I could not wait to show you this dress, guys. We actually shot this last week and it has been proverbially burning a whole in my blogger pocket. If you are like ‘wow Kendi is ON it on this fine Monday morning‘ well, you’d be right. But only because I am actually dying to show you this dress.  *Actually dying* 

Find this dress here.

(If you didn’t pick up over the last decade that I am melodramatic in the most cloying way, then let me welcome you here. I took Drama Class in 10th grade and never graduated.)

This is actually THE dress that lured me into J.Crew from the window display, from my last two posts. I didn’t even think how it would fit on my body versus the mannequin, I just felt lucky there was a size 8 smashed between two other sizes that I’ll never be. That was in just three dresses, and I thought it wasn’t meant to be but there she was, waiting for me, the prettiest dress in ivory cream. Why yes, I do I feel like Taylor Swift in Wildest Dreams video, if you were wondering. And yes this is a 7 year dream that has come to fruition. *ticks off a checkbox on bucket list* 

I am in the size 8 of the dress, as mentioned, and it fits true for an 8 but listen up. This dress is more fitted at my chest, my ribcage and shoulders. And only those of us who are lucky to have WIDE ribcages understand the struggle of button down dresses because it’s all good and fun until you get to the button under your boobs and it doesn’t stretch around the old bone cage. This one does but it’s a tight fit. Definitely size up if you have bigger boobs, ok girl? But otherwise it’s a nice fit. Find this dress here!

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Fit Details

I am in the 8 of the dress. This dress is more fitted at the chest and ribcage and shoulders. If you have a broader shoulder or larger chest, size up one. The slides fit true too size! My purse is second hand from Fashionphile, I’ve listed a few other second hand options as well.

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