You guys asked for it and guess what? She is here! The 2020 Summer Shoe Guide that you didn’t know you needed is here!

*Technically* most of you asked for a spring and summer shoe guide but this spring got weird. Sooooo… summer only shoe guide it is! Also is this post too late? Probably but if you’re here, you’re family and just like Olive Garden I’m gonna be late and you will probably leave disappointed.

Alright on that positive note, let’s do this.

I’ve rounded up the trends I’ve been seeing and my favorite shoe for that trend! I wanted to keep the list pretty tight because let’s be honest, too many options can be overwhelming. I say this as I am showing you 16 different shoes. LOL. But I really do love each of these options and if I had the time, room and money they’d all be welcome in my closet. That being said, I do have a few of these and I’ll denote them below!

Kendi Everyday’s Summer Shoe Guide

Marc Fisher Pava Sandal / Soludos Strappy Heel  / Birkenstock EVA Sandal / TKEES Foundation Sandals

Seychelles Total Relaxation Slide / Schutz Aimi Sandals  / Big Buckle Birkenstocks / See by Chloe Wedge

Sam Edelman Cutout Sandal /Black Strappy SandalEverlane Espadrille Flat / Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop

Dolce Vita Strappy Sandal / DV Raffia Sandal / DV Banded Platform / Steve Madden Studded Sandal


1 / Embellished

This summer I’ve noticed a lot of different embellished trends from studs to actual jewels but my favorite is and will always be with a trend — the subtle look. (Please leave my colored jeans phase out of this conversation.) This nude sandal with silver studs is the perfect subtle statement. The studs make a statement but it doesn’t feel like such a defining style that you can only wear it with one thing. In fact, I have these sandals and these are my go-to with most outfits I’m wearing these days. That or barefoot, lol. The couch don’t care.

*Since I have these, I can give you details on fit. I am in the 10 and they fit true to size. They stretch with wear (the top straps) after about 1-2 wears. I found them to be very comfortable!

Find them here.

Best for: everything! dressed up maxi dresses, blouses + shorts, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses

2 / Strappy Heel

This conversation is just for those in the room who like heels and have secretly been wearing them in quarantine.  Everyone else can skip to number 3 on this list. Okay…are they gone? Perfect. How much have we missed wearing heels? I know right? And how beautiful are these ones? I am buying these today, so back off of the size 10s. I, for one, have missed my heels. And while I’ve found a new love for flats — no really, Quarantine changed me — my first love will always be a heel.

This suede heel is a stunner and I love the strappy look for summer. Now technically a skinnier strap is REALLY in right now but this one is a great, timeless look. Plus this heel can go into fall really easily as well. From dresses to shorts to jeans, this heel is a versatile dream. Find this heel here. 

Best for: summer dresses or jeans and a blouse, like an off the shoulder top

3 / EVA Slides

If you haven’t seen these classic sandals around lately, well let me introduce you to your new summer shoe. I have a pair of white and I want a pair of black, that’s how much I love this shoe. I actually love that so many 90s trends are coming back because the Birks be comfortable.  They truly go with most things, especially for summer. It’s very en vogue right now to toss on your cutest maxi dress and pair them with some chunky sandals. Fashion and comfort is slowly becoming my favorite thing and that is called middle age, my friends.

FYI: for me, I wear a 41 and I’m a 10.

Find these sandals here. 

Best for: casual weekend looks, pair with athletic shorts or cut offs and oversized tees or loose maxi dresses

4 / Classic Sandals

I have to admit to something: I used to hate a flip flop. In fact, subconsciously I just wrote ‘flip slop.’ That’s how much I’ve hated them before. Look, I have my reasons — it’s mainly the sound it makes as you walk and the general attitude of a shoe that promises so little —  but I’ve come around to them this year. There are some really great options out there. Since I still have my standards, I’m not going to call them by their short name of ‘flip flop’ but I will call them a sandal. And since they’ve been around for forever, I’ll call them classic. A real glow up.

My very favorite are from a brand called Tkees. I’ve secretly had a pair of these sandals for years now that I would wear to the pool but they are sneaking into my normal routine lately. I love the nude color as well, it creates such a pretty look for summer.  Also I realized these are my favorite brand after buying some from H&M for $14 and they hurt SO bad within a block of me walking on them. Like I took my sandals off and just walked around barefoot. TRAGIC.

Tkees are super comfortable and last forever, if your eyeballs bounced outta your head at the price. I’ve had one pair for 7-8 years now and they look almost new and that’s not just because I wore them in secret. I’m upgrading to this pair this summer. True to size, I wear the 10.

Find these sandals here.

Best for: maxi dresses, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses, poolside

5 / Crossover Slides

This sandal trend has been around for a summer or two now and I love it. It’s a refined look in a casual style. I like this sandal for a more dressed up dress or to dress up my denim shorts. If the flip flop had a sophisticated older sister, this would be her. And she would prefer her wine chilled.

Find this sandal here. 

Best for: everything! dressed up maxi dresses, blouses + shorts, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses

6 / Greek Inspired

Do you remember a few years ago the greek sandals that tied all the way up to your knee? Well thankfully for my calves that trend has calmed down and now it’s just a simple strappy look at that ends at your ankle. A collective sigh from all legs, everywhere. I love this look but now it feels more accessible without looking like a Megara costume  and I love the light beige color as well. It gives this 2000 year old trend a new look. LOL.

Find this sandal here.

