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{B’s shoes: Nike Court Vision / G’s Shoes: Reebok Sneakers}

This is B or Bryan. Or if you follow on IG stories, you’ll know Gemma lovingly refers to B as dad, daddy and ‘BUH-RYAN’ when absolutely necessary. He is one of the best dads in the world and I know — I know — everyone says that but it’s true. We took a household poll and 100% of the results said he was the world’s best dad. I am sorry to the other dad’s out there, but next year maybe.

Being the PROcrastinator that I am, I am always surprised by Father’s Day every single year. I know it’s in June and on a Sunday so I always just kind of guess when it’s going to be and I. am. never. right. But this year I’ve got it marked (June 22nd to my fellow forgetters) and I am ready. Not only with a few gifts but a few ideas for him to have the best day ever. I thought I’d share my ideas for the best day ever and my number one gift idea that is ALWAYS a hit!

5 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day


1 / Get outside together!

{B’s shoes: Nike Court Vision / G’s Shoes: Reebok Sneakers}

I don’t know about the dad in your life but Bryan loves to be outside as much as possible. May this be camping, going for a bike ride, sitting poolside or even just a nice family walk, it’s always nice to get outside as a family. During these last few months, we’ve been going on family walks and it’s just been a really nice punctuation to our days. Whatever it is your dad likes to do, get out there with him!

2 / Give Him Some ‘Cool Dad’ Shoes

I’ll tell you one fact that I know to be true: Father’s Day gifts can be tricky to shop for. For my own dad, if he doesn’t already have it, you can bet he has already ordered it and it’s in the mail. But one thing that I’ve found to be true for my own dad and for Bryan: SHOES. Shoes, for whatever reason, have been the universal gift that keeps on giving. Shoes are literally always my answer for most holidays and so far, fingers crossed, they have never disappointed. I hate to be showing all of my cards here, but I feel like this is important for you to know. Plus I’m pretty sure my dad doesn’t read this blog. For Father’s Day this year I got B two new pairs from DSW.  He has been wanting these Birkenstocks and then I found them at DSW as I was shopping for myself, so I knew it was fate. Plus I did the buy online / store pickup and had I been as late as I usually am, this would have been a life saver. I’m *not* saying you should risk it and wait until the last minute possible to order a gift and then run up to DSW on Saturday evening to pick them up. But I’m not not saying that isn’t an option, too. Find them here!

I also got him these Nike Court Vision Sneakers because he loves a good sneaker and these are classic. Looking for a style upgrade for your dad or husband? These are a great place to start. B approved sneakers. Find them here!

By the way, I feel like DSW is my best kept secret lately for shoes. I have found so many there (ahem, yes…for myself) that are so well priced it feels like I’m getting away with something. I literally stalk their new arrivals for styles. If you’re looking for ladies shoes, linked a lot of them in my summer shoe guide here. But if you are looking for men’s shoes — back on topic, Kendi — they truly have you covered and I love the in-store pick up option these days. I’ve rounded up some other shoes for Father’s Day and beyond, if you need help finding your man some shoes!

 ‘Cool dad’ Shoes

3 / Grill Out (or Take Out) His Favorite Meal

Another trick I always have up my sleeve for birthdays or Father’s Day isn’t through the heart but through the stomach. Usually a day or two before I head to the store and pick up groceries for B’s favorite meal. In winter it’s pasta but for summer, we basically live outside and grill every night. It would be a great idea to have everything ready on Father’s Day so all he has to do is fire up the grill!

Or if the dad in your life has a favorite restaurant or takeout he loves, then pick that up for him instead! There is no shame in the pick-up game! But I can attest that a favorite meal is even better on a holiday.

Fact: Birkenstocks are the perfect grilling shoe.

4 / Serve Up His Favorite Drink

I’ve noticed with B the little things always make the biggest splash. So I always make sure we have his favorite drink on hand, especially if we are going to be poolside or grilling out. May it be a coffee first thing in the morning or his favorite beer when you’re grilling out, pour a cold one for him and let him sit back and chill. It’s his day, ya know?

5 / Give Him Some ‘Me’ Time

As moms we know the best gift of all: a little bit of me time. For B, he likes to sit poolside with a drink and chill out but, for the dad in your life it may be some time alone or doing his favorite activity with the family. And here is the thing: you don’t have to guess — just ask! I always ask B what he wants to do for Father’s Day, Birthday, etc. I’ve learned over the years that reading minds actually isn’t a thing so it’s always best to just ask and plan! A good day doesn’t have to be a surprise for it to be great.


At the end of the day, just let the dad in your life know how much he is loved and appreciated. Oh and hugs. Lots and lots of hugs are always welcome.

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  1. i think there’s a typo– father’s day this year is sunday, june 21st! also, your backyard/pool looks like something straight out of a resort.

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