!

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Fit Details

I am in the 8 of the top — fit is true too size, slightly loose though. I am in the 29 fo the wide leg pants, TTS for J.Crew. Stretch slightly with wear but not a whole size, just for comfort.

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  1. Not necessarily a comment on the outfit, though it’s gorgeous, but i always appreciate how kindly you speak about your body shape! both realistic and kind without negative judgement – it’s generally just a “this is how i’m shaped so this silhouette works/is more challenging for me”. i’m trying to get there myself but not quite there yet!

  2. Hi Kendi,

    What I like about these snow-white pants is that when skating in the vicinity of the junction between the two legs, no one can resist sliding to melt on contact with the smooth and sensually outlined curves …
    Awfully sublime.

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