The 90s Called (And they love your jeans)

You know how I said I wasn’t over skinny jeansI SWEAR I’M NOT — but I am really into this relaxed jean look recently. And I think that there’s room for both. There doesn’t have to be any teams here, no sides — we can all co-exist in our preferred denim. The thing is with this relaxed denim trend is that I can’t decide if it’s a throwback to our youth or something completely new. This pair here is not bootcut, so it doesn’t quite remind me of high school. Which is good because *shivers* high school. This pair is from Loft and I hate to admit this — but it’s the second pair I’ve bought of this style. (Here it is in a darker hue.) I just really love this fit, the fabric, I love it all. And now I am going to try to describe the fit with the limited vocabulary I have because let’s be honest I could definitely read more literature instead of taking Buzzfeed quizzes. (Fun fact: if I was a toast, I’d be Avocado Toast!)

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So let’s start with the fit — they are as straight leg as you can get. If I lay them down on the ground, they are like a drawing of a basic pant leg. This pair of jeans goes straight down from the waist to the hip to the thighs. Now I am a bit curvy at the hips, so you can see that the jeans curve to my body which I like but they may fit you differently depending on your body shape. From there the leg goes straight down, no flare at the knee or the ankle. The fabric is a softer fabric but still a structured denim, so they keep their shape. For me the distressing is above the knee when I’m standing, but at the knee when I sit or bend. This may frustrate you — I know this has been a complaint in the past — so I wanted to mention it! For me, IDGAF where the distressing is but I also leave price tags on 90% of my clothes so you know.

I am in the 28 of the denim — the fit true to size. I find that they are a bit more fitted at the hips but still a TTS fit. You can find them from Loft here!

PS: this tank is my very favorite ribbed tank for summer. AND it’s 50% off today! I’ve tried a lot of them so far and this is the one. It’s not too thick (Agolde), it’s not too thin (J.Crew), it’s just right. I am in the medium and it is fitted but true to size. Find it in many colors here!

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Editor's Notes:

I am in the medium of the tank, it fits true to size but is more fitted! I am wearing a strapless bra with this top. I am in the 28 regular length of the denim, they fit true to size in a more relaxed way.

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  1. Sandra says:

    I like your black T shirt, You looking very good in this outfit. pictures are really good.

    06.11.21 · Reply
  2. Jessica Camerata says:

    I just got a similar pair like this in white to try out this 90s trend and can’t wait. They just seem so much more comfy, ha! The perfect transition from sweats in 2020, to 90s jeans in 2021.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    06.11.21 · Reply