Best for: everything! dressed up maxi dresses, blouses + shorts, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses

7 / Leather Birkenstocks

I love this leather Birkenstock look, especially the bigger buckles. I realize that they just slightly change the style from year to year so that you’ll buy them and I DON’T CARE. Take my money you ugly beautiful shoe company. I am seriously on the hunt for this big buckle version of Birks because I am obsessed and someone always beats me to the 41. Shout out to her though because you have great taste.

Find this sandal here. 

Best for: jean shorts + tees, casual dresses, jeans + casual tops

8 / The Wedge

Any summer list would be remiss to not include a classic espadrille wedge. I mean what is summer if you don’t have a pair of wedges you wear for a few hours to replace with sandals, right? I love, love this pair of wedges from See by Chloe. Just a classic wedge that will last for years. I don’t see this trend leaving us for a long, long time. As long as Kate Middleton keeps wearing them, they will be a forever classic.

For a budget friendly option, I’ve included two other options in the swipe through above!

Find this heel here.

Best for: dressed up maxi dresses, blouses + shorts, short summer dresses

9 / Emblem Sandal

This trend has been around for a few summers and it is not going away any time soon. It’s slowly becoming a classic look. I believe this trend started with the Hermes sandal but I could be wrong. (I apologize — I  couldn’t afford the accent on the é.) Lucky for us, this is a great dupe from Sam Edelman!

Find this sandal here. 

Best for: everything! dressed up  or casual maxi dresses, blouses + shorts, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses,

10 / Simple Black Sandal

Do you know I hate a black shoe besides a classic black heel? It’s true because I always feel like it drags down the outfit, making it feel heavier than it needs to be. That’s why I’m typically always drawn to a nude shoe. But sometimes you just need a black shoe and in the summer the last shoe you want to wear is a pump. I found the answer: the simple black sandal. Keep it strappy, keep it light, keep it modern. I love this option here because the straps aren’t too much and I love the texture on the sandal too.

Find this sandal here. 

Best for:  maxi dresses, blouses + shorts, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses

11/ Espadrille Flat

Okay who is this new girl in the room?? I was browsing Everlane as I do and this shoe jumped out at me! What a perfect little flat for spring and summer. You KNOW I love this color of leather and is that a hint of lift in the sole, too?? Oh Everlane, you shouldn’t have. In summer, the logic says you only need a sandal but sometimes that’s not true. Having a nice flat that can go with most outfits is so nice. And I hate to say this because #pandemic but if we were traveling this summer, this would be a key shoe for travel. It would go with so much in your suitcase and would be great to travel in! So on that note — here’s to a healthy summer ’21.

Find this shoe here.

Best for: blouses + shorts or jeans, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses

12 / Logo Sandal

Another trend I see every year is the famous TB logo sandals. They are a sophisticated look and definitely a sandal that you could get away with if you wanted a sandal for everything — from the pool to dresses to shorts. Do you know that every summer I’m like ‘I’m gonna do it’ to these sandals and then I never do? I don’t know, I can’t explain my brain waves but I do love this look and this sandal. It just seems so classic and timeless, especially if you are a Tory Burch fan. But also maybe ONLY if you are a Tory Burch fan?

I love this ‘makeup’ color — because of course I do — but a nude just goes with everything.

Find these sandals here. 

Best for: everything! dressed up or casual maxi dresses, blouses + shorts, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses, poolside

13 / Strappy Sandal

Never thought I’d use the word ‘strappy’ so much in one post, but here we are. It took me a second to get my mind around the ‘toe ring’ trend — I don’t know what else to call that — but I actually have these sandals and highly recommend! They are comfortable and the asymmetrical straps gives this an upgrade look. For under $30, these sandals look high end.

All that to say, I don’t know if a strappy sandal is here to stay forever but this style will be around for a few years. It’s classic and timeless and did I mention strappy?

Find these sandals here. 

Best for: casual maxi dresses, blouses + shorts, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses

14 / Natural Sandals

I don’t know if this was just Texas or what, but do you remember in the 2000s the rope sandals that were cool? We called them Jesus sandals. I never had those because I thought they were real dumb looking but I’ve been seeing a few sandals that are woven out of more natural materials like raffia and I kind of dig them. And by kind of dig them, I have these. I’ll just come out and say that fact. And I do indeed call them my Jesus sandals.

I like this look for casual tee + shorts outfits because it gives an interesting vibe to what would otherwise be a boring outfit. These are also super comfortable! They fit true to size and are under $30.

Find these sandals here. 

Best for: everything! dressed up maxi dresses, blouses + shorts, casual tees + shorts, short summer dresses, poolside

15 / Banded Platforms

I, for one,  am loving this banded platform look. I am a sucker for any type of heel and the platform heel is so comfortable and easy to walk in. I have a few pairs for ‘platforms’ this spring but I love this pair from DSW. I will note one thing — you’ve got to be sitting down to put these on and you have to do it in one swift motion. As in you push your foot through the ankle strap then all the way through until it’s on. It’s a challenge but it’s not impossible. Also if you are wondering why I put my shoes on standing up sometimes, I… I have no reasonable explanation that you would accept so let’s let that sentence and visual go.

Find this shoe here.

Best for:  dresses — from maxi dresses to short summer dresses

16 / Studded Sandal

Last on my list are the studded sandals I’ve been seeing lately! While this look has a pretty definitive style, it truly can be versatile! I would say that this style will work best with a more modern aesthetic, this style works well with maxi and mini dresses. It can bring interest to a simple summer dress without the need for heels. I love that this pair has a clear option as well, to really hit up the trends this summer.

Find this sandal here.

Best for: anything that needs a punch of trend! keep your outfit simple and your sandals bold.

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