So this is going to be a BIG post that I wanted to write for those who needed a refresher on the challenge and I wanted this post to be a reference throughout the remix. If you want to join in on this challenge, this post would be a great one to link back to for your followers to understand the origin of this challenge!

The Original Challenge

I started the 30 x 30 out of pure boredom and not really know where my style was going but I knew I needed to figure it out. With style blogging, I realized that if I was going to spend my time taking photos and blogging my outfits, I needed to invest in my wardrobe in more than what I had, but I didn’t really know where to start. I was in between my leftover college wardrobe and my “how to dress like a professional” wardrobe and my closet was a big mashup of trends. With the 30 x 30, I truly learned what I liked to wear and I kind of taught myself how to wear things. Since I started style blogging so early (class of ’09 here) there really was no roadmap to what ‘style’ was yet. So on a hunch, I took 30 items and decided to make 30 separate outfits in 30 days. The original rules included no shopping, 30 day time limit and no switching an item out. (I’ve since changed this rule, read on.) By the end of my remixes, it felt like I’d been through style bootcamp. It was hard but I learned a lot about myself, my closet and my style. Over the course of 18 months I completed 5 remixes. And then stepped away for a while….and here we are, 8 years later. That was quite a smoke break, huh?

The other  reason I walked away from the remixes was because I got a burned out by the rules. I truly believe creativity comes alive with constraints, but too many rules felt like I was being choked. What started as fun, ended as headache. So this go around, I’ve decided to change a few rules. I am a person who loves rules and abides by rules to a tee, so if I say I’m going to do something or not do something, I mean it. I’m naturally a pretty rule-abiding, boundary keeping person so I don’t really need another set of rules to follow. First rule I’m changing  is the time limit — this probably will take longer than 30 days. Or maybe it will may be shorter than 30 days. Who knows? I’ve been known to change my outfit multiple times a day. (Everyone around me is used to these costume changes.) All that to say, time limits cause stress and I am not going to cause myself unnecessary stress. So no time constraints. It happens when it happens. Cool? The other rule I’m changing is no shopping. I wasn’t a very good shopper before all of this and the problem I would face before was that I’d buy something and not wear it, therefore wasting my shopping budget and ending up with an item that I never ever wore. That, my friends, is a problem I’ve fixed over the decade I’ve been style blogging. I can confidently say that I am very good at shopping and knowing what to wear, when, how and why. 🙂 On the other hand, I’m not really needing anything this month with the 30 x 30 happening, but if something catches my eyes and I need it, I’ll buy it. But again, no need for a rule that only causes me stress or guilt. (If you like this rule and are doing the challenge, keep it!)

And as far as switching out an item, if you’re doing this challenge and you find an item you hate or want to switch out — do it! The idea of this whole challenge is to make the MOST of our your wardrobe! Not force yourself into something you don’t like. So that rule can go out the door too. 🙂

How to Take the Challenge

Take 30 items in your closet.

Create 30+ outfits and wear them.

Use the #30x30Remix on Instagram.

That’s it! It’s a reasonable enough challenge that hopefully encourages you to make the most of your closet, your style and your creativity! The whole idea behind this is to make the most out of what you have,  to learn more about your style and to have fun! In fact, I would say that’s the number one rule: have fun with your closet. 

And that last rule is less of a rule and more of a way to join in! Please join at any time — there is no time limit or expiration to remixing! Even a 15×15 would be fun! Just use that hashtag so we can all find you!

So let’s get to it. Here are my pieces for this summer’s remix:

You can hoover over any item and click to go directly to it!

from left to right: everlane striped tee / madewell floral camisole / universal thread button down top
wildflower tee / target leopard tank / aqua eyelet top / madewell breezeway pullover / old navy linen top
j.crew white denim / NYDJ linen pants / amazon pleated skirt / BR linen shorts / reformation flounce skirt
anthropologie relaxed boyfriend shorts / madewell pull on shorts
everyday & co sleeveless dress (coming soon!) / who what wear floral dress / who what wear maxi dress
treasure & bond jumpsuit / target utility jacket / AG denim jacket (similar)
Madewell Transport tote / Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack (similar) / Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody
Aqua Strappy Sandals / Vince Camuto Mules*
Treasure & Bond Wedges / Greats Sneakers / Everlane Day Heels / DV Nude Sandals

I wanted to have a mix of new and things I’ve worn before in the remix. I tried my very best to have most things in stock, but some things are on sale and I know for sure this skirt is almost sold out. (Sorry!!) I just love this mini skirt so much and it’s got ‘remix’ written all over here. I’ll be sure to post lots of similars when I post this skirt in outfits.

Did you notice the pair of red heels? That was actually a last minute add in after all the comments on IG about my previous remixes and The Famous Red Heels. Those original poppy red heels are sadly long gone (I wore those babies OUT) but I decided to include these red heels from Everlane I wear occasionally. I thought I’d give them  a good run for their money this go-round. I also wanted to point out that this pair of sandals is the exact same shade as my favorite pair of Vince nude flats I wear all the time. But in sandal form and well under $75! You can find them here.

And if you are wondering, and I know you are, why I have two jackets and a sweater in my SUMMER remix? Two reasons: we are traveling a little bit this month and I get really cold inside in the summer. Most places blast their A/C so I am never without a jacket or cardigan in the summer as an extra layer once inside. This only makes complete sense to cold-natured southerners. 🙂 I included my favorite sweater from last year that they restocked this year, my trusty denim jacket and a new this spring utility jacket from Target. All have proven to be very remixable.

I also tried to pick budget-friendly / approachable pieces! Some things are from past Target try-ons (like this button down top and this dress) and these linen shorts are from my Banana Republic summer packing guide. So hopefully there is something for everyone on this remix!

One quick note: I also wanted to say that a lot has changed since when I last did the 30 x 30 (July 2011!) and by a lot I mean the blogging industry in general and how I make a living. We (meaning Bryan and I) make a living through this blog by affiliate link commissions and sponsored posts. I actually have a few sponsored posts this month and I’ve done my best to integrate my remix options to fit these posts. There might be an item or two thrown into the sponsored post that isn’t a part of the remix but I’ve tried my very, very best to make my sponsored posts as seamless and natural as possible. I’ve never really said this before the retailers that I get to work with are always brands that I myself shop at regularly or a brand or retailer I’ve loved / respected for years. So thank you for allowing the space for a few sponsored content posts this month. I promise this remix won’t miss a beat.

I’ll post recaps each week of what I wore + any ‘extra’ outfits I posted on IG or stories! My goal is 30+ so we will see how it all shakes out in the end! I’ll post my first outfit this afternoon!

Happy Remixing!

And remember, if you’re following along, use the #30x30Remix on IG! Or if you don’t IG, leave your blog name and link below! I’ll link them up here 🙂


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9 Responses

  1. Wow this is a MAJOR throwback! I remember when I first started following you (you were legit the 1st real blog I discovered when I started mine) this was all that you did and I LOVED IT! So glad you’re bringing it back!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. I am among those who have found your blog through the Remix! I love it and your blog as well. I even took part and I’m so happy, that this time I can share this wardrobe-game on IG and my personal blog! Can’t wait for getting tons of inspiration
    Thank you, Olga

  3. Kind of sad I don’t still have my 30×30 remix workbook you published years ago, too! Can’t wait for this one, Kendi!

  4. I’m a loooooong time reader (I think 2010 was the beginning of our friendship – I kid, kinda.) and have really enjoyed the evolution of your blog. We became moms about the same time, and I’m appreciating the mom-life posts and more affordable options that you’ve been mixing in these days. Thank you! All that said, I’m STOKED you’re bringing the remix back. I was just thinking about doing something like this the other day and the challenge is just the nudge I needed. 🙂

  5. Yes, the poppy red shoes! I love that you added a pair to the line-up again for this remix comeback.

  6. I loved your original red shoes!! So good. Also I immediately wondered why I could click on the cute sleeveless dress. Can’t wait for that to be released!

  7. Can I just say I’ve been following your blog for YEARS and I am so glad you’ve gotten back into remixing! These were some of my favorite posts back in the day–it’s really helpful to see how you can style an item in different ways, making it look fresh and feel “new” again. (I sometimes get stuck in a rut of “this is how I wear this item,” and it gets boring.)

  8. I found your blog through your original 30×30 remixes and I loved the idea but never did one until this year… I loved doing it and found it was a great way to figure out what works (and what doesn’t) in my wardrobe. Thank you so much for introducing me to this remix challenge!

    I’m excited to see your posts again 🙂

